Ode to the Trolls

This is a little off topic…all right it’s a lot off topic, but perhaps it will amuse those of you who have been watching the troll that popped up lately every time we put up a MTV Movie Awards post. The troll which posted under several names claimed that Twilight was denigrating the seriousness of the MTV Movie Awards. The troll is still around *Hi little troll…waves* put we’ve managed to trap its comments so that just the mods have to read them and not the entire readership.
With the Teen Choice Awards up next, no doubt it will be around for awhile longer. Please vote over at Teen Choice if you are eligible!

One of our Twitter followers sent us this (warning language, but it’s a funny satire) all about dealing with Internet trolls, the musical version. If you are a fan of British TV, you’ll recognize a lot of the faces.


  1. Rachelle says:

    Great post! Now the trolls have a song just for them! They should feel very special.

    Thanks Twilight Lexicon for putting up with the haters in order to bring us such an amazing site. Twihards should just look at it this way. The more haters, the more we know we are doing something right with the fandom.

  2. Faye massenroe says:

    Trolls will suffer the same fate as Victoria.

  3. smitten_by_twilight says:

    HYSTERICAL. If you have ever been frustrated with the trolls, you will love this. The Brits have such a quirky sense of humor. Thanks Evelina!

  4. I found it kind of amusing to watch said troll make a fool of himself but I guess it was getting a bit out of hand…

  5. BrillIant! Gah, late for work now………

  6. Hater get a life already ! It’s been five years were not going anywhere and WHEN WAS THE MTV AWARDS EVER SERIOUS ? Whatever !

    • Christina says:

      LOL that’s what I was thinking!! I mean, the MTV Movie Awards are great and entertaining but I certainly would NOT call them “serious”…

  7. I’m glad the troll was dealt with. We don’t have to be subjected to that kind of hate,on a site based on a series we love. Thanks to the mods for throwing the bum out of our message boards. LOL!

  8. Whats really great about it is the non-aggressive way it addresses trolls.
    “Thank you trolls we will not stoop to your level even though you make it so easy”

    Maliciousness is a waste of time especially when your on a site created by and made for people you disagree with. Have a mental rant, it’s supposed to be good for you, and vacate the premises. What I especially dislike is when I find someone from another fandom that I’m vaugely a part of attacking a fandom that I’m much more involved in. And that person hasn’t even made the comparisons of how they are awesome in similar ways.

    • Here,here and that’s one of the reasons why I leave certain fandoms alone,when the members start attacking other fan members. If you don’t like something,that’s your perrogative,but resepect those that do and keep your comments to yourself.

    • Agree! Am I the only one that sees all the similarities between the Twilight Saga and THG? And, yet, I find that a lot of HG fans can be very negative toward Twilight. I enjoy them both! Although, my appreciation for and enjoyment of Twilight came first! =)

      • That Other Twilighter Girl says:

        Not to mention our own beloved author said she liked it * before* it was *cool* to like hg…

  9. WTF is a Troll?? Im assuming we are not talking about large, giant-like creatures with clubs.

    • Trolls are people who lurk on message boards and usually spout offensive insults, flame, and rant with no real purpose, but to incite anger.

      In short they simply try and ruin the fun.

  10. I love it! ๐Ÿ™‚ The song, not the trolls. And thanks to the lovely people at the Lexicon for your hard work in keeping our boards beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Virginia May says:

    Oh, those trolls think they’re so sneaky. Brilliant post though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Jazz Girl says:

    I have to say, I rather love the fact that this person was lamenting the loss of the seriousness of the MTV Movie Awards… the same awards show that had Howard Stern dressed as FartMan for gods’ sake. LOL!!! I absolutely love the vid!

  13. Trolls vs People who speak the Truth says:

    I guess am the troll.

    Hello to you too.

    What a sad day….I am been called names for speaking the TRUTH about how corrupt the MTV movies awards have become. The Twihards are desperate to silence me for using my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

    Please you Twihards should face the facts for once.

    1. TIME Magazine named Breaking Dawn (BD) part 1 one of the worst movies of the year in 2011

    2. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 25% rotten on RT

    3. MSN fans voted BD Part 1 the worst movie of the year in 2011

    4. RAZZIES AWARDS for worst in film nominated BD part 1 in 8 categories.

    5.Rolling Stone named BD part 1 the worst movie of 2011


    The Twihards donโ€™t want to hear the truth so they are silencing the people who speak the truth by deleting and blocking their comments.


    • Of course what you are saying is true, and I don’t see anybody disagreeing with your “facts”… HOWEVER, there is a time and place for everything.

