Happy Mother’s Day!!!

This is our annual Mother’s Day post first written about five years ago by Laura.

I know that we are all in love with Stephenie’s literary babies, but more importantly, Stephenie is the Mom to three boys. Hats off to Stephenie and to all the Supermoms out out there, today is your day!

From personal experience, as a Mom, like Stephenie, who works outside the home (note I didn’t say working mom, because as any mom can tell you it’s work…period.), it’s hard to balance the “office work” and the “mom work” in a society that is critical of you no matter what your choice.

Kudos, to stay-at-home moms like Alphie, who has two children under nine. Stay -at home-moms (SAHM) sacrifice all kinds of things to make sure kids are successful a their first dance recitals, put up with cranky after and before nap behavior, and run a household pretty much single-handedly better than a corporate CEO with a fleet of paid support staff.

Special shout out to all the single Moms. I have a whole new respect for the ladies who do it on their own because life has left them (for whatever reason) with no other choice. They manage all the above and have no one to depend on but themselves. Round of applause and my deepest admiration for you ladies.

Also let’s not forget the folks who find themselves in the role of mom: aunts, grandmothers, neighbors, guardians, even dads and uncles who have stepped in to provide love and guidance when a traditional mom isn’t always there. They may not have the title of mom specifically, but they are just as influential to a child who needs them.

Moms of every type need to be cut a break, because let’s face it, without us none of you would be here! So, make your mom’s day and tell her “thanks”, and if you really want to make it special tell her thanks next Sunday too.


  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!!

  2. Tammy Votrain says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! also Happy Birthday Rob!!!!

  3. Happy Mother’s day AND Happy Birthday to robert Pattinson. 😀

  4. Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

  5. Happy Mother’s Day, and thanks for giving this mom my daily “fix” of Twilight every day.
    My sweet boys gave me the Barbie Wedding Bella for Mom’s Day–they know I’m crazy for Twilight, and they just roll their eyes and put up with it!

  6. Shirleegirl says:

    While the Happy Mothers Day wishes are nice I am surprised there is no birthday post for Rob (you know, Robert Pattinson of Twilight). Since this is a Twilight themed site I just expected something:(

  7. sparklevamp says:

    You guys didn’t even talk about ROB’S BIRTHDAY. What’s up with that?

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