Twilight Outperforms True Blood and Vampire Diaries on Social Media

Mashable did a comparison of various vampire themed shows and their social media reach. Twilight came out on top.

Check out Mashable to see the entire chart and how Twilight ranks against True Blood and The Vampire Diaries

Via Twilight Poison


  1. Faye massenroe says:

    It’s not just vampire related stuff. check Twilight has 33 million plus facebook fans which outpaces the 2nd place by a long shot. Breaking Dawn Part 2has more trailer views than the amazing spiderman which comes out in July. Twilight is KING!

    • Wow those are great statistics! I had no idea! I wish people would post.more stuff like this because there’s too much unnecessary hate and biased comments out there that seem to cover up all the greatness this series has achieved.

      • Faye massenroe says:

        Check out They have great info. Twilight saga has almost 30 million more facebook fans than hunger games. Sorry Rob Twilight fever is forever.

  2. I don’t care if you like Trueblood or Vampire Diaries but I honestly think Twilight is loved more and always will be my opinion. I’ve seen those two shows and it just doesn’t make me feel anything close to what I felt when reading the Twilight series the first time.

    • Faye massenroe says:

      I only watched true blood because I like twilight. Team Bill. But remember one of our own Volturi will now be on True Blood. Six degrees of Twilight.

  3. And I do want to add the only reason why the sites twitter out more for those two shows is because their shows and have things happening every week.

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