      Obviously you’ve seen my comments, and I share some of the same feelings in respect to the MTV movie awards, where it seems some of my fellow Twi-hards will vote for Twilight, even if they didn’t like the movies that well, just for the sake of Twilight.

      Do I think this is right? No…

      I keep hearing Twilighters say, “Well the MTV movie awards isn’t supposed to be serious” YET those same Twihards about had a coniption because MTV limited what catagories Twilight would be in. If MTV left Twlight out completely next year, these same people would be writing hate letters to MTV. So yes, it is serious… So do I think there are double standards at play? Yes… but that is for another arguement at another time…

      I try to keep my comments though in the form of debate. I debunk what is wrongly concieved, and go on.

      You on the other hand continuously flaunt your facts, like you’re telling us, and anyone else on this board, that they are morally corrupt or just plain stupid for even liking Twilight.

      Bad Reviews don’t always equal “quality” of likability. There are number of films I love *cough* Godzilla 98 *cough* that was butchered by critics. In honesty, I don’t know of ANY human being that bases their likes or dislikes on what a critic says. If that was the case, all they would be able to watch is Sundance specials, and art flicks that promote off the wall lifestyles and such…

      If you want to debate… debate…

      HOWEVER, if you completely and entirely hate Twilight, then there is really no reason to waste time coming to a Twilight message board, and berate fans about how terrible there fav franchise is. A. They’ll never listen to you. B. Nothing constructive comes from your comments. C. It’s a waste of everybody’s time.

      • Here here!!! In complete agreement! Being voted “worst movie of the year” by critics does not make it less enjoyable for fans, nor does it even mean it is poorly done. More often than not, mostly just misunderstood! I have long argued that it seems to me most critics who give Twilight a negative review take no time to acquaint themselves with the intricacies of the plot or characters. Since it is a movie based on a book, it seems to me that background would be helpful and beneficial! Aside from that, if a critic doesn’t like it and downplays it’s “artistic value,” then fine. As cited above, if you narrow your choices to “artsy” films with critical acclaim, you’ll have very little to chose from and, often, what you do have to choose from is topically unpalatable or thematically boring. Twilight fans enjoy Twilight movies. And Twilight fans vote for Twilight movies. It’s that simple. No huge conspiracy theory afoot.

        • I agree with some of what you said Dawn… It is very true that just because a movie critic doesn’t like a film nor gives it a good rating, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t nor can’t enjoy it. There are in fact many films that I’ve loved that wasn’t that well received by critics. Jurassic Park, in fact only got 3 stars out of five by most critics and was often criticized for being too dumbed down for children, versus the psuedo-science thriller that the book told. YET JP was one of the top grossing movies of all time, at that time.

          However; with that being said, a movie critic can judge pretty darn well if a movie is well made or not. They might tend to be more blunt and or anal, than most people, but that is their job. I know a few movie analyists, and they tend to judge each movie fairly based upon how well the film was constructed.

          Any film analyist is going to tell you that they shouldn’t have to read the book, to know what is going on the movie. A movie, a very well made movie, isn’t the book on screen, it’s the book’s story adapted to the big screen. This is why many book to movie adaptations are different. As John Truby once’ stated, “As a movie producer, you’re job is simply not to just put the book on screen (you can’t do that) it is to capture the essence of the book, and make it into something that works with film.”

          If the critics would have to had read the Twilight books in order to understand the characters and plots of the Twilight movies, then the movies failed in one shape or form. This is why the films have received some of the worst ratings from critics, not because they hate Twilight (although due to some very disagreable, and mean spirited fans, they might hate it now) but that the movies didn’t perform as best as they could have.

          Just stop a think for a minute. Most of us hear complained about the first Twilight movie’s stilted dialogue, butchered meadow scene, and some pretty laughable acting. If WE, as Twilight fans feel this way, how should a non-Twilight fan feel?

          I’ll be honest, I (personally) didn’t go see the movies because I just thought they were awesome. I went to see the movies because I was curious to see how they adapted the books to the big screen. Well that and CGI wolves… ๐Ÿ˜› I like wolves… ๐Ÿ˜€

          In short, IF the critic didn’t understand the final points of the movie, or the plot period, it isn’t because of something they did… It is because of something the movie didn’t do.

          • Joshua, well-spoken points. I really do agree with you. I’ve been rereading the first book, just for fun, and am reminded of all the pivotal scenes altered or left out of the movie. For this reason alone, while I greatly enjoy seeing film adaptions of my most well-loved books, I always go into them EXPECTING there to be significant differences. It’s unavoidable, but they can still be enjoyed for their own sakes.

