The Immortal Children

The first new vampire we see in the trailer is actually the immortal child, Vasilii.  This image suggests that we will get some footage of the back story about the Denali clan.  Considering that we met Andrea Powell, who plays Sasha, at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere, this seems to fit.  


  1. jennifer says

    Agreed! Thanks for these screen caps!

  2. All seems accurate, and I am SO STOKED!!! They all look amazing, and I got goosebumps seeing Benjamin in action, WHAT A COOL POWER!!! I am also digging on Garrett and Kate <3. For some reason, that newfound romance struck me powerfully in the books, and to see it…they look so GREAT! I pray them getting close is featured in the film, especially when she is trying to attack the Volturi for killing Irina, and he holds onto her for dear life, even though she is shocking him in the extreme…guh, tear.

  3. OH!!!!! so thats who it is!! I KNEW THERE WAS A Sasha in THIS!!! I said it and someone told me it was a rumor!!

  4. The way Jane is looking at that poor kid remind me the a cat looks at a bird.

    • smitten_by_twilight says

      Agreed! Dakota looks awesome, like she wants to play with him except she’s really going to torture him! Creepy awesome!

      • I can just imagine the conversation.

        “Now we are going to play the screaming game. We make each other scream and the one who makes the otherone scream the loudest wins”

        “Okay, sounds fun!”

        “Oh it is, I will go first.”

        Uses her power on him.


        “And once again i win.”

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