First Glimpse: Breaking Dawn 2 16-Month Calendar

This was sent into us by @YourTwiNess what do you think?


  1. Fiona Cullen says:

    It looks amazing, but why are Bella’s eyes gold? They are supposed to be a vivid crimson red for at least a year, and begin fading over time. They shouldn’t be gold yet.

    • This may be at the end, therefore Bellas eyes would be gold.

    • Remember this is a movie and not the book version…story goes faster in the movies so with these promotional items, Bella’s eyes are at the end where she’s finally part of the Cullen family and is the same as them including their eye colors which is gold from abstaining from human blood. Awesome picture of them!

    • Also, it says in the book (when Alice left) her eyes were a darker amber – kind of orangey, so this may be a reflection of that.

    • Actually, if you watch the trailer, and the clip that was released at he Breaking Dawn 1 release, Bella’s eyes are gold in almost all of the scenes. So…I’m guessing Summit forewent the whole red eyes until after the firs year ๐Ÿ™

  2. OMG! Bella’s eyes!! WOW!!
    And no offence but what is Jacob doing right into our face?
    This is Bella & Edward’s story! They should have been in front and, only if necessary, Jacob too but further behind.
    I have to buy this tho. This is the last first piece of merchandise of the Twilight movies people! *tears*

    • I’m guessing that its to show that Jacob is protective (for a Cullen, Renesmee).

    • IDK but it seems to me that in this picture Jacob is in front looking protective of the couple, maybe?
      I know alot are not happy having Jacob in front of Bella & Edward but if you think about it, Jacob has always been involved in their lives through Bella. In BD2, he’s Renesme’s protector and will now always be part of the Cullen family. Being our beloved story is coming to an end, I don’t care who they put out on all the promotional items just as long as I can get one to keep as a keepsake ;).

    • I thought the exact same thing about Jacob when I first saw it.

  3. Faye massenroe says:

    No. The ornament which goes on sale Saturday is the first merchandise!

  4. SHUT THE HELL UP if you don’t like the fact that Jacob is on the calendar then don’t by the damn thing you hags make me sick

    • Wow! That is unnecessarily harsh! She is just making a point…that Jacob is not the main character in the last part of this story. He plays a supporting, protective role and it doesn’t make sense for him to be front and center. It makes a lot more sense for him to be in the background.

    • Sheesh, Tay-Tay Imprint. She was just pointing out a fact. You don’t have to be so rude. Jacob isn’t the main character in this part. He really isn’t needed in the cover anymore. Why can’t the company focus on just Edward and Bella again? I really want something with just them since the movies are ending and not with Jacob all over the place trying to hog the camera.

  5. Am definittly getting this, I never get much twilight things becuase am poor, but i really want this! And I really like the pictures, but bella looks a little old. Edward well he always looks the same. And jacob looks cool.

  6. LOVE it! doesn’t matter if Jacob is in it or not..Can’t wait to buy it. Would love to see the inside of it, but will have to wait to buy it.

  7. A must have ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. well it may not be about Jacob but these have been the three main characters since the begginning . and he inprinted on renesme so he is important as bella and edward are ….. but it looks great cant wait to get this calender ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. FayeMassenroe says:

    From the original Twilight most stuff was Edward and Bella. Jacob really did not come into play until New Moon.

    • Yes, true but that’s because “Twilight” is about Bella & Edward finding each other, Jacob was introduced as well but he wasn’t made known until “New Moon” which was his story with helping Bella & depression, and of course finding out he’s an werewolf or more like a shapeshifter. All in all, I think the promotional stuffs were true to each movie story…even though I kind of didn’t like that “Eclipse”, they made it too much about a love triangle which they portrayed that in the movie.

  10. Do Want!!!

  11. Jazz Girl says:

    Once again, Summitt demonstrates a decided lack of understanding of the way their marketing of The Saga from the beginning. Yes, Jacob plays a very important role. But he is not the central focus of this story. He should not ever be featured front and center before Edward&Bella, and they have always tried to put him there. Once again, those of us who understand the reality of The Saga, who look to the love and magic of the true love between a vampire and a human and the development of their relationship, who understand that Part 2 is supposed to be Bella’s moment… we look at this image, we see Summitt’s intent, and we just shake our heads at being discarded once again.

    • Jazz Girl says:

      And their neglect of putting Renesmee anywhere in the pages is just one more confirmation that they’ve completely missed the point AGAIN!

      • I agree! They should’ve had the cover be Renesmee, Edward, and Bella. The last part of Breaking Dawn was about Bella trying to protect her new family.

    • You always say exactly what I’m thinking, you’re just able to say it/write it better.

  12. Christina says:

    I like it but I do wish that the cover was just Edward and Bella as vamps…like we had come full circle. It would have been even cooler if they did the same pose as the Twilight posters but her as a vamp. I also don’t necessarily like Jacob being on the cover, but I will still get it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. I like it – Edward looks better in this one i don’t know what it was but i didnt like the part 1 version

  14. I wish they would make a calendar with movie stills. These posed and retouched pictures are really not my cup of tea, but I love the movie stills.

  15. I have no problem with Jacob in this. I just dont like it period. Bella and Edward look weird. I think more people would have a problem if there is a photo of just Jacob and Renesmee.

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