Stephenie Meyer: On Writing More Twilight Novels

Stephenie Meyer updates on the writing of other Twilight sequels and Midnight Sun.


  1. How extremely selfish of you to treat your fans the way you have. We have bought you books, watched your movies and voted in every contest we could to make Twilight the success that it has been. It is because of us that you are where you are. The very least you could to would be to finish Midnight Sun. The only thing I would ask is that if you ever do, and it’s made into another movie, keep Melissa Rosenberg away from the scripts because you have let her destroy your work.

    • Do you want a good story done when the author is ready to write it or do you want a story that would be forced due to publisher and / or fan pressure and might not be so good?

      There are any number of series of books that have years between them while the author has written other books outside of a particular series.

      I prefer to wait to get the best version of the story from Ms Meyer when she is ready to return to the Twilight world.

      • CatWhit says:

        The perfect point! I believe we can all agree we want to see Midnight Sun finished, but we want it done RIGHT. If Ms. Meyer is pushed into finishing it through contract deadlines, fan demands, etc, etc… It won’t be the book we want to read. I remember reading in an interview a few years back that she was so disenchanted (after the leak) that if she were to finish the story, James would win, all the Cullens would die, and it wouldn’t dove-tail with the original story much. And I also remember her saying she wanted to finish it because she wanted that final book on her shelf to complete the set. Just give it time. *crosses fingers that it will get done eventually*

        • AliceKikiCullen says:

          yes done right, but she does owe us. She let someone else take away her love of writing. You NEVER let someone do that. I’m a little mad at her, and feel let down by her.

          • I don’t agree that she owes us anything. The only reason anyone feels that she owes fans anything is because something she was working on that none of the fans knew about was leaked. Had you never known about it you wouldnt be feeling deprived. This was something private, she felt betrayed it was leaked and lost confidence, and yacking that she is selfish doesnt help that feeling. And who her script person is, is a personal choice. It needs to fit her visions not just the fans. Its her work and her dreams and if that is who she wants that she feels balances her needs and the fans then so be it. You are never going to find an individual to work with that satisfies everybody. So a few disgruntled fans compared to what could be many more, I think is quite an accomplishement. We also have to keep in mind Stephenie wrote four books, and has worked non stop on five movies, just to please her fans, and has sacrificed family time with her husband and kids. That doesn’t sound selfish to me. She needs a break as do we all. She will finish when she is ready. I would love to see the finish product as well, but if she chooses not to I respect that. We as fans cant be upset with something unfinished that was never meant to be read. People with this type of greed thinking are the reason the booked was leaked and halted.

          • Darien Minx says:

            no she doesnt owe us anything we didnt have to purchase her books we wanted to so just shut up if you dont have anything nice to say.

        • you are so right and i agree it’s not going to be a book we all want to read if she is pressured into writing it by her fans or her publisher or ever her own friends just give her time and she will finish Midnight Sun on her own time i belive that.

    • Tho I understand SM’s point somewhat, I cant help but agree with your comment. Her turning her back on what made her is like those musicians who refuse to perform the songs that made them famous. Its very selfish. I think she should at least finish MS,fans have been chomping at the bit for the rest of that for years. If she wants an exit from “vampires”, that would he the way to go.

    • Lorrainebow says:

      Harsh much? She’s given us this wonderful gift of a story. It would be WONDERFUL if she would write Midnight Sun. For one thing, we know what happens. For another, it’s up to her. This isn’t new news. She has said on every occasion that she isr writing about vampires right now. She’s not treating her fans poorly. I just want to say THANK YOU Stephenie for sharing your characters with so many of us πŸ™‚ I look forward to everything she has to write; be it vampire or not πŸ™‚

    • Don’t you remember when she WAS going to finish writing Midnight Sun? She was pretty much heartbroken when, against her wishes as the author and creator of the series, a crude version of part of the story got leaked. I can imagine that she would be upset and possibly not even have love for the story after something like that happened.

      • Thank you, lorien! I think it’s selfish of the “fans” to sit there and demand she finish Midnight Sun. It’s obvious she felt violated by what happened. When/If she decides she’s ready to go back to Twilight, we’ll be waiting. Until then, leave the woman alone!

    • snoopy7729 says:

      Amen sister!

    • A. L. C. says:

      i totally agree about Melissa Rosenberg, Salsa.

    • I don’t know if you were at the BD Premier but if you were you know how much bull your sprouting SM stood out in the rain and personal handed out autograph BD books to show how much she loved her fans and as far as telling her when to write another book I laugh because if it wasn’t for her writing the four that she already has the way she has in her own time and her putting her self into everyone of them I do agree about Melissa Rosenberg though.

    • Really you’re going to slam someone because they dont want to write about what YOU want them to write about? How selfish are you being? I think Stephenie is a great author and has a great appreciation to her fans, she stood outside for hours in the rain at tent city last year to personally hand out books to everyone. Does that sound like someone who doesn’t appreciate there fans? No, I don’t think so.

    • I total agree Salsa well sd.. I agree she has turned her back on her twilight fans that made in to who she is today. When I hear talk aobut beening on her death bed before she will write about vampiers makes me sorry for every falling in love with her work. =( Sad that she has turned her back on twilight and the poeple that love it!!!

      • That is not at all what she said! She JOKED that IF she never writes more Twilight books she would at least narrate a summary on her deathbed so we would know what happened. It’s not like Stephenie isn’t aware that we all wish she’d finish Midnight Sun, or write another dozen books about the Twilight characters, but you can’t always create on demand. I don’t understand all this “she’s turned her back on her fans” – she’s a lot busier than she used to be and can’t connect with us the way she used to simply because the Twilight fandom has completely exploded.

    • Wow, do you really mean this? It’s so rude. She’s not a slave and is obligated to no one. She has a life, contracts (real obligations) and a family. Get your fix somewhere else if you must have one. Stephenie has been enthusiastic and caring toward fans for years and years. Besides, creativity can’t be forced. You have to be satisfies mentally to be successful creatively. She knows herself. I wish you were more understanding.

    • totally agree Salsa, never seen such an author who become money driven that she just let filmmakers destroy her book like her. she is just false. nobody care about the host.

      • I care about The Host! And I think the fact that Stephenie decided to produce the last two movies proves that she isn’t just money-driven and “letting” filmmakers “destroy” her books. Authors really don’t have that much say in how movies based on their books turn out. They can make suggestions, but they aren’t in control.

    • Thank You! I agreed 100%. Look at what HP and the HG was able to accomplish. Great books. Great movie. I hope and pray that they never let Melissa near a Twilight movie again. She destroyed the movies. Summit had no business hiring the person who wrote the script for “Step Up”. That movie was warning enough.

    • exactly!

