Check out Jake Abel as Ian in The Host


What do you think?


  1. The Hist? 😀

    You make me smile!

  2. That’s a lovely shot, wonderful composition and scenery.

    But, boy, the smog. Tip: The sky is actually blue.

    Maybe they can take that out digitally from the final film. Souls wouldn’t poison each others’ air like that. That’s a human thing.

    • It could be dust. I’ve spent plenty of time in the desert nowhere near a big cit y and the sky isn’t always blue.

  3. I like that shot!

  4. Ummmmm just have 1 question WTH are they doing in the outside???? The only time Wanda was let outside was in the night oh I do hope they stay true to the book and don’t change that much!

  5. jennifer says:

    I quit expecting them to stick to the books…it helps me not get all ragey and stabby watching the movies….kind of. (:

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