Twilight Saga Wins Ultimate Choice Award

The Teen Choice Awards readily admits that Twilight has changed the game when it comes to Movies and Fandoms.  This year they gave the Twilight Saga the Ultimate Choice Award as well as many others.  As of tonight the saga has won 41 TCA.  Tonight it took home Choice Movie: Romance and Choice Movie Actress: Romance.  Additionally Kristen won for Choice Summer Movie Star for Snow White and Taylor won for Choice Movie Actor: Action for Abduction.   

The most touching part of the acceptance speech was when Rob and Kristen gave their awards to audience members, openly admitting that this fandom has driven the franchise to the status that it has earned.  



  1. Oh for once I wish rob and Kristen will give a good understandable acceptance speech in any awards the go to or even live interviews for that matter they always always mumble and don’t say one straight sentence without messing it like a million time what’s with that it’s getting old they are actors for god sake pretend like your in movie interview scene and say a sentence straight from first time Sheeh , it’s always tayler who make a great speech and great interview he always thanks the fan nicely and respectfully don’t get me wrong I like rob and Kristen but come I understand if it was like the first year but five movies later and still like that it’s just too much .

    • Suzanne says:

      I agree with you on most of what you said except where it’s getting old. That’s just who they are and most fans think it’s part of their charm. Especially Rob. I think he’s been called “adorkable”. I find alot of people can’t finish sentences or speak coherently these days. Perhaps it’s because people spend too much time on computers, texting, etc. to understand how to have an intelligent conversation though I doubt that aoplies to these two. I just accept them as is and am pleasantly surprised when something more complete and intelligible pops out of their mouths. Don’t forget that Bella stumbled her way through most of her life, literally and figuratively, and her thoughts were sometimes convoluted and jumbled and we love her! Gotta love them all for the way they brought all our beloved characters to life. Thanks to Stephenie and the actors, it’s been a great ride!

    • I’m sorry but I don’t care ! I’m sure when the last movie comes we will but I’m just glad they appreciate us I don’t need a speech to know that !

  2. Maybe the should take some lessons in talking in public speaking or something like that life and their careers ahead of them they should be more confidence in their selfs when they receive and award at least to give us the fan a good more intelligible thank you speech .

    • Don’t get me wrong am happy for twilight am a twilight fan but some time their speeches sucks sorry but congrats anyway .

      • Pui yee says:

        I understand, you like intelligent and standard thank you speech and care about their future career.
        Somehow i don’t find it difficult to understand, I am not native English speaker…
        Just a thank you is very meaningful to me. Action speak better than words, just saying.


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