    • I agree with you about her being selfish. I don’t think it the person she claims leaked it out on the internet. I think she was the one that did it. I think if we just stop buying her books and coming to her signing. She might realize the harm she is doing to her fans. No one want to read book about religious if we did we get out our own bible. As a writer I can understand about being pushed into writing. I can understand about writer block. But I think Stephanie Myers is a very cold person. I think she need to stop judging other people ever notice that she judge gay people anyone that not her? She only sued once because she thought she would make more money. She need some professional help. I wonder if her kids are fucked like she is!

    • Stephanie Meyers intentionally let Midnight Sun be leak to the public on purpose because she knows her fans will find out that she cannot write and that she got lucky with the twilight books.–the midnight sun leak was an excuse for her to get out of writing any more twilight books because she knows that she will never be able to top the twilight series

    • I agree I have read the chapters of midnight sun on stephenie Meyers web page and I was left wanting more it was fab to see things through Edwards eyes and how bella really effected him. I really want her to finish it its been 4 years now surly she should know if she is going to finish it the least she could do is let fans know what’s happening with it iv tweeted her but never got a reply that’s how much she thinks of her fans

    • Wendy McEvoy says:

      I agree I have read the chapters of midnight sun on stephenie Meyers web page and I was left wanting more it was fab to see things through Edwards eyes and how bella really effected him i want her to finish it. its been 4 years now surly she should know if she is going to finish it the least she could do is let fans know what’s happening with it iv tweeted her but never got a reply that’s how much she thinks of her fans

    • I agree I do think salsa put it a little harsh but I think Stephanie needs to finish this if she started it. Get over your friend betraying you 4 years ago and come back to the fans who have bought your books gone to your movies and made your name known it’s not fairvof you to do that

    • I am a big fan of the twilight books because teh story is amazing and truely of a pure an selless love. This would never have been a book I would have chosen to read but this has changed my view. I would ask Stephenie Meyers who has opened the eyes to so many people to continue her story on MIdnight Sun, because I and many others do not have the sight and imagination she has and we would love to see Edwards and the Cullens point of view. We know Bella we would lik to know all the cullens better and the secret t that is Ms Meyers, Who has an amazing imagination. Thank you for bringing such an amazing story to our lives

  2. This is what absolutely annoys me. Authors who become successful then they stop writing either altogether or take significant breaks and they also promise to continue in some form (Midnight Sun, the Harry Potter encyclopedia for instance). It isn’t our fault her story got leaked. If you aren’t going to follow through anytime soon or not at all then don’t mention it. It isn’t fair to the fans who helped make you successful in the first place. To me it seems very selfish, they didn’t mind the money they made and all the luxury it has allowed them bit they don’t want to follow through on their promises. Yes sometimes you have to wait years but at a certain point your going to start receiving backlash.

    • So what if she’s not writing fast enough for y’all to be happy? Her wishes as an author were completely ignored and part of her story was leaked and subsequently read by the public long before it was intended to be. As a fellow writer, I totally understand why she might want to still wait.

      I do hope she comes out with a sequel to The Host soon, as promised…but it’s better, IMO, to wait for a story that will be of better quality than to rush her and be given less than her best work as a result.

      • Darien Minx says:

        You are so true and im a writer also and i get it because my one of my stories was leaked by my very best friend and i cant trust her anymore and she will finish her stories we just need to be patient.

    • Kathryn says:

      @all Stephenie haters – How dare you say that. Stephenie owes us absolutely nothing. If not for the wonderful stories she has already given us there wouldn’t even be a fandom to complain about it. This world is her creation and she is not in ANY way obligated to give us any more than what she has. Be grateful for the experiences we have been given.

      All this money that you seem to be so sorry that you gave her for her books has been put back into the movies that we love and allowing her to make sure they are perfect.

      I have always thought that Twilight fans can be some of the most selfish, whiny fans of any series and this is just proving me right. If she wants to move on and write something else that is her prerogative. You don’t hear Harry Potter fans whining about Jo switching genres. It makes me embarrassed to be a Twilight fan.

    • JustMe44 says:

      I 100% agree with your first 2 sentences. It also annoys me that writers become successful and then stop writing, but keep saying that they’re going to write more. It just tells me that you’re not as passionate about writing as you should be as an author…. but that’s just my opinion. No one can make her write anything she doesn’t want to, and I don’t blame her for not writing certain stories, but please, PLEASE, JUST WRITE SOMETHING, ANYTHING, I’M DYING HERE!

      • She never said that she was going to stop writing. She said that she is not planning on visiting the Twilight universe in the foreseeable future. That is not the same thing. And she IS writing, or did you miss the part where she said she has parts of The Host sequels written. She just hasn’t been able to focus on that part of her life because of all the film work she’s been doing for the past several years.

    • i dont agree that stephenie should have to hurry up with anything its not her fault that some dishonest person would do a thing like that to her and someone she trusted, im sure her confidence is knocked a little and i think if the fans had any respect for her they would back off and let her be. i am in aww of her imgination and think she has been more than fair to say the least if she is pushed into this i can asure you will be disapointed. SO LETS JUST BE PATIENT people x

    • agree strongly πŸ˜€

  3. This is not new news from Steph. In interviews for the last couple years, she has said she needs a break from vamps but she is never saying never.

  4. Wow, it seems like the fan world can’t be happy with what they have, always have to have more?! Sure, I would love to read a finished version of Midnight Sun, but if you love Stephanie Meyer and Twilight so much, show some respect for her wanting to move forward in her life onto things that will make HER Happy.

    Her fans may have put her where she is today, but that’s where it ends (in my opinion). She never signed a contract or promised anything to her fans, so don’t expect anything. Be happy with what was given and if you dislike Twilight or Stephanie Meyer, speak with your wallet and don’t buy any more of her stuff.

  5. Faye massenroe says:

    It would be nice to have Midnight Sun finished. Jacob gets a huge section in Breaking Dawn. I want Edwards POV from Twilight-Breaking Dawn. Would be a nice set to have BD PT 2 and Midnight Sun in a gift set next Valentines Day. Just saying.

  6. Personally I think she should publish MS now or never, and move on to The Host sequels.

  7. I love Stephenie Meyer and I think people need to relax on Midnight Sun. It’s her creation and she will write it when she writes it. It will get published when it gets published. That being said Stephenie made herself; she created her own destiny, fans made her famous. Even without the fame she would still be a writer, period. I can totally understand her need to be in a different creative space. The first Twilight book came out in 2003 and it’s now 2012 and the Saga is still good strong which is great for the fan base but tiring for a writer. Most writers don’t just get one idea, in one world, with only characters to go with that. Once the gate of creativity is opened, it’s becomes a wonderful flood gate of the mind and you feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to get it all down. Now imagine adding movies of your works to that. A word of advice is respectful and appreciative of the writer who gave us such a wonderful world to live in for a time!

    Writing is not easy. Even if it’s something that you love, crave, can’t live without…it still takes a lot of work and dedication.

