Breaking Dawn Character Stills Cullen Family and Jacob

Check out the newest stills.


  1. shouldn’t Bella’s eyes be red?

    • I’m pretty sure they made her eyes yellow to give this photo shoot a bit of solidarity… She’s one of the Cullens versus the other photo shoots, were most of the vampires have red eyes. I also have a feeling that they will have her eyes change pretty rapidly from red to yellow in the movie, so that Bella stands a part from the other vampires. It’s a small cosmetic change.

      They all look great, especially Bella… My only real gripe is, the Cullens are usually very happy vampires, due to their ability to have lasting real relationships because of their lifestyle… You’d think they’d be smiling… at least a little. They all looked rather ticked…

    • MeyaRose says:

      I’m guessing this is supposed to be right before the Volturi showdown. I don’t know if they’d be quite that honey color, but they definitely wouldn’t be the bright red they were when she first changed months earlier. It’s probably just to show she’s a ‘vegetarian’ vampire in contrast to all of the others.

    • rosedahlia says:

      In the book, after 3 months Bella’s eyes are more gold than red so her eyes should be both for the movie, a detail I’m glad they put in.

      • Actually, in the book when she’s going to meet j jenks she still needs the contacts because her eyes are still a red/orange color…and that is right before the fight.

    • Kristen’s eyes should be as black as her heart!

      Kristen Stewart โ€“ A Lesson in What Beauty is NOT.

  2. <3 these pics Bella looks so cool as a vampire and Edward is looking a hot as ever ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Nice pics….though I’ve just noticed something I’ve never noticed before….exactly how do Rosalie and Alice have pierced ears?….if they had them in their human life surely the venom would’ve healed the holes and nothing penetrates vampire skin so how the heck do they have pierced ears? also venom removes birthmarks,freckles,moles etc so why does Rosalie (or rather Nikki still have her mole)maybe I’m too picky but after reading the Illustrated Guide etc I’m finding I notice things that shouldn’t be…according to the book(s)and info Stephenie Meyer has given….

  4. hellohoudini says:

    Where’s Esme?

  5. Yes- Where is Esme?? I miss her in this collection.
    The pics are awesome

  6. They look cool!

  7. I like these; probably the most undead and vampiric the Cullens have looked. There’s always a balancing act when it comes to vampires (and other monsters) that try to pass as human between having them look too ordinary or too extreme.

  8. How come Alice isn’t wearing her usual crest? ):
    I liked that one better. It was more Alice-esque lol.

    • Suzanne says:

      I liked the other one too, but check out the one Rosalie has on this time. I think it’s the best so far. How come Bella doesn’t have one on yet?

      • Wasn’t bella’s a ring? Her hand isn’t in that picture but i’ve seen rings that are supposed to be her crest.. And you’re right, Rosalie’s looks much better but I still wish they had kept alice’s old one

  9. rosedahlia says:

    They all look amazing, like they’re ready for a fight ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait for the movie!

  10. mommios says:

    Has anyone seen one for Renesemee?

  11. Still don’t like Carlisle’s hair

  12. Suzanne says:

    While the stills are pretty cool looking, it bothers me that Alice’s hair now has a red tint to it and Jasper’s hair is no longer what I would consider as blonde. Oh well, maybe I’m being too nitpicky. Can’t hardly wait for the movie. Think I’ll go watch the others right now.

  13. is it just me or does Peter Facinelli look way hot in his photo yum!!!

  14. Bella looks so bad ass! I love it!

  15. i think alice and bella are my favorite looking.

  16. There is another cullen is this family…her name is Esme. There should be a poster for her too. She may not be as popular but she still part of the Cullen Family.

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