Cullen Family Breaking Dawn Dollhouse Replica

So I was in New York City with some friends. We ended up in FAO Schwartz because my out-of-town friends had never been there. All of a sudden, my friend Natalie says, “Isn’t that the Twilight house?” I turn around and there is this dollhouse replica of the Cullen house. So I shot a quick video on my IPhone of what it looked like. The manufacturer is a company called Manhattan Dollhouse. The model is The Edward.


  1. Dang, $599. That is not something my parents would ever get for me. 😛

  2. $800?!!! You pay $800 for a computer, not a dollhouse!

  3. Vii Fontes says


  4. Wow, that price is insane. I wonder if the Twilight Barbies would fit in there?

  5. Michelle B says

    I think the model name ” The Edward ” pretty much gives it away because I doubt that doll houses are given guys names . It’s not exact enough to violate any copyright laws but it’s close enough that along with the name any fan will know exactly what it is. That price is steep and way out of most peoples budgets.

  6. It’s so beautiful 😀 It’ll be cute if it came with little trees because it’s in the forest and little dolls of the Cullens!! Really expensive though.

  7. twilightforevax says

    if i had the money i would build the life size version and live in it 😀

  8. LadyLovesLeo says

    Come on guys, it’s on sale! Seriously, this may be a doll house but it is all collector’s piece. There didn’t look like any open spaces to access the inside if someone wanted to furnish it or place dolls or figurines, and there is way too much glass for it to be child friendly. So, if I only had an extra $500 lying around…

  9. no way. If you want to see what the “Cullen House” really looks like, Google “Hoke House” and Portland OR. Although the house was replicated for the films done in Vancouver BC, this doll house doesn’t do any justice to what was originally was used in Twilight. It’s like making a “banana split” and leaving out the banana and the ice cream, leaving only the toppings- nothing. It may have pieces of similar features, not it’s not even close.

  10. I was suprised to see this on here – I actually have this and was reimbursed due to manufacturing flaws – it was never advertised at the time as anything twilight – it was just toted as a “modern dollhouse” from maker Brinca Dada. It came with modern furniture too. Perhaps they’ve made quality changes as well as the way they market it?


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