    P.S. Melissa did a wonderful job with the scripts. You try turning a 400 pages + novel into a 2 hour film. It’s hard work. Everything in a novel will not make it to the film, that’s just life. Be appreciative that Stephenie agreed to her books becoming movies; add to our love of Forest.

    • We all love and appreciate Stephenie. And I think everyone agrees that good writing takes dedication… but that’s why the concerns over her spending years producing films. Which I’m sure is very lucrative. But it’s not writing.

      And Melissa did do a good job technically, but she very pointedly threw out much of the meaning and themes of the series to suit her own agenda, which was unfortunate, leaving some moments ring hollow, and undermined the ultimate impact of the films (whose stories were actually built around the original themes)..

      Hopefully, Andrew Niccol, who focuses on themes pretty much above all else, will handle “The Host” more sensitively, and bring out the richness and meaning of The Host that we all appreciate and love.

      • LadyLovesLeo says:

        I agree with you completely. Anyone who thinks Melissa is a true Twilight fan has never seen the last scene of the Eclipse movie. (B to E, “Sorry, it’s not all about you.” Really!?) I truly believe it was out of Stephenie’s control to reign in that monstrous digression in Eclipse and that had to have been why she became a producer on the Breaking Dawn movies – to protect the integrity of her story and how it was told.

        • I don’t hate MR, and so appreciate her but the moment you listed dropped my jaw! Lol, wow I remember thinking “you have to be kidding me!?” MR changed the whole point 180 degrees on that part. That was a serious downer.

        • Mella Cullen says:

          That last scene makes me cringe! And the look on Edward’s face as Bella says those lines is heartbreaking. He is so crestfallen! Book-Bella would have never said that or felt that.

        • Yeah, that moment was bad. But the one that made me want to throw things at the screen was the part where Bella gets on the bike with Jacob, looking at Edward like, “Watch me as I throw your concern back in your face.” I mean I totally agree that Edward is being overbearing and controlling with not letting Bella go to La Push, but that was SO incredibly NOT the Bella from the books.

          • Mella Cullen says:

            Totally agree with you! I read that SM walked out of the screening when she saw that scene.

          • Even Kristen Stewart argued that scene (bike). She said Bella would never do that to Edward, and I completly agree.
            The meadow scene, “It’s not you…” really??? Cause, that’s not Bella.

  8. I think twilight series is her only good writing. Host sucks big time. BD was Ok, but the first three seem to be her best. I can not see her writing any thing else as good. Because again the Host was not good at all!!!

    • JustMe44 says:

      Wow, I 100% disagree with you. None of her stories are ‘good writing’. NOW LET ME EXPLAIN BEFORE YOU PEOPLE FREAK ON THAT STATEMENT. As the Twilight series has a great story to it, I believe the writing is poor. That doesn’t make me like it any less, believe me I hardly ever payed attention to the writing the first time I read it through because I was so absorbed and amazed by the story, and let’s face it, I love dialogue and Twilight had a lot of it. For a couple weeks after I finished the series I walked around with an awe-like state where I couldn’t help but continually think about it. But I really thought that The Host was better writing and a really great story also. I really wish she would finish the series because I think it could be just as wonderful as Twilight, but with better writing, hopefully more show and less tell.

  9. While I would love to see Midnight Sun come out, I want Stephenie Meyer to write only about what inspires her at any given time. She shouldn’t be expected to churn out material just to please her fans as if she were a cog in a fiction factory. If she did that, she never would have written The Host – which is a great book. And her writing wouldn’t be as unique and fresh as it is.

    If she never wrote another book I would be bummed, but I would still appreciate the creative gifts that she has given us. She doesn’t owe me, as a fan, anything.

    By the way, Melissa Rosenberg and Catherine Hardwicke (many of her choices – including casting – have resonated through later movies) have done a tremendous job bringing Twilight to the screen.

    Personally, I’m not tired of vampires (luckily, there’s no shortage of old and new material for a vamp fan: The Strain, Moth Diaries, To Sleep With A Vampire …), but I respect SM’s feelings on the matter. And I’ll eagerly read her next novel no matter what the topic is.

    • Well, Melissa Rosenberg and Catherine Hardwicke’s work with the movies is completely subjective. Melissa needs to get over her need to twist stories to fit her own agenda; and Catherine needs to get over her obsession with color filters.

      • I’ve mentioned before,that I’ve seen interviews where they both wanted to change Bella from the book, because she wasn’t a big enough feminist, and was too whimpy.
        Those comments alone tell me that they didn’t get the character, and that, yes, as you said, they had an agenda to push, and it wasn’t to write about a young, pretty, compassionate, clutzy girl in love.

  10. I think she’s better off getting a ghost writer to finish MS just to shut people up about the book since most of the stuff has been presented already in the first book and she can help with the editing process. And unless MS was under her contract, she might not be liable to complete it for her publisher’s.

    I’m not really interested in purchasing anything else she publishes because the more I thought about the MS leak after hearing about it when I joined the fandom shortly before the TW movie was released and some of the interviews I’ve read that she’s done (particularly in regards to Jacob and how fans have reacted to him) have left a bitter taste in my mouth. At this point the only thing I wanna buy under her name would be the TW series from Edward’s perspective but I’ve given up hope of even getting MS from her.

    • Christina says:

      This is actually a very good idea that I think someone should bring up to her. If she’s going to be a (insert expletives here) about finishing MS (it’s been YEARS and YEARS people!!), get a different author to do it. Unfortunately, I think at this point so many fans have turned against SM that not many would care if a different author finished it, as long as it was just published, already. It truly makes me so, so sad that SM is acting this way, but that IS what fame does to you, I guess. VERY disappointed in her. -smh-

      • Yes, god forbid that Stephenie move on with her life instead of being stuck indefinitely in one creative project. God forbid that she do what she wants to do because it makes her happy. No, authors must only do whatever their whiny, obsessive fans wish them to do.

  11. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Fans who think Steph “owes” you something: Get over it. She invested her time in writing down a story, polishing, sending to publishers, etc, without knowing if there would be any reward. We enjoyed the heck out of it – bought books, movie tickets, DVDs, etc, etc, but we bought those things because we enjoyed it. If you didn’t feel like you got your money’s worth of enjoyment … don’t spend it next time. She owes us nothing beyond a polite thank you, and she has already given way, way more than that.

    I thought that it was interesting how her hackles went up a bit and she increased her affirmation that she wasn’t doing vampires soon after the MS question was asked. Clearly a sore point, and likely to continue to be. If MS were released tomorrow I would fight y’all to grab my copy first … but I really don’t expect it for a long time, if ever. Deeply sorry the partial manuscript was ever released.

