Video: Breaking Dawn Actors Accepting their Best Movie Award #Twilight4Peat

Jodie Foster who was in Panic Room with Kristen Stewart was on hand to present the award!


  1. rhiannon says:

    next yr we make it a solid 5 IN A ROW. and create a record that will NEVER be broken!! then MTV can kiss our collective ass!!

  2. charlotte says:

    So fed up of mtv videos not being able to be watched just because I’m not in US they need to make videos global or at least post the same vids on UK/ Europe site…Not your fault I’m just frustrated:(

  3. Jade S. says:


  4. No we know why Mtv didn’t give breaking dawn other nomination. Because breaking dawn would win all of it!!!!!!!!!!I’m so happy that twilight won the awards:)

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