A Closer Look at the Hallmark Ornament

Lexicon regular, Twilighter’s Dream, has had the chance to see the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament up close and personal. She mentions the details being very clear on Bella’s wedding dress and how fine of a job they did making the dress look like the one in the film.  But she also mentions that the ornament really doesn’t looks like Rob and Kristen.  Here are some of the images she has provided on her blog.  Does this make you want the ornament more or less than before?  Leave us a comment!


  1. It’s a beautiful ornament. Twilighter’s Dream is such an amazing page. Lisa took amazing photo’s. I’m a little bummed with the ornament. I know a lot of detail is hard but, it’ looks like Edward (Robert Pattinson) is in pain lol. I think if they had him smiling, and her looking up into his eyes, like we see in the movie, it would have been perfect.

  2. While it still doesn’t look like them, if you don’t look up close, it’d be ok on a tree. I think it’s a lot better than the last ornament. They all looked scary!

  3. EJ's Girl says

    I think it looks more like them than any of the ornaments that Hallmark has released. At least Bella’s neck doesn’t look funny like last year’s ornament or the year before (not sure which year?).

  4. Thank you Lori and Laura for posting!! 🙂

  5. radiowidow says

    Thank you to all involved for sharing the closeup pictures of the ornament. I agree that it would have been better if Edward were smiling (come on, he waited more than a hundred years for this moment – he was happy!) but of course I will be at my Hallmark shop in July buying one because it’s Twilight!

  6. LadyLovesLeo says

    Thanks to you all for letting us know! I had no idea – don’t keep up with Hallmark like I used to a few years ago. I can’t wait until ornament premiere weekend! Maybe E & B are supposed to look passionate? Oh well, it’s still a beautiful ornament seven without a smile.


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