  12. Lorrainebow says:

    I can’t believe all of hating that’s going on here. Hopefully Stephenie doesn’t read it. This isn’t going to make her want to finish Midnight Sun. She hasn’t turned her back on her fans, in fact she has gone above and beyond with the movies. Her dedication and level of involvement with the Twilight Saga films is all for us. She really has done more for her fans than most authors. And if she can’t get around to Midnight Sun, then it is what it is. I hope you guys aren’t buying any more Twilight merchandise. More for me and I’ll get better seats at the next movie. πŸ™‚

  13. Stephenie doesn’t owe us anything. She’s given us five beautiful books and shared her imagination with us, and in return what does she get? Ripped to shreds by the very people who claim to be her fans! I want to read Midnight Sun as much as the rest of you, but I also want it to be something Stephenie is as excited about as we are. I would hate for her to give in to the pressure and write a half-hearted book just to get fans off her back. If she’s feeling burned out on vampires – and I have a feeling her impression that people are tired of vampires is due in large part to all the Twilight haters who can’t just accept that Twilight isn’t their cup of tea and get over it – then I would much rather she write about something else.

    And honestly, if I was her, I’d keep denying I was working on Midnight Sun right up until the day it was available for pre-order, for fear something would happen to mess it up again!

    All I really want is for Stephenie to keep writing, whether it’s about vampires or aliens or mermaids or whatever.

  14. Brittany Jackson says:

    I really don’t see Steph ever finishing Midnight Sun. I wish she would because reading from Edwards point of view has opened my eyes to some aspects of Twilight I didn’t see before. I understand why she doesn’t want to finish it though. Twilight fans want more, more, more! If she did finish MS then they would want the whole series from Edwards POV and constantly ask her about it. I would LOVE that but its not realistic. I think of MS as one of those little extra chapters on Stephenie’s website and nothing more. I don’t think people can handle it that she said it was going to be a book but she stopped writing because it got leaked. SO WHAT?! That’s her perogative.

    • Faye massenroe says:

      Agreed. Reading MS has definitely opened my eyes. The tension between Edward and Bella is really heightened because we see how close he came to killing her and what he did to restrain himself. I have also often thought that MS was already complete and she was just waiting for the right time. If she does finish MS, Rob should read the audio book.

  15. I saw the interview and I don’t think she came across as turning her back on the fans. Look she’s got so many projects in the pipeline right now and I’m sorry that for some of you MS is not at the top of her list. She gave us four wonderful books in the Twilight saga and that’s enough for me. I haven’t read the Host,but I plan on it soon. I’m curious about the other books she mentioned she wants to write,namely the one about mermaids. She mentioned it in an interview with USA Today last year,so that sounds very interesting. Would I like to read MS? Of course I would,but I’m not going to suddenly throw a temper tantrum if she doesn’t write soon enough for me. I’m grateful for what we have so far.

  16. I’m not understanding all this hostility over her Not writing vampire books any longer.

    She’s moved on. What’s the big deal? The story is complete. Should she just continue writing, and writing, and writing, ad nausem, about vampires and werewolves, just to satisfy you guys? And you call her selfish.

    What more would you want to read about? A series about the wolves? The Volturi? The Humans? The Egyptian Clan? The Amazons? When should it end?

    She already did a book about a minor character. She’s completed graphic novels. She wrote an encyclopedia. All of these were a couple years after finishin BD. Does that sound like she’s forgotten her fans? In fact, when the Bree Tanner book came out, I remember many people accusing her of just looking at $$, even though the $$ went to charity.

    If she did continue writing, you and others would eventually scream that she’s just in it for the money, like so many crappy movie sequels that are out there as follow-ups to sucessful orginals.

    The story is complete, as are Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Fablehaven, and other fantastic literary series. The fact that she has no problem recommending new and wonderful books to us, should tell you that it’s ok to move on and expand your horizons. We make fun of the 40+ men who still worship Star Wars/Star Trek- going to conventions in costume, naming their kids after characters, collecting every bit of merchandise, and still begging for more, never really growing up. Thirty years from now, do you want to be like them?

    Many people change careers in the lifetime, or evolve their careers into new areas. Actors move on from being in front of the camera, to writing and directing. I don’t hear of Clint Eastwood fans screaming that he’s forgotten his movie fans. JK Rowling has changed her genre, and is no longer writing Harry Potter. Stephen King is the master of horror, yet he also wrote the Shawshank Redemption (I believe his best work). Stephenie is now in the position to use her money to produce fantastic stories, and make them into films, with the goal of keeping them as close to the book as possible. Who better at understanding a writers frustration with movie versions than her?

    Move on. And thank you very much Mrs. Meyer for a fantastic series, and a wonderful ride. Looking forward to more of whatever you have for us, but knowing that the choice between “Good, better, and best” is what’s important.

    • You have the right to your opinions, of course, but you’re misconstruing what others think or have said. I don’t mean to be contrary, or anything personal, but several of your points are made over and over, and it seems some clarity may be helpful.

      You said, “The story is complete.” No, it isn’t. She said so herself. Leah and Nessie’s stories are just hanging there, not to mention Jacob’s and Nahuel’s — which she brought up herself, repeatedly.

      Bella’s story is basically “done,” as long as Bella never does a darned thing but make-out with Edward, and that seems unlikely. What happens when Charlie has a murder he can’t solve?

      Mostly though, Breaking Dawn ends with the immortal world thrown into chaos, with the Cullens-and-friends challenging the Volturi’s moral authority, exposing them as self-serving, murderous, kidnapping villains. Even their own guard has been brainwashed/duped/constrained to serve them (via Chelsea). Plus, with Renesmee’s birth, not to mention Edward and Bella’s romance, the vampire world’s ideas (sponsored by the Volturi) on their appropriate relationship to humans (food, the end) has been proven utterly wrong.

      Further, everyone now knows about werewolves (who are likely to be attacked as enemies; and what happens when the nearly-extinct real werewolves find out?).

      And, everyone knows that vampires could be having children.

      Plus, there is a new race of immortals, not to mention that a plot to take over the world is afoot. Will the Volturi align themselves with that plot just to destroy the Cullens? I’m not saying that is definitely the direction the story will go, but it could, and we don’t know. It’s just introduced and left hanging there, with the Cullen’s friends already planning on banding together to fend them off… but will they succeed? Or was everything accomplished thus far (including by Bella) for naught?

      You also said, “Should she just continue writing, and writing, and writing, ad nausem, about vampires and werewolves, just to satisfy you guys?”

      Um, yes. That’s what writers do. Precisely that. And there’s no “ad nauseum” about it. “He who is greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.” Also, most fans of Twilight don’t seem to be particularly enamored of vampires or werewolves, per se, it’s the metaphor that Stephenie used to create her world and the moral dilemmas within that that is most compelling. So, no, they aren’t sick of vampires or whatever, because that was never the point (no matter what her many imitators seemed to think).

      You also said, “If she did continue writing, you and others would eventually scream that she’s just in it for the money.”

      Do you mean like producing films? A lucrative business to be sure. Nice work if you can get it. But, a job role best suited for glorified accountants. And I think the comments on this thread are being very clear that they’d be very happy indeed about more books. What they’re complaining about is the lack thereof.

