Fan Made Coven Trading Cards and More

We don’t normally post things like this, but since news is slow we figured what the heck!  

We saw these posted on Jack Morrissey’s facebook page the other day and thought they were amazing!   It’s fan art trading cards created by Nikola-Nickart made from the trailer featuring each coven.  





































There has also been this gem floating around facebook that had me rolling when I first saw it! If you’ve never heard of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter then you might not get it.



What’s your favorite Twilight related photo shopped image?  Leave us a comment with a link!  


  1. I like the cards and I’d love to see one of the Romanian!

  2. Nice trading cards. Saw Lincoln / Edward one couple of days ago and still makes me laugh. So many clever and talented people out there sharing their talents.

  3. These are awesome! I hope Summit does something like this for all the different covens.

  4. Aw they’re awesome!!!
    I just wish they could have somehow incorporated Alice & Jasper into the olympic coven ):
    I know they’re not there for that part but they’re still like the cooelst cullens ever. haha jk .. but seriously.

    The cards are really cool. Probably took a lot of patience and time.. Props to whoever made them

  5. there no jasper or alice

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