Ashley Greene Talks Twilight and Harry Potter in her The Apparition Interviews

Ashley Greene is doing the PR circuit for The Apparition that opens this weekend. She had another megafranchise buddy on this film–Tom Felton, AKA Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter.

On shedding her Alice image

I’d love to play a villain at some point; I think it would be really fun and the polar opposite of Alice. The great thing about Alice is that she is so loveable. I feel like it’s in advantage because now I can take on other characters and people will realize that that’s not just who I am.

On Twilight and Potter rivalry

How was it working with Tom Felton, since he’s Harry Potter and you’re Twilight?
Ashley Greene:
Oh, he’s so sweet. He’s really lovely and it was great. I think he’s a really fantastic actor. He was just very fun to be around. It’s an interesting thing whenever you come from two franchises like that. We chatted a little bit about the madness of it all … lots of screaming people. And just the intensity of it all, the kind of zero to sixty of it was what we talked about. Coming from not really doing much and then becoming a part of a book series and then it just exploding and becoming this snowball effect. And chatted about how you become family with these people.

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