      Finally, you also said, “Move on.”

      Yes, I think that’s precisely what her fans are threatening to do, which is pretty much their entire point.

      If Stephenie felt that her life-long goal in life was to count money, then being a producer is a good way to go. But she’s said quite the opposite. Ever since Eve had to decide between staying in Eden or having kids, making good priorities has pretty much been the main problem in life.

      And it seems that a several million fans would disagree with the past several years’ of decisions that being a producer, rather than a writer, may not have been the *best* choice in the world.

      So I may seem merely contrary by spelling this all out, and I apologize if I do. Yet I think that specifically acting contrary to millions of people’s fondest wishes…? Largely because they’re “pressuring” you? And you’d prefer that they didn’t… care??

      To do what you love? And were gifted to do? Inspired, even? As if from a dream?

      To throw that all away to chase… what, exactly?

      Counting, was it??

      Or was the problem that what you had to say wasn’t quite as much of a complete and absolute surprise as you’d hoped? Was that the problem?

      Well. As you can see, I could go on. I’ll leave it at that.

      • JustMe44 says:

        Best. Comment. Ever. I lol’d all over myself.

      • You might want to do some research on the role of a film producer before you say that it’s all about counting money. Because in actuality that’s only a secondary concern of the position. The main role of a producer is the oversee and ensure the integrity of the story. As the author of the original story, I’m not surprised that Stephenie wants to make sure that the director and screenwriter tell the story that she wants them to tell. The studio is almost always the main financier for a film, with the producer adding to the budget at their discretion and/or as needed.

        So while Stephenie has indeed contributed to the budget for her films, that is not her main role as producer.

        • Thank you!! His comments showed that he really has no idea what a true producer does. Before the film even starts, they supervise script writes/rewrites, they help cast, find locations, and assure that the production moves forward in a timely manner.
          During filming, they watch dailies to make sure that the scenes/dialogue, et. all, are correctly shot and presented. They ensure the well being of the cast and crew, and often have final before filming is wrapped.
          After, they are there almost daily, through the editing process, again to assure continuity, and story flow. They can call for new scenes to be added, or others to be reshot.
          Yup, no creativity in any part of being a producer. Just a number crunching, paper pusher.

          • Sandy, I *know.* I have produced television programming for a living. I thought Kathryn made good points, so I didn’t comment.

            In my experience, often acting as “the boss” of a production, producers can basically do whatever they want, and it can vary widely, as in any business. Some are involved and helpful as you describe. Some are involved and not helpful, also as you describe. Others are primarily focused on financial concerns. And yet others seem to to be primarily focused on their own personal financial concerns, take their cut, and I think spent their time setting up their next production(s).

            So, no, I don’t think Stephenie is acting as an accountant, but I did want to *suggest* the point that financial reasons may weigh heavily in the decision to switch careers from full-time author to full-time producer. I doubt she actually needs the money or anything, it just seemed like producing may not have been the highest priority, given the fans’ growing dismay, as evidenced in these comments. Not many people get to directly influence the lives of millions, and while producing may do that to an extent, her influence seems diluted and indirect in the end product, and to pass up that opportunity seems… unfortunate, shall we say.

            And, before anyone says it, I am also well aware that her influence may have prevented the movies from being more, um, uneven than they already were. And that’s great. Hopefully The Host will be even better still. Fingers crossed.

            And to be absolutely clear: nothing personal, Sandy. Best wishes to you and yours.

      • Oh get over yourself. She NEVER has to write another Twilight book and i am fine with that. She finish her story with BD. Go find something else to read. Stephenie has the right to move on and she finished the series on her own terms and that is good enough for me. You want to read about the Volturi and nearly-extinct real werewolves, go read fanfiction. Nobody wants to read about any of those characters anyway. It was Bella and Edward’s story that we came to love and it was their story that made all the books bestsellers, not the Volturi. Her job was to get Bella to where she wanted to be. She did that. The End.

      • Mella Cullen says:

        Perfection, Joel, perfection!

    • Faye massenroe says:

      The only issue I will address is Meyers willingness to continue writing about vampires etc. Charlaine Harris has written 6 plus novels. Other authors have continued to write novels based on a specific topic. John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell, Sophia Kinsella and many more. Meyers has the Twilight stuff written, I saw an interview somewhere where she says she knows what happens for the next 100 years after Breaking Dawn, she may not want to publish. I just want her to finish MS so that Edward has a voice like she gave Jacob.

      • Agree Faye!

      • Yes, Carlaine Harris has written more than 10 books in her vampire universe. However, she has said that they will come to an end. Stories end, people, and authors get tired of writing the same story. She is moving on; we need to do the same.

        I would also like to say that even though there are some open ends in the Twilight series, that could be said for every single series ever written. Ever. That does not mean that Stephenie needs to feel obligated to write those stories. Jo Rowling has left the Marauders’ stories open; there are openings for prequels about the first war with Voldemort; and there is the obvious opening for the next generation that we meet in the epilogue at Deathly Hallows. All of that, yet you don’t hear Harry Potter fans whining about Jo switching genres.

        • FayeMassenroe says:

          Let me make this as plain as I can. Well First I am a relatively new Twilight as I just saw the first one last year on cable. However as full fledged addict at this point I do have an opinion. Honestly I would have been satisfied after seeing BD PT 1 in theater (first Twilight I’ve seen in theater by the way). However I knew that the book had a whole other section and I had to know what happened so I read the whole BD book…and then I found the MS drafts. I am not hating in Meyers at all. All I want is MS to be finished with Edwards POV from Twilight all the way thru BD. Again Jacob seems to have more voice than our hero. All I want is MS to be finished. I can wait patiently. If Meyers doesn’t finish it soon..I can try to wait. I don’t have closure if MS is not finished. If not……….I will write my own story called:

          50 SHADES OF EDWARD…………………..LOL πŸ™‚ and make lots of money

    • I appreciate you saying all this and agree completely.

  17. I’m frankly dismayed by the petty entitlement, ingratitude, and resentment I’m seeing in some of the comments on this thread. But I suspect – and hope – that those voices represent a small portion of Twilight fandom, even if they are disproportionately prominent on threads like these. (I too wince at the thought of her reading this thread.) I’m also encouraged by the defenses of Stephenie Meyer I’m seeing here.

    Some of us are not just Twilight fans but also Stephenie Meyer fans. We appreciate Stephenie Meyer as a creative person, who has given us novels, graphic novels, supplemental books, blogger Q&As, playlists that have brought attention to bands, generous recommendations of other authors’ works, and now movie adaptations of her own writing and those of others – all of which reflect her interests and inspirations. (By the way, movie producing can indeed be a creative activity – for example, ever heard of Val Lewton?) That doesn’t mean that we have to be ecstatic about every creative choice that she makes (though I have no complaints so far) but that we respect that she is making them.

