First Look at the New French Coven

Amadou Ly who plays a new French vampire just Tweeted the following

We interviewed Amadou a few months back. Check that interview out here.

We also caught him on the red carpet, where we think we got him to slip up on something.


  1. twilightrose says:

    ok , theres alot of red eyes going on int there lol

  2. Is it an original poster?

  3. I still don’t like the idea of this coven. WHY couldn’t they have just stuck to the book?! WHY did Melissa Rosenberg want to get “creative” with psychic talents for them? If they get more screentime than the Egyptians, Irish, Romanians, etc. I’m going to be mad.

  4. I think that the french cove is going to be on the Voltoris side! D:

  5. French?? WTF….did I miss something????


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