Ashley Greene Esquire Magazine Feature

Ashley Greene has a feature with Esquire Magazine.

Nor is the petite sorority-girl Ashley Greene, who sits before me today, the least bit icy; she’s just a girl with a Day-Timer pinched on the seat between her thigh and purse, a vessel of responsibility. In fact, she’s so relaxed, so cat-stretched against the promise of two hours of conversation and a bowl of soup that you’d think she might have settled into a comfort zone about work. But in fact: “What Twilight gave me was years to consider how I wanted to work otherwise.”

She twists at the earring once more. Next year, she’ll turn twenty-six. She mimes an understated fist-pump when this comes up. Laughing then at herself, she says she looks forward to being thirty. “It’s a good age,” she says. “It’s an age of choices.” Here she is, then, the profound naïf making such a careful-what-you-wish-for declaration that I can’t help but roll my eyes.

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  1. Has always handled herself so maturely, so full of class, and not silly and full of swearing
    and rediculous comments like a few others… Love her, she has a great future… can’t wait to see
    what she does next…

  2. dark123 says:

    Empire and Esquire are completely different magazines 😛

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