    • Joshua Roberts says:

      I completely agree Halek, while I’m sure all Twilight fans would love to see more books, that choice is ultimately up to Stephenie, and not at the threat of disgruntled fans. In many ways Steph has been overkilling herself, a Twilight book every other year, not including Host, Twilight movies, tours, interview after interview. I can certainly see how she could be taxed and tired of talking about Edward, Jacob, and Bella.

      She completed her story. Yes her universe is open for more stories, but let her decide when and where…

      I honestly don’t care if MS is ever written. It’s the same story as Twilight, but just in Edward’s thoughts. It was a creative tool to get into Edward’s mind, and she got a bit carried away with it, but it is needed? No? Many of his thoughts and beliefs would come out in New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.

      I support Stephenie 300%… She has been kind and generous to fans, but just like any writer, she has come to a place, where she would like to write about other things. So let her be, and be happy for what you have. Many writers become recluses living in complete animosity…is this what we want to happen to Stephenie? Do we want to completely disconnect herself due to mean spirited fans? No… of course not.

      Long before our time, there was a writer named Sir Arthur Conan Boyle. He create a character named Sherlock Holmes. It made him world famous, but after several books Boyle began to grow tired of the character, and so he killed him off during an epic battle with the famed villain Moriarty. Fans hated the ending and demanded that he write more books. The publisher insisted that he bring Holmes somehow back to life… Unable to get away, Boyle brought Holmes back…

      In the end Sir Boyle hated HATED writing about Sherlock Holmes…and his stories showed. They weren’t nearly as good as his first books. Do we want this to happen to Stephenie? No… of course not… at least I hope you don’t feel that way.

      In short, give Stephenie a break. Let her focus on what SHE wants to write, and chances are you’ll love it. If you are still hankering for more Twilight stuff… try out the fan fiction sections. There is some brilliant work there. If you’re still unsatisfied… write you OWN fan fiction…

      Play nice folks… play nice.

      • But Joshua, all the research seems to show that the best way for an author to promote their books is simply to write more of them. Which we can see for authors on Amazon, including all those success stories you read about self-published authors who now have movie deals — the one constant is they kept on writing.

        Which we can see historically, with THG and HP.

        And Sir Doyle *did* keep writing Sherlock Holmes, which is why we’re still talking about the stories, waiting for the next BBC episode, while running out to rent the DVD. Even though Doyle initially refused knighthood for writing Holmes stories, until they convinced him it was really for some scientific paper or somesuch. It was a valuable and immortal contribution to the happiness of the people of Earth. Not many get a chance at that.

        Or take Star Wars for that matter. And yes, I do realize that George Lucas has pretty much retreated due to fans’ harassment. But if he was working on a new Star Wars film, would they be complaining as much? It’s a short mental journey from “will he ever make the final three films in the promised nine-part series?” to the angry, “sour grapes” complaints we see currently among SW fans about the prequels, which are actually quite good.

        Is that what will happen to Twilight? Are the comments here indication that it has already begun?

        • Suzanne Collins wrote only three Hunger Game books… The story is finished… done… J.K. Rowlings wrote only 7 HP books and then a series of short stories entitled, “Tales of Beetle the Bard”. Rowlings has NO further plans to write any more HP books…at least at this time.

          Stephenie is no different than either writer. In truth, as Twilight is already a massive success, it is self sustaining. It doesn’t need constant primping to keep it in the spot light. Even once the final film is finished, Twilight will still be around for the next three to four years, of which is PLENTY of time for Meyers to write other books, and then decide if she wants to go back to Twilight.

          As for Lucas in hiding… I’m sure most fans don’t want HIM to make more movies…… he spawned Jar Jar Binks, and created three prequels that would make Melissa Rosenburg’s scripts look like Oscar winning material. By all accounts the prequels were horrible. They had great stories, but was marred by terrible cardboard acting, terrible dialogue, and sloppy editing. Great CGI a good movie doesn’t make. πŸ˜›

          In the end Stephenie isn’t stopping writing… she is simply moving on to other stories. There is nothing wrong with that. The epic story that fans fell in love with, in regards to Twilight, is finished. Yes she has a universe that can be further explored, but that doesn’t mean that it should.

          Believe me, Stephenie wants what is best for Twilight, as much as anybody else. She is still every much as passionate. Do you honestly believe that she would want to do something or make a decision to hurt her stories or her fans? No… so why don’t we just trust her, that she knows what she’s doing.

          • I totally agreed. She is probably done with Twilight. I am totally satisfied with the way she completed the saga. Like you said, just because it can be further explored, does not mean that it should be. Leave well enough alone. Also she does not need to complete MS. It was meant to be a companion to the orginal Twilight book, but because of the leak she never finish it. The time for MS has past and we already know everything we need to know about Edward when we read all the books.

        • Your using The Hunger Games and Harry Potter to prove that the only way to make a series profitable is to write more books? In case you haven’t noticed, there are only three books in the Hunger Games series. And there won’t be any more. Not any written by Suzanne Collins anyway. And there are only 7 Harry Potter books with three very short companion books. Are you sure that’s what you want to use as an argument for the necessity of longevity for book series?

          George Lucas is also not a good choice. Fans absolutely HATE what he did with the three prequels, and I can guarantee you that any attempt of his to produce another Star Wars movie would be met with more ridicule. It would be the ultimate box office flop because no one in their right mind would go to see it.

          Yes, the best way to promote your work is to keep on writing. It does NOT, however, mean that you have to keep writing the same story. Stephenie is still writing, she is simply moving on from the Twilight universe. You might want to rethink some of your arguments.

  18. Christina says:

    I agree with all the negative comments 100%. She just said recently that she was going to try to finish MS. She sucks ass.

  19. If some of these folks are fans, I wouldn’t want to meet the haters. Actually, I have interacted with haters and they’re less troubling. At least haters generally don’t feel personally betrayed by Stephenie Meyer.

    Four novels, a novella, and guide (not to mention the graphic novels) is a lot of output in seven years! Yet they’re dissatisfied. They seem to want SM to perpetually pump out fanfic-like Twilight product, as if she were beholden to them. “I made you rich, so you owe me!” No, you bought some books that provided you hours of enjoyment. Maybe they would prefer Twilight to be taken over by an anonymous hack under constant deadline pressure who will keep delivering regular doses of Edward & Bella et al.

    And then there are ones who think SM betrayed them by allowing the movies to get made. Or by writing and producing The Host. Well, I’m glad that she didn’t listen to you.

    With the Twilight Saga and The Host Stephenie Meyer created fresh, interesting approaches to two different genres, and in doing so gave life to characters that her readers care about it. She didn’t do that by being driven to edify these “fans.”

    And I think there are far fewer of these ‘hater-fans’ as a proportion of the Twilight fan community than represented on this thread. Stephenie Meyer deserves more respect than some on this thread are giving her.

