When Harry Met Edward

A company that does UK driving tours of Harry Potter filming sites came up with this cute comparison.

Harry Potter versus Edward Cullen – An infographic by the team at Argus Car Hire


  1. Doesn’t matter i still choose Twilight !

  2. Twilight is closer to home and therefore more affordable. It would be nice to get back to Great Britain again. I’ll throw in be nice to go to see Hobbit/Lord of Rings sites also.

    • Technically speaking most of the Hobbit and LoTR sites are in New Zealand, not in Great Britian. Many people travel to Wellington to tour the still constructed sets, as well as get glimpses of the on location sets that are further in country.

      The only thing you might find in around London and Great Britian, is things like the home of J.R.R. Tolkian. and or his grave… of which sports a very romantic epitaph to he and his loved wife, of which says something to the effect of here lies Beren and Luthian, an homage to the the epic love story as told in his Silmarilion. 🙂

      Beren a mortal falls in love with Luthian and immortal elf, and goes on an epic adventure to win her hand in marraige. Oddly enough Beren becomes a werewolf for part of the story, and Luthian, in order to assist him transforms into a vampire, in order to help him sneak into Angband, the lair of the vile Morgoth: the Corrupter.

  3. Living in pembrokeshire I was lucky enough to watch the external shell cottage scenes being shot for Harry Potter, and I truly do love Harry.

    But for me, it’ll always be Twilight, if I’m forced to choose.

  4. Alexandra says

    This is really cute 🙂 I love them both! I refuse to choose! lol I could never choose, I love every book series/movie series that falls into my hot little paws! I love the worlds that i can escape to!

  5. Well.
    The box office takings, is that world wide?
    Besides, not all twilight movies have been released yet, and when they will be, Harry is up on just the amount of movies there are.
    4 movies = 2 billon,
    And what? 8 = 8 billion?
    Which is still higher then twi, but the graph there is still presenting the facts in a bias way.
    Visits to forks pre Twilight = 5.575 in
    2010 = 73.000
    Is much bigger increase at least percentage wise right? (please do correct me if I am wrong)
    And the Harry one is over 1 year…not 5.
    Harry potter actually has been around for longer.

    Things to see=
    Forks = all real & authentic
    Pem= built stuff.

    Me= not impressed.

    • Other… how can they be presenting the facts in a bias way? Facts are facts irrespective of what you like more or less…

      I really don’t see any bias at all. Harry Potter has been around a lot longer, has more films and books. There are many reasons why the films tended to generate more revenue per capita than Twilight, and that is largely due to the fact that it tended to have a wider appeal for both males and females alike, whereas Twilight generated most of its funds via a female audiance… Not that males didn’t go see it. I did, but the greater majority were female.

      You are incorrect in regards to the Twilight stuff being “real” and “authentic” in Forks. Twilight is based in the real location of Forks, and Steph does you some real locals (high school – La Push) to set the stage of her story, but the places that people take you on in the tours, are contrived for the tourists. As Bella, Edward, and Jacob aren’t real, there is nothing authentic about taking people to locations where fictional characters lived.

      In that respect the tours for either are no different. They are made to bring these wonderful stories to life in a tangible way.

      • That Other Twilighter Girl says

        What I meant with forks being real and authentic was the police station and hospital were not built to attract tourists.
        A wand shop? I think that was.

        As the comparison was made by people who run Harry potter tours, they will be more likely to only present facts where hp comes out on top of Twilight.

        • Wrong…

          HP has real places, Surrey, King Cross and London…those city and places exist.

          The other places JK Rowling created shows are genius, authenticity and superiority to Stephanie Meyer. JK Rowling created a world within our existing world.

          This is one of this reasons why Twilight is very inferior to Harry Potter.

          • That Other Twilighter Girl says

            And you came all the way to the TWILIGHT lexicon to say that to some one who goes by the name of That Other Twilighter Girl. Good work!
            I was referring specifically to the places mentioned.

        • In regards to your comment, “They are going to show facts where HP comes out on top…”

          Other than consecutive wins at the MTV Awards, I don’t know of many if anything that is comparable between the two, where Twilight would come on top.

          You could argue that Twilight had a better love story, but then again, while HP does have a few love triangles and such, they were never the main focus of the story.

          The people who made the comparisons, only compared what was relevent between the two movies.

    • I’d like to point out that the only Harry Potter scenes filmed in Pembrokeshire were the external shell cottage scenes.
      The beach scenes for Robin Hood were also filmed at the same location that same year.

  6. I would much prefer to take a trip to the UK to see the Potter stuff they’ve done there but I think the closest I’ll ever get to it would be the Wizarding World in Orlando.

    However, if I had a passport and a car it’d take me less then half a day to drive down to Forks.

  7. Whatever, am going to forks one day…… years away, but one day……

  8. Harry also just happens to be the name of this guy who happens to be a Prince of England. Thinking this might have contributed QUITE a bit to the popularity of that baby name in the UK, don’t you think? But there are really no famous Isabellas or Jacobs in the US, so that is ALL Twilight there.

    • ACTUALLY, Jacob was already a VERY popular name in the US. Jacob just like Joshua, has ALWAYS been one of the top 10 names in the United States, especially the Midwest, as it is a Biblical name. As for Isabella… While it isn’t as common, this isn’t an off the wall name either. Did Twilight help boost its popularlity, probably and most likely, but then again, it’s not like it hadn’t existed before Twilight.

      You are quite right about Harry, as it also shares the name of royalty, and you know how people are about naming their offspring after famous or important people.


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