Breaking Dawn Scavanger Hunt Help Post

When you find a clue on one of the fansites

you click the link and get brought to a page that looks like this.

If you need help with correct spellings of the names use the Lex’s own character bios to help out.

looks like it’s real actor’s names

Hint: you might want to pass your mouse over some text areas on some recent articles

And help you fellow fans out in the comments below


  1. I’m very frustrated! I can’t get the first website to come up at all. I’ve been through the second and third and have followed the hint provided here with no results. What’s up? =(

  2. What website do we go to to enter it once we unlock it?

  3. mommios says:

    twilightish has one, cant figure the name nomad i think

  4. Ok, from what I can tell, once a clue on a website has been found, it’s unlocked for everyone.

    I’ve been here, Examiner, and HisGoldenEyes, and those were all unlocked already by the time I found them.

    So…everyone post where you’ve found one so we know which sites haven’t been found yet?

  5. His Golden Eyes tweeted they had one on their site but I can not find it!!

  6. found the one on bella and edward. I can’t figure out the name though and I’ve been through the entire list of characters.

  7. Twilightish’s has been unlocked.

  8. Stefanie says:

    I can’t find anything. Idk where to look. wanna help me someone?

  9. everything is unlocked

  10. Michelle says:


  11. desiree says:

    I found the hidden link on the first website, and now it taken me to unscramble this word.. i cannot figure it out!! help??

  12. Yout talking about the edward bella and jacob posters right?

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