Video: The Twilight Saga at TCA

Here’s a rough video of Rob, Kristen, and Taylor at the Teen Choice Awards.


  1. What the heck was Taylor talking about?! WE’LL FOREVER STAY LOYAL TO TWILIGHT!! <3 And Kris? She looks so cute when she doesn't know what to say! And she thanked Steph, too. Awwww <3 And Rob… Well, he's hot. And giving the boards away was so sweet of him!

    • i bet that who ever even touched the surf boards were all saying ok u get this piece i get that 1 i’m surprised there wasn’t a fight or fenzy. that would have been cool to see on air!

  2. I think they should have signed the surf boards before they gave them away. I hope those lucky people were able to get them signed afterwards.

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