Weird Twilight Characters Pronunciation from Run For The Cube

If you are into hockey, you may be aware of this YouTube channel called Runforthecube. The short version is that this guy mispronounces players names in this bizarre Pee Wee Herman meets Franck from Father of the Bride voice. His videos have very simple graphics and only last 5 seconds. You can see an interview detailing the history here.

Now that he is done with the entire NHL roster, yes you read that right…the entire NHL roster, he recently started mispronouncing requests of anything at $5.00 a video. So apparently someone requested Twilight Saga names…wait for it…79 of them. So doing some fast math, that means someone plunked down $395 for all of this to happen.

It takes a lot to make us say, “file that one under strange and bizarre” this one wins the prize this month.

Here are just a couple of these weird videos. You’re either going to laugh like crazy with a “OMG! this is genius” reaction, or you’re going to pot down your speakers because your dog has started howling and your ears are bleeding. In our opinion the Stephenie Meyer one is the best. You can get the entire collection here.


  1. Spinner says:

    IMO Alice and Stephenie take the cake….LOL

  2. Seriously funny! So random!

  3. Love stephenie’s. Haha

  4. Kessehu says:

    this made me laugh

  5. LadyLovesLeo says:

    Wow! Some people really have too much time and money on their hands. This is very strange, yet addictive – I can’t stop clicking to hear the whole collection.

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