            So I agree with and understand your point that the Twilight movies often leave much to be desired from a critics stand point. I would argue that the quality of production and acting has markedly improved since the first film, but it remains true that the plot line presented in the movie can be confusing, at times, for a non-fan.

            My basic point, which I suppose didn’t come across very well, has to do more with the character portrayal brought to the screen. I often read commentary or hear non-fans criticize Rob Pattinson for brooding throughout the entire movie or Kristen Stewart for acting the part of Bella so seriously…or what have you. The thing is, if you have any knowledge of the characters at all…you would admit that Rob is SUPPOSED to play Edward as brooding. He is a very conflicted character constantly fighting an inner battle, what he wants to do vs. what he believes he should to do, in conjunction with decades of self-doubt and loneliness. Additionally, if there are times when he SEEMS emotionless…well, he’s a vampire. Human emotions are foreign, and those emotions that ARE depicted, anger or jealousy, for example, are highly exaggerated. This is what I mean when I say that background makes a difference.

            A critic should not HAVE to read a book to review its adaption. It should be able to stand alone and withstand scrutiny. But, I think it would be responsible of (and often helpful to) a reviewer to at least have a cursory understanding of the characters before the portrayal is criticized. Rob’s portrayal, in many respects, is accurate. Kristen’s generally is as well. (I have often thought that most of the deficiencies in terms of portrayal have more to do with the screenplay/dialogue they have been given than with their acting alone.) So, to give a negative review of his (or her) performance without considering the source would seem a bit misleading.

          • * Oh, and that was a general “you”, not YOU. I realize that you are a well-informed fan and know the back-story of the characters as well as anyone. =)

          • LadyLovesLeo says:

            Wow! How can we be so contemptuous of the Troll when our fellow fans can be so harsh?

          • What???

    • It’s so cute how you think anyone here is ever going to agree with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I feel kind of sorry for you, actually, since no one here is ever going to show you love.

      So, here, have a hug! (((Troll))) It’s filled with Twilighty goodness and lots of sparkes, I promise!!!

    • Twilight_News says:

      Oh…the ickle little troll got a new IP address…LOL.

      Hi precious, how have you been…still angsty and all pent up..You want some ice cream or a cookie. LOL

      Josh pretty much said it. You have a preconceived notion of how you view all twihards. That’s called stereotyping darlin’, and you’re here to save us from the error of our liking something you don’t.

      I don’t dispute and single one of those critical acclaim facts. regardless we still like Twilight.

      We know it ain’t high art but we still like it.

      And you just keep coming here and wasting your time and GIVING us revenue by posting. Every you post we make money. So thanks for helping pay our server costs cookie.

      Just out of curiosity, how old are you? I could understand this in a 12-year-old. At 12 we all do a lot of things that seem so stupid years later in the light of maturity, but if you are over 18, this is just sad.

      • Awesome! Even more reason to love the troll (whether he wants us to or not, lol.)

        THANK YOU MR. TROLL for helping raise revenue for this site so that all of the hard-working (and very appreciated!) people at the Lexicon can keep it going!

        And just remember, every time you post and make US post 50 more times, you’ve generated 50 times the revenue for them! You are truly awesome, Mr. Troll!

        Thank you (with sparkles on top)!!

    • That Other Twilighter Girl says:

      What I like here is that he’s saying he has arit to say what he wants where he wants not true. If you go around swearing in public places you have the ‘right’ to do so, but you have the responsibility not to subject people to it. You will probably get in to some form of trouble if someone from law enforcement is around and on duty… With rights come responsibilities and darling’ you are not fulfilling your responsibilities here and disrespecting OUR RIGHT to gather in a place and share our thoughts and opinions with out being trolled, and being maliciously attacked in a positive environment .
      I’m only half way through a preliminary high-school level course sweetie, and I know this.

      I also love that all of us with our varing opinions and differences automatically unite here, we’re a tight knit bunch that way ๐Ÿ™‚

    • rhiannon says:

      i tell what is a fact!! this is a TWILIGHT website. and if you are so desperate for attention you feel the need to obsess over something you dont even like, i suggest you seek professional help. i dont like bieber but i am certainly not going to attack people who do!!

    • velvet409 says:

      And of course internet polls are very scientific. *rolls eyes*

      You know your complaints might be more valid if Twilight had actually swept the awards this year like it has in the past. Instead MTV buckled under the pressure from people like you and rigged the nominations so that Twilight was almost completely shut out. You got what you wanted so I’m not sure what you’re still doing here.

