Peter Facinelli Reflects on teh End of Twilight With Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair asked Peter Facinelli to look back on his Twilight experience.

Julie Miller: How does it feel to be at your last Comic-Con for Twilight?

Peter Facinelli: It’s a little sad. I’m going to miss the fans. They’ve treated us so well, at Comic-Con especially. But just because the movies are over doesn’t mean the fans will disappear. I hope. Otherwise it will be me standing outside with a bunch of markers and no one who wants an autograph. [Laughs.]

Are you going to mourn Carlisle after the film opens in November?

I’ve mourned all of my characters but I haven’t really mourned him yet. Maybe in December, I’ll have a little vigil for Carlisle. Usually, when I wrap a character, there’s a three-to-five day depression that I go through because a part of you is gone. You’ll never get to play that character again. I got so used to playing Carlisle, though, that I never had to mourn the loss of him because I knew I would revisit him at some point. When we wrapped last time, I think we shot for six months. I wasn’t ready to mourn him; I was just thankful to be done. I knew that also I would have Comic-Con and there would be press [for the movie], so he is kind of still with me. But I think in December, there is no more to talk about. It’ll be complete.

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  1. If and when there was a reboot, if any of the main actors could carry on to the next film, it would be Peter.

    Possibly Mackenzie.

    Rob and Kristen are already obviously older, and Taylor… idk. We’ll see.

  2. “I’m just going to dress up like Carlisle and do birthdays and bat mitzvahs. I’m just going to rent out Carlisle on the weekend”

    He is soo sweet! I’d love to meet him! Good luck for the future, Peter! 😀


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