Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser Breaks Yahoo Movies Record

According to Deadline Hollywood.

It [the Breaking dawn Part 2 teaser]debuted exclusively on Yahoo and received 7 million views within the first day, the most ever for a trailer viewed on Yahoo. The previous record-holder on Yahoo was the Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part 1.


  1. I only watch so I can hear Aro’s voice. Not even kidding. *watches yet again*

  2. Faye massenroe says:

    Let’s break some box office records as well.

  3. Renesme Carli Culen says:

    Amazing and beautifl

  4. First let me say i am a Twilight fan and not a Hunger Games fan but i think when the HG trailer comes out it will break the record. Twilight will never beat a HG movie at the Box Office. The second HG movie will probably beat the Avengers at the Box Office. Just saying.

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