Vanity Fair Writer Gives Breaking Dawn 2 Thumbs up

Breaking Dawn Two Given Vanity Fair Thumbs Up?

We just reread Kristen Stewarts Vanity Fair article and noticed this quote by the VF writer:

“One might say that swords will be drawn  when Condon’s grand Twilight finale, Breaking Dawn 2, hits theaters at the end of the year. Don’t kill me, but I’ve seen it. And don’t worry – I won’t give anything away that the novel’s reader don’t already know. But let’s just say that Simone de Beauvoir would approve.”

Scans here


  1. Lucianna says:

    No matter how glamored-up she gets, she will always be unsightly. Close. Your. Gaping. Mouth.

    I’m excited for part two; give me some Volturi/Michael Sheen action!

    • Unsightly? Really? She looks stunning, whether she be glamed up to the hilt or in jeans and chucks she’s a naturally beautiful girl.

      Maybe hold back on the envy a little.

      It’s not very attractive!

      • Lucianna says:


        I’m not trying to attract anyone.

        Perhaps I’m angry with her for ruining something I adore. I think I’m entitled to my opinion. I’m not hating on her because I hate Twilight or because I can. I’m legitimately angry at her for ruining Bella. And for being a crude person in public. What an excellent role model for my sister who is starting to model herself after her. I loathe it.

        I stand by what I said; she is unsightly both in her physical appearance and as a human being. You’re perfectly entitled to your opinion, but this is mine.

        • I couldn’t agree more!!!

        • It was never my intention to imply that you weren’t entitled to your opinion Lucianna.

          I think Kristen comes across as a young lady that doesn’t bow easily to what is expected of her. Therefore remaining true to herself, and this is always an ability that I vehemently hope my own children will hang on to. I also truly believe that with strong roots and plenty of love, that my children will not be easily swayed by negative, outside influences, be they from a public figure or otherwise.

          Incidentally, I think Kristen rocked the role of Bella (Particularly in Breaking Dawn pt1,) and if there were any scenes where I think things could have been better, I’d be more inclined to blame the script writing or direction.

          • Faye massenroe says:

            thank you Karen. Hopefully our children can remain humble and honest as Kristen seems to be.

          • I don’t like her language, but I like that she is honest and is willing to be herself in spite of what others think. As for the role of Bella, she plays it perfectly. And I agree with Karen, any deviations are due primarily to the script writing and not to Kristen’s portrayal.

        • Tiffany says:

          While you are entitled to an opinion and the freedom of speech to say it, and whether or not I agree or disagree with it.. I don’t think you should say she’s an “unsightly human being” unless you know her on a personal level.

        • She hates her teeth. LOL She mentioned it in an interview once a LONG time ago when Twilight first started. She likened them to big rabbit teeth or something like that. I think that is probably what ruins the “open mouth” look for her. If she fixes them, then she wouldn’t look like herself, so it’s a Catch 22. But the rest of her is just beautiful. She IS a little flat with her acting, though.

      • I am with you, Karen. Whether glammed up or in her t-shirt and boyfriend jeans she is absolutely fan-fricking beautiful!! Love her!

    • I don’t mind Kristen as Bella, but I don’t particularly like her as a person. She dresses too immodestly and has a foul mouth.

    • Kristen is a beautiful woman, it’s this picture that is awful.

  2. Joshua Roberts says:

    Unsightly? I think she’s rather pretty… True she’s not the “Over the top Halle Barry beauty” but she is still a pretty girl. 🙂

  3. Barbara says:

    The reason she works as Bella is because she looks like an average teen age girl. Most of us are pretty, not drop dead gorgeous. Don’t judge so harshly. I think she looks lovely.

  4. Special diet says:

    Vanity Fair writer? Didn’t know William Thackery had seen Breaking Dawn.

  5. Kristen simple young lady as to all of us is no surprise, as I am one of those , simple works no fuss at all.
    Kristen in dresses or jeans, t-shirt, converse shoes she wears them all very well. Very proud how she stands up for herself, I have to say she has given me the insperation to do what I thought I would never reach in my life time and that is knowing, being who I am and no matter what everyone around sees or says about me I can keep my head held up high and always be proud. Thanks Kristen for giving me that. =)

    • angie g says:

      Right on, Malorie. I couldn’t agree with you more! I love this article because it has given me even more insight on Kristen. Not that I would claim that I “truly” know her or anything, but I feel like Kristen’s interview was pretty bare-boned and open.

  6. thephantomcat says:

    Kristen Stewart is the girl next door and not afraid just to be herself. She is a natural beauty. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a troll.

  7. I agree Kristen fits Bella perfectly ! She’s awkward and plain but beautiful in a way. I’M JEALOUS THEY’VE SEEN IT !

  8. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    Little bits like this just get me more and more excited for November. 😀

  9. I love Kristen but I think that’s a horrible pic of her.. Like whoa. All the hate on her is getting way old. This is a FAN page, go to a hate page to hate please.

    • Lucianna says:

      This is not a fan page; this is an informational page. When publishing anything about opinionated fandoms, the publisher must be aware of both sides of opinions coming out on the page.

  10. Faye massenroe says:

    Ummmm. Why does VF get to see BD2 and we cant even get more than a teaser trailer.

