Anna Kendrick Feels Like Twilight Was Her Day Job

Anna Kendrick is doing lots of press for her upcoming movie Paranorman and mentioning Twilight along the way.

Last year, before “Breaking Dawn Part 1” came out, I had to watch all of the “Twilight” movies because I had never seen them before. It’s startling when you show up on screen. I mean, every time I thought, Anna Kendrick really is in this movie. In other words, I don’t associate you with those movies at all.

Yeah, I kind of refer to it as “my day job.” There are people — probably the majority of people who know who I am — think that is the only thing I’ve ever been in. Then there are people like you who didn’t know that I was in them. So, it’s funny, it feels like my “day job” because it feels unrelated to the rest of my career. So, yeah, you know, it was this thing that I got attached to and I went on the ride. And I’m really glad to have had the experience, while, simultaneously, not being swallowed up by the kind of juggernaut that it is. I’ve kind of had the best of both worlds.

You escaped unscathed.

Exactly. Huffington Post

It’ s like going to summer camp, where you feel really close to everybody when you’re there,” said Kendrick while promoting her new animated movie, ParaNorman. “I guess now I’ll have to make more of an effort, because I won’t see them just for work anymore. It was freezing and raining,” she said. “It was the middle of the night. We were pretending it was summer. It was 40 degrees and I was in a summer dress. So this sums up the experience: It was cold and wet but [we were all] pretending to be warm and happy. CelebBuzz