Ashley Green Says Good-Bye to Twilight and Hello to CBGB

Teen Vogue caught up with Ashley Green and talked to her about her fasion for the red carpet, her new role in CBGB, and of course, saying good-bye to the Twilight franchise.

How does it feel to wrap up the Twilight series? “It’s a mixture of emotions. It’s exciting that I get to move on and take this platform that Twilight gave me and jump off of it. Twilight is incredible, but it’s time-consuming. We shot for seven months last time. I think that after the premieres are over is when it’s really going to hit us. Talk to me in a few months and I’ll probably be sobbing.”


Read the full story and see more images at Teen Vogue.


  1. Love her, always humble, poised, and does great interviews. Its great when they
    acknowledge Twilight jumped started them. Ashley will go far….

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