    Thank you, Stephenie.

  20. Christina says:

    To all the people saying stuff like they “don’t care” if MS is ever published, that they’re okay if it’s never finished, and that the time for MS is past–why on EARTH are you on the Twilight Lexicon? This is a FAN site for FANS. Anyone who can genuinely state that they DON’T CARE if MS is published is NOT a fan and needs to get OFF this thread, or at the very least keep their comments to themselves.

    • Thank you, Christina!

      • Christina says:

        I mean really, if MS is never published a little piece of my soul will wither and die–and there are all these people saying they DON’T CARE?! -smh-

        • Agree, and plus, it is soooo good. Even just the draft is beyond words. It’s like her masterpiece. How could she *not* finish something so wonderful?

          • Christina says:

            It’s obscenely good. Edward is perfect. I don’t know how a fictional character can be SO FREAKING HOT, but somehow she manages it. I do believe she’ll finish MS someday–but I don’t think it’ll be anytime soon. But even if it takes five MORE years, I’ll be waiting!!!!

          • FayeMassenroe says:

            Yes, to Christina and Joel. It just is so wonderful to see how Edward is just drawn to Bella and how much he sacrifices to be with her. The tension is fantatic! I swear if MS is not finished I will write:

            50 Shades of Edward and make lots of money

          • Christina says:

            LOL 50 Shades + Twilight…hey, you could probably make a TON of money–go for it! I haven’t read 50 Shades but I hear the author uses British slang throughout the entire book even though it’s supposed to be set in WA and the characters are American. LOL.

    • I can only speak for myself, of course, but it’s not that I don’t care. I want to read Midnight Sun and I would love to see it finished! But I don’t want it to be something Stephenie just throws together to get people off her back. If she has to wait another year or two or ten to get her enthusiasm for the Cullens back, I am more than willing to wait for her to do it right.

      As for why I’m here, I’m a huge Twilight fan AND a huge Stephenie Meyer fan. Just because I’m not joining everyone in calling Stephenie a selfish jerk for not having a new book out every year doesn’t mean I don’t love the series!

    • We are on the Twilight Lexicon because we love Twilight. But we also love Stephenie Meyer. And as far as I can tell, not one person has said they “don’t care” whether Midnight Sun is published. We are saying that we don’t need it to be published in order for the world to continue to revolve. If someday in the future Stephenie decides to complete and publish it then we will gladly line up at the bookstore to purchase it. We will stay up all night reading and laughing and crying over the amazing things that Stephenie wants to share with us.

      However, if that much of your life is dedicated to a story to the point that you can’t function…then you might want to get some help. As I said in a previous post, stories end. Deal with it. And please try to do so without insulting Stephenie. It’s not likely to make her think positively about finishing anything.

      • FayeMassenroe says:

        We all have our obsessions: Star Trek, Star Wars, Avengers, etc…just saying….no hate involved

        • Actually, reading some of these posts about how Stephenie is selfish and doesn’t care about her fans there seems to be quite a bit of hate involved. Do these people really think that hearing or seeing her so-called “fans” say these things about her will make her want to finish Midnight Sun or work on anything Twilight related?

          I have no problem with people wanting to learn everything they can about the books and characters that they love. Believe me, I gobble this stuff up and I am the go to source for my friends and family when it comes to Twilight, Harry Potter, all of our favorite series. But there does come a point when you need to realize that it’s really not as big of a deal as you are making it out to be. As much as I love Twilight, in my opinion it’s time for the fandom to realize that we need to let Stephenie do something else…. And we need to do it without rants and insults.

  21. I think we can all agree that there are Hollywood sequels that never should have been made, Men in Black II, Jaws: The Revenge, Aladdin 2,3 and so on any number of Jason/Freddy films… They were made just to cash in the original’s success and to please the genre fans…

    This is EXACTLY what fans are wanting Stephenie to do. Write more Twilight books, because we want more! (not because we need more)…

    An author’s choice for extending a series should be because the story needs it, not simply because somebody (fans/ publisher) demands it. At the end of the day the story suffers, and fans end up with something they didn’t really want in the first place.

    If Stephenie thinks it is important, she WILL jump back into Twilight, but until then… let’s be happy with what we have.

  22. Wow, the immaturity of 90% of the commenters here just astounds me. I love the series, both in book and on film, but enough is enough! The saga is over. Get on with your lives. If reading the series from Edward’s point of view is the difference between life and death for you… You need a shrink and some drugs.

    This right here is the reason Twilight gets so much hate. It’s not the fact that it’s a “cheesy love story” or about “lame” vampires… It’s the crazies out there who demand that SM churn out more and more of the same stuff just to satisfy some sort of void in their own lives.

    To be perfectly honest, I haven’t read anything from Midnight Sun. Out of respect for the author who did not want this to be seen by the public, but reluctantly put it out there because some jerk violated her privacy, I refuse to read anything from it unless she finishes and publishes it. And f that day never comes, then so be it. My life will not end… And neither will any of yours.

    • No, but their lives may not go as well as they could have.

      • If it affects your life that much, then that’s just pitiful.

        • You don’t think Twilight made your life any better? Perhaps you should think a little harder about what you read.

          • Christina says:

            I think Twilight extended my life expectancy by at least 7 years and/or lowered my cholesterol. THAT is the power of Twilight. πŸ˜‰

          • And perhaps you shouldn’t think quite so hard about what you read. It’s a fictional young adult series, not a self-help book.

          • You’re sure? Stories don’t have to be “self-help” to offer insights into life.

            Many experts — from Aristotle ( to Joseph Campbell ( to leading psychologists (at Dartmouth! — have been pretty sure that the ability to gain insights on life is a key reason why people like the stories they like.

            So, since people like Twilight a great deal — reading it over and over again — it would stand to reason that Twilight must offer a great deal of insights on life.

            Of course, an individual person may not realize what they’ve learned from a story, yet still enjoyed it, and that’s perfectly normal. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t learn anything from it. Nor does it mean that others can’t learn from it, too.

            Because some people are very interested in living a better life — and thus, in truth itself, and thus, to learning as much truth as they can. So they can live as good of a life as they can. So they seek out truths wherever they can find them. As they say, “truth is sweet” (ironically, Steve “Highly Effective” Covey told me that once).

            For myself, I do believe Twilight offers many insights into living life well.

            Why, I could write an entire book about just some of helpful things you could learn from Twilight.

            So, in fact, I did:

    • Christina says:

      Lighten up. If you don’t want to encounter any of the “hardcore” fans then don’t read the comments section when TL posts about certain topics, such as whether or not Stephenie will ever finish/publish MS. Obviously an issue such as this is going to cause controversy and heated debate. That in absolutely no way means us fans on the side more ‘against’ Stephenie’s decisions need “drugs” “a shrink” “help”, are “crazies” or (and this was the best one so far) use Twilight to “fill a void”. We just REALLY like Twilight/dislike Stephenie’s recent actions in regards to the Twilight Saga. Of course, it’s your prerogative to think whatever you’d like about the fans, but let’s not all start insulting one another. Unless that sounds like fun to you all, in which case, I’m about to make some little girls cry.

