Special Edition Breaking Dawn DVD Coming?

Twilight Belgium tipped us off to this one. They have information that there is a special French edition of the Breaking Dawn DVD coming in November.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 special edition is coming! It will be released on November 7 at a price of 49.99 Euros

This edition will include:

* Collector’s Edition film
+ A third DVD with over 2 HOURS of bonus unreleased footage
* An extra SURPRISE!
All packaged in a collectors edition box

We then went to the official French Twilight Facebook page where they had more info that not only backed up what Twilight Belgium stated but had the following extra details.

Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene: fan meeting in Paris
All scenes of Edward
All scenes of Jacob
video clips
Behind the scenes of marriage
The fate of Jacob
Exclusive: Interview with Ashley Greene

So if the French are getting a special edition, can a USA edition be far behind?


  1. allison smith says:

    DOG BOWL SCENE!!! They keep saying they filmed it!!

  2. Olympic Coven says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the BD 2 DVD has all the bonus scenes. Would love to see the cast break out in dance before the big battle scene. Also would not be surprised if they come out with a boxed set of more unseen stuff from all the movies.

  3. FayeMassenroe says:

    I think the BD Part2 DVD set will be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait

  4. There better be a US version!! It’s a freaking US movie!!!!!

  5. Will it translate into English or will it just be in French?? And why is it a French Edition and not a US or even a UK one??

  6. All I want is deleted scenes.

  7. Typical. We’ve hardly finished watching the other edition that came out, and they’re making us shell out for another copy of the same thing just to get a few measley extras. Their greed knows no bounds.

    • Well there’s capitalism and consumerism for you! 🙂
      There really are a lot of different editions out there, even without looking at the different options available for different countries. Even the smallest things I live in Australia and for Twilight New Moon and Eclipse I have two disc special editions. Way back when, Twilight was the first thing I ever preordered, and I died when I discovered what I like to call the ‘ uber amazing super special collector fan edition’. For Breaking Dawn I got the uber one, and crazy, guilt-invoking consumerism I want to have it in the 2 disc version to match the others! I haven’t even opened my uber DVD.

      That said this whole issue is #first world problems 😀

  8. Aileen Leon says:

    I really hope that they give us the whole everything in the breaking dawn pt 2 DVD !! More than wanting it, we NEED it !! how are we supposed to live for the rest of our lives with the curiosity of the deleted scenes and everything ?! Ill be praying !

  9. I love the idea of this, at the same time I hate it, I don’t want to have to spend more $$ to get the deleted scenes.

  10. Karoline says:

    We already have this in Norway, I am looking at it right now…!

  11. Crystal says:

    Hopefully there will be deleted scenes. Maybe even the ‘honeymoon’ scene they edited. 🙂

  12. i hope that they come out with one for the us

  13. I hope USA gets one, but I have an all region player…. So I’ll buy the French one if I have to. The deleted scenes should have been on the first release of BD part 1 though. :-/

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