    Anyone who does not like KSTEW then don’t see her movies.

    • Lucianna says:


      And I would not go see it, but unfortunately, my favorite actor is in part 2, thus, I cannot pass up the opportunity to see him. It’s a trade-off, you see.

  11. I admire Ms Stewart for what she has done as part of her acting for Bella. The hardships the cast and crew have endured in filming the story is amazing. I admire the way she stands up for herself and not bow to the public’s notion of how she should be. I think she has done an amazing job portraying Bella. She is a lovely looking young woman. Her language would be better with a lot less profanity.

  12. Christina says:

    I think K-Stew is ridiculously beautiful. I hope all average women don’t look like her, because I consider myself pretty average and I don’t hold a candle to K-Stew! :/ With that being said, I HATEEEEE this cover photo. She looks plastic, like a Lindsay Lohan clone here, and that is SO not her. Blech. NOT a flattering cover, but that’s okay, she’s in magazines all the time!

  13. I think the problem with your first couple of comments Lucianna is that you appeared to be hating Kristen for her looks. If you don’t like her acting fine. I don’t like her portrayal of Bella either, but I’m not going to go around hating the poor girl even more because of her physical appearance. She can improve her acting, but she can’t change the way she looks. That’s what she was born with!!! The fact that you hate her even more because you think she is “unsightly” is just plain stupid.

    • Spinner says:

      I completely agree. I often see Lucianna making negative comments on Kristen-related posts, and while I certainly feel she is entitled to her opinion, I myself prefer to stick with the advice Thumper received from his mother in Bambi–“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” Lucianna’s comments posted here do not merely point out her dislike of Kristen or her looks, they are sharp, hurtful words meant to incite a reaction from Kristen’s fans. Which they did. Certainly we all have a right to leave whatever comments we would like, I just don’t see the necessity of being rude at every chance, or every mention of a person or a topic we dislike….

      • Lucianna says:

        You know, I didn’t set out to attack her fans. She obviously has a loyal fanbase, and she would be proud. (If she looked like she cared about anything.) I posted my opinion at the top – along with something positive at the bottom – and didn’t ask for replies. If I was left alone, I would have stayed away. But since I can obviously see that my opinion – although apparently I’m allowed to have one though it is bashed and twisted – is unwelcome, I might as well just stop speaking. In the Twilight fandom, I expect to be surrounded by fellow peers who like and adore Twilight, who can look past my opinion – or may be agree with it. What I don’t need are pokes at my personal character. I’m a fan like the rest of you, and I don’t need to be shunned by the only people who ally with my like of the fandom. I get enough flack from the rest of the world.

        Have a good night.

        • thephantomcat says:

          You get what you put out into the world. If you don’t want people being negative to you, then don’t be negative. Don’t go crying about how all Twilight fans should get along if your going to be making comments like “close your gapping mouth.” You trolled and you got trolled back. Deal with it.

          • Lucianna says:

            Deal with my opinion.

            If I wanted to troll, I’d go onto YouTube and aggravate the tweens about Justin Bieber.

            Notice the positivity I posted about my excitement for BD part two. Of course it’s overlooked.

        • thephantomcat says:

          Oh, no! I said deal with it and then you said deal with my opinion! Mine own words used against me! I have tasted of mine own medicine and it is bitter! You have shamed me deeply! I shall crawl into a dark hole and lick my wounds………. Not.

          You didn’t post positivity about Breaking Dawn Part 2, you posted how you would see it because you are a Martin Sheen fan only. What’s sad is how you poke at Kristen because you think she is ugly, but it is you who display truly unattractive traits like hate. I suppose if I said that in a Welsh accent you’d get all “Girly!” *giggle giggle*

          • LOL. “Trolled Back” I like it.
            I think she’s very pretty in a girl next door kind of way. I was raised to not call someone else ugly because it will immediately slingshot back onto yourself. As for profanity, I’m surrounded by teenagers 24/7 and their language is pretty horrible in general. I think it’s becoming the new normal, I don’t have to like it, but I can only wash out of the mouths of my own.
            I love the fact that she stands up for herself.

    • Lucianna says:

      She’d be lovelier if she closed her gaping mouth. I think she is unsightly, that’s my opinion. I think people get turned away from my opinion because I’m disliking another female. If I dislike a male because my opinion was that he wasn’t ‘attractive’, I wouldn’t be getting such a grind.

      She’s not only as cute as a mud fence, but her outward crass and crude attitude in public (such as flipping off every camera she sees, using awful profanity often, and such), is another reason I frown on her. Looks are only a piece of the puzzle.

  14. Spinner says:

    And yes, definitely not her best cover….though if I may say, the dog is cute, though, and the dress looks beautiful…. 🙂

  15. Either they did too much air brushing or She needs to eat a hamburger or something

  16. Lucianna says:

    Karen: And talented as well as a good person. Exactly! *loves on him*

    • And WELSH!!!

      That’s WHY he’s he’s a talented, good person. We’re all like that in Wales, diolch yn fawr.

      • Lucianna says:

        Anthony Hopkins is that way too. And oh, look! He’s Welsh! You’ve got me all fan-girly and swooning now. I’m never fan-girly and swooning. I love you, Wales! Keep being good people!


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