Two New Twilight Themes Graphic Novels from Little Brown

According to the Little Brown Twilight Saga site

The bestselling graphic novel adaptation of the Twilight Saga continues with New Moon: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1…look for it in stores on October 30th! Also coming this October, Twilight: The Graphic Novel Collector’s Edition – which includes volumes one and two of Twilight: The Graphic Novel.


  1. So what is new with the Twilight collector edition? all in one volume? why should we buy NM vol 1 if they are just going to put it out eventually as one? Hmmm…will have to think about this a lot before getting.

    • The collector’s edition is more or less for those who hadn’t had a chance to pick up the first graphic novel without having to buy two books, like myself… I will definitely pick this one up as well as New Moon volume 1.

  2. I think they should have only done the first book as a graphic novel, not the others.

  3. I am so happy Young Kim adapted NM. I CANNOT WAIT. This is more than I ever would have hoped for the saga to continue!

  4. Spinner says:

    Love this Jacob….love, love, love–much closer to my Jacob than Taylor (though I love him too, but he’s nothing like “my” Jacob)


    • Oh wow! Your right ! I wish I could have gotten them both in one volume too that cover is amazing, but I don’t like the new moon adaption’s cover.

      New moon is about the separation why on earth did they put Jacob on it? Thats an incredibly important part of the story, but it isn’t the main part at all. I think a depiction of Bella alone, bitterly alone curled up (clawing at the hole in her chest? Anyone?)would have been (for one example)much more appropriate. The biggest theme is loss – intense and unrelenting. I think the choice of this image does not represent that sufficiently enough.

      That said looking forward to how the volturi are depicted and Edwards voice in her head.

      • I’m wondering if, like the previous volumes of the first book the covers compliment each other. This one has Bella with Jacob but I’m curious if Volume two will show that she is reaching for Edward.

        • That Other Twilighter Girl says:

          Ah, now this I like! Good thinking 🙂

        • Vampire-girl says:

          I agree with you too at first I thought the sparkles were representing Edward but J G after your comment I had another look and yep Bella’s ends at her wrist and it’s not actually on Jacob so looks like to be hanging in mid-air, as you said she looks like reaching for Edward.

          I’m going to hold off for a while in case they release hard-back

      • Kelly M. says:

        Yes, definitely looking forward to seeing a giddy Aro in Volume 2. Just… eee!

  6. Why does it take for them so long to be released? It will take forever to get to Breaking Dawn!

    • I know and the one for Breaking Dawn is the one I can’t wait to get. I guess it depends on how fast Young Kim can draw the illustrations for each graphic novel. The comic book process is very slow,but perhaps they’ll start working on New Moon vol. 2 very soon.

  7. I wonder why they are only bringing it out in paperback. The 2 Twilight ones are hardbound. Wish they would stay consistant so that when they are all done it makes a nice collection.

  8. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    Something else to look forward to! 😀

  9. I think that Jacob’s profile looks exactly the same as Edward’s …

  10. Awesome!! I have and LOVE the twilight graphic novels. Great collector items and the art work is a BRILLIANT visual to the books! I’d love to see it carried even further…an anime twilight series on tv. Ok, so maybe I’m a wee bit obsessed, but I love the story, all of it. But, it would be a great way to see a lot of un-told stories or missing days in the development of Edward & Bella’s relationship, not to mention some side stories of the other characters we love so much! Carlisle, and Esme. Rose & Emmett. Alice & Jasper!!! Brought to life in an anime series, based on Sm books and Kim’s graphics…are you kidding me?!?! To get more in depth in the story…thats what so many talented FF writers do now. But to see it, brought to visual life in THIS way….AWESOME! And probably a frikkin GOLD MINE for for whichever whomever developed it.

  11. I bet the other half of the novels is her grasping onto Edward. See how her hand just disappears off the side? 🙂

  12. Can you buy them online? Or read them online? Cause they’re not in Denmark?! 🙁


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