Breaking Dawn Scoring Continues in the UK

Bill Condon and Carter Burwell are busily at work scoring Breaking Dawn Part 2. Jack Morrissey shared the below photo.

We’ve come a long way since the first film!

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  1. Ugh! Carter Burwell’s scores are my least favorite. I loved the score to New Moon.

    • I adore New Moon’s score. Twilight was ok, Bella’s Lullaby was too simple. It should’ve been like New Moon (the Meadow). But I think that Carter Burwell did better with the Breaking Dawn score.

      • I agree with you . New moon “the meadow'” is so beautiful and Bella’s lullbay didn’t sound as Stephenie Meyer described in twilight.

    • I’ve enjoyed Carter Burwell’s scores but agree Alexandre Desplat’s work for New Moon is my favorite. Absolutely exquisite!

  2. McKee21 says:

    Can’t wait, love Carter Burwell. And I think it’s cool it started with him and now ends with him and his music.

  3. I loved what Carter Burwell did with the BD part 1 score and I know part 2 will be just as dramatic. It will be a nice send off to the vampire family we have grown to love for so many years.

  4. Ughh I wish I could be the oboist in their orchestra!! Does anyone know who will be playing this score?

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