Anna Kendrick: Twilight Felt Like a Side Job

Anna Kendrick is doing PR for the movie What to Expect When You Are Expecting and she was asked where Twilight fits in in her overall career arc.

Via Twilightish


  1. I don’t think that is a Twilight diss at all. She did have a minor role and it is all any interviewer wants to talk about even now.

  2. I agree, a few words or scenes in each movie is all the b characters had, and I am sure she realizes being
    in Twilight probably opened many more doors to her, I mean, I had never heard of any of the secondary actors before, and now I notice everytime I see one in something else…they are all being recognized now, and it could have taken much longer to get where they are now simply because of the cred they got from Twilight….:)

  3. PamelaC says:

    What I get from her comment is that things were already happening for her and it wasn’t Twilight that made her more marketable. She confirms that thought when she says that directors who hire her apologize and say, sorry I haven’t seen Twilight.

  4. @twihardaddy says:

    Maybe the didn’t see twilight. But she got an Oscar Nod for BSA in. Up in the air. Quite an accomplishment at her age. Same with Jonah hill

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