Passion Pit to Feature on Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack

Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos gives a frank interview to Pitchfork about being bi-polar, his music, and influences. In the course of the four-hour discussion this tidbit was dropped in the interview.

His music will be featured as part of the soundtrack to the final installment of the Twilight film series later this year. (He’s hoping to convince Kristen Stewart to star in a future Passion Pit video, too.) Angelakos turned 25 in May, and he’s been so busy that, in the week leading up to it, he forgot what day his birthday was.

Via RobPattzNews


  1. SilverTongueDevil says

    I could not love this any more!! I absolutely love Passion Pit and have been a fan for years. So glad to see their music on this soundtrack.

  2. Yoko Stevenson says

    Oh my word. I am so excited about this.

  3. I have no idea who they are. I just hope overall the BD2 soundtrack is better than BD1. (There are only a few songs I like.)

  4. Christina says

    Can someone suggest a song of theirs for me to listen to? I don’t actually know who they are… :/

  5. The newest single is Talk A Walk from Gossamer. Other songs are Sleepyhead, Little Secrets and Reeling. I really love this band!

  6. Lilybobs101 says

    What is the name of the song by passion Pitt that will be the soundtrack for breaking dawn part 2. I heard it was called I think we’ll all be alright. If so why can’t I listen to it. Or has it not been released yet???