Utagged High Resolution Breaking Dawn 2 Stills

Here is the batch of Breaking Dawn photos that recently appeared in EW.


  1. So beautiful. I wish they would make a calendar with those pictures, and not with those terrible photoshepped atrocities they currently try to sell us.

  2. Kristen looks so pretty ūüėÄ

  3. Christina says:

    She looks SO skinny in the 4th picture down! Maybe it’s just the lighting or the angle of the camera but her arm looks SO skinny. Or is it just me?

    • She does look very thin. That may have been something conscious on Kristen’s part since Bella was obviously thin when she died. There isn’t much mention of her size in the books after her “death” except that she notices her stomach is flat. But I know Alice was described as being extremely tiny, having probably been half starved in the asylum.

  4. LOVE THE PICTURES!! Can’t wait!! Mrs. Stephenie Meyer you are amazing!!

  5. jessica ladyka says:

    qual a cor do cabelo da bella???


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