      • Hey, I call them like I see them. Anyone who feels “a piece of their soul will wither and die” without a story being finished and published is obviously missing something in their life.

  23. I think many of you defending SM decision are not getting the point that the rest of us are saying. We don’t necessarily want to her write more books…..just finish what she started. When all the stuff happened with the leak of the book she said she was going to take about 2 years off (to calm down and get her head straight) and then come back to it. Now it is what 3 years later and she is acting like she isn’t doing it at all. That is what everyone is upset about. She keeps saying, I am going to finish it but not now…..she just is pushing it off longer and longer. It is almost as she is pushing off the twilight fans more and more. I am a fan but I am honestly disappointed in how she is handling the situation. I also do feel that she is punishing her twilight fans for mistakes made by people SM thought she could trust. I am starting to feel like I can’t trust her…………..

    P.S. There are people tired of Vampires, but they are not the die hard fans that read her stuff!! If she is about the fans then…..get the picture!

  24. The first time I read the draft I was a freshmen in highschool. Now I’m a junior in Unviersity. That’s a long time to be waiting and its frustrating because Edward was the best character she ever created.

  25. velva vinson says:

    my husband who was not a vampire fan watched the twilight series, he thought it was a really beautiful love story. they had such love and devotion for each other.if you write any more of the series take your time to do it right. my husband was 71 and really enjoyed the series.

  26. Soldier-fan-of-twilight says:

    Dear Stephanie Meyer – I know you are outrageously upset over a close friend leaking midnight sun. I completely understand the devastation, disrespect and disappointment. However, after seeing all the movies and reading each book (minus anything from midnight sun), I believe the story goes on. I know the fans will love it, but more importantly I believe someone as talented as you (despite being affected by the leak) can overcome such an instance and be the bigger person. You clearly loved writing this series and your fans loved reading and seeing it. I truly hope the twilight story does not end here, but you will be the one who ultimately makes that decision. Don’t let stupid people doing immature things stop you from doing what you love and sharing that love with soooo many that enjoy an appreciate your efforts. Not sure of you will ever actually read this, but maybe it will get to you somehow. πŸ™‚ just as I hope you get this message, I hope you will reconsider telling us more about what comes next in the twilight series :). All the best from a Soldier in NC. Thank you πŸ™‚

  27. You know, I’m torn between supporting her and being extremely upset with her. I fell in love with Twilight in elementary school before anyone ever knew about it and before it exploded overnight. I’m about to graduate high school now so you know that has been a long time. I have every book, including The Host, and every movie and I can honestly say Twilight has helped me through a lot. I started to read Midnight Sun but I stopped because I didn’t want to torture myself if Stephanie never finished it. I respect her decision to stop writing about vampires now and I completely understand why. I hate it when people read my poems or stories when they’re not finished, especially without my permission. At the same time, I feel like her writing Midnight Sun is just prolonging an inevitable break up. Eventually Twilight will end. Edward and Bella will of course live on forever in our hearts, but the new exciting feeling we felt with every new book and movie will eventually fade away. So yea, as a true fan I’m a little pissed that there’s a possibility that I’ll never get to read another Twilight book, but I’m also grateful for the 5 books and movies that I’ve experienced. Whichever way Stephanie decides to go is her decision and we can’t make her write something just because we want it now. It would probably such if she wrote it now anyway. Just be patient. If it happens great! If it doesn’t then oh well. Make sure your children read the books and their children as well. Then technically, the characters will live on forever.

  28. were pissed says:

    so you’re mad…get over it. that was 2008. it is now 2013. it is time to show your fans some respect and gratitude for always supporting you. we feel like punishing us for something we had nothing to do with, shows lack of compassion and appreciation of your fans. Being that you are a grown and intelligent woman, we find ourselves speechless and frustrated at you’re immature decision. since you say that you know who did this to you, why dont you take your anger out on them and not us. are you not strong enough to move on from this mishap and make yourself and all your fans happy?

    Sincerely, your #1 pissed off fans

  29. okay..seen and heard enough..i am a big time twihard..i hv read its realy frustrating n torturous to hav only a few chapters from edward’s POV..edwards character was d only reason i read d twilight books over and over again..bella n jake got their part of wat bout edward..i feel its wrong..she shouldnt hav made d partial draft available if she intended nevr to complete d book..we dont knw wat happnd to edward wen he left bella..hw he suffered..and we realy want to knw..i just dnt knw hw long i wil hv to wait to get an insight of edwards mind..i hope i get to read it before i die..i wil die in peace..PLEASE ms. Meyer write it for your loyal fans like us..PLEASE.

  30. I am a HUGE twilight fan and have read the draft of midnight sun on stephiny mayers websit and I am craving for more Edward!I know stephiny has other things to do and be with her family and all that but i think she should just forget about what happened years ago and finish midnight sun.Even Jacob got hos say in Breaking dawn so why shouldn’t Edward!?! I think stephny should finish version and then finish other things and do other things with her family but sence she started i think she should finish.I am not trying to be rude or trying to be “bosy”but i think she should finish what she started and let Edward tell his story.

  31. I am a HUGE twilight fan.I have read all the books even the story of Bree Tanner and the draft of midnight sun.After I read the draft of midnight sun on stephenie meyers websit I wished that she would finish the book.I know she has a life outside of twilight and writing books but she started and i really think she should finish.
    Even Jacob got his side told in breaking dawn so why shouldn’t Edward get to tell his point of view on the story!?! I am not trying to be rude or “bosy” by telling stephenie meyer to finish what she started but I and i know many others want to hear Edwards side to the story.I think stephenie should forget what happened years ago and finish midnight sun its not like we know the rest of his side so not all of midnight sun was put out on the internet.

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  33. I agree that it would be nice to be able to have a complete copy of Midnight Sun to read. I would love to add it to my other Twilight books.

    I also wish that Ms Meyers would also write Alice’s Story.
    I think that it would be wonderful to read about Alice, how she became a Vampire, found Jasper and joined the Cullens.

    I do understand that an author can get tired of writing about certain characters and want to channel their creativity to writing about other ideas they have.
    Still, I hope that Ms Meyers understands that her Twilight Fans do sincerely appreciate all of her creativity and skill she put into her Twilight series. They love her amazing, and interesting, characters she created for that series and have shown their gratitude by supporting all of her Twilight books, films and DVDs.
    Naturally we would love to read more about these characters, as well as the captivating and intriguing world of Vampires that she has created.
    Should Ms Meyers decide to accommodate her millions of Twilight Fans with more books there is no doubt that they will buy them, be grateful…and yes, plead for more!

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