      You should’ve realized by now that coming to a Twilight site and trying to convince fans that it’s garbage is a waste of time. Although, as already mentioned, every time you post the Lexicon makes money so thanks.

      On a more positive note it looks like you’ve finally started utilizing the grammar and spellcheck functions. Good job. Have a cookie.

  14. Eat sparkle, trolls.

    Not-so-funny things that Twi-hater trolls do:

    1) Cite guardians of highbrow culture like Stephen King, Time Magazine, and internet polls as infallible authorities on what is and is not worthy literature and film. (Nothing against King’s work, but Shakespeare he ain’t.)

    2) Bring up dubious vampire ‘rules’ that would disqualify many classic vampire films and novels, including The Hunger, Carmilla, and even Dracula.

    3) Be utterly repetitive, pointless, and dull.

    • Ahahahahahaha! Love. all. points (especially 1 and 2!) Seriously, who crowned Stephen King the authority on all things fiction and fantasy? Not I!

      • rhiannon says:

        exactly!! was there some great moral lesson i missed in cujo and christine!!!! his books are considered gore and porn by some people’s standards!!

        • Love your points re Stephen King and Time. Have often wondered who made them authorities. Don’t like KIng’s writing at all, but I’m not going to a site dedicated to his fans to denigrate them. Love the comments with love for the troll with sparkles on top.

  15. That Other Twilighter Girl says:

    All this said here is a definition of troll
    “a person who posts outrageous message to bait people to answer. Forum Troll delights in sowing discord on the forums.ย  A troll is someone who inspires flaming rhetoric, someone who is purposely provoking and pulling people into flaming discussion.ย  Flaming discussions usually end with name calling and a flame war.”

    Hence the phrase ‘don’t feed the trolls’

    But here I think we’ve become a little attached. We get to unite (as I said before) and voice our opinions in a flaming fashion.
    So I don’t think this will end in name calling, but I wish we had a more specific name for this guy, seeing as how he goes by multiple…

  16. Tasha Ledger a person doesn’t get nominated “Troll or Hater” because they state their views. This particular character got nominated because every single time an MTV coversation came up, they would post critical responses articles as to a reason why a Twi-hard shouldn’t vote for anything Twilight related.

    As many have mentioned and mentioned… The MTV movie awards weren’t created for people to vote for quality well-made movies, as 90% of what you’d get to vote for would cease to exist, but to give fans a chance to vote for what they like. In this respect, it doesn’t matter how much better the Hunger Games movie, or almost any other movie (Dark Knight, Avatar…the list goes on) was better than a Twilight film, it was the fan’s choice, and Twilight is what is popular. In this case, people aren’t voting for what film was thematically more appealing or better, they are simply voting for what is more popular… Let’s face it, you can’t get more popular than Twilight.

    Do I personally agree with this? No. I don’t agree with the reasoning behind much of the votes. Many Twi-hards don’t even like the movies, (just sneak a peek on the message board, and you’ll see this). At best many tolerate them, because they are visual representations of the books, and let’s face it, Twilight has some of the most down to earth, fan loving actors and actresses you’ll ever find. In short, many are voting for the simple sake that it is Twilight… and that is what I feel to be unfair.

    However, the troll consistantly filled this section with “evidence”. Once was enough… Twice even… but year after year it is the same stats, the same results, and a LOT of pissed off Twi-hards. This individual doesn’t even claim to have read any of the books or even seen the movies. If they aren’t a fan, then what is the real point?

    There is no point, or than making a fan really angry.

  17. Everyone has an “opinion” these days, and OH MY GOD, everyone has this invisible “right” to voice that opinion, no matter what!

    (rolling eyes)

    The last time I checked, the Internet wasn’t owned and operated by the United States government. It’s not protected under our Constitution or the Bill of Rights. So, saying that you have some inalienable right to be a completely not nice A-Hole just because you have an opinion is ludicrous. And to also say that you have “right” to inflict your hateful comments, er sorry, I meant “opinions” on others is arrogance at it highest.

    What happened to just minding your own business? You like what you like, and I’ll like what I like. I don’t bother you. You don’t bother me. But noooooooooooooo. Now everyone has to insert their opinion into everyone else’s life, like THEIRS is the only one that matters, and if you don’t agree, well then you’re just stupid.

    The world is an infinitely diverse place, with a variety of people and interests. And thank goodness it is!!!

    • LadyLovesLeo says:

      I couldn’t agree more. In a time where people claim to be more tolerant and understanding than those living in any other time in history, there surely are a lot of people in the world today that seem to think their OPINION is correct and anyone who disagrees is just plain wrong. How ridiculous!

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