Pranks on the Breaking Dawn set

Guri Weinberg who plays Stefan just updated his blog with a series of funny stories about what happened behind the scenes on Breaking Dawn.

Here’s a brief snippet

We’re all on set against a green screen and massive amounts of fake snow. Shoot dates were getting long and we were all extremely silly. Plus, there were cardboard cut outs of the ‘wolves’. If THAT’S not fodder for juvenile behavior, I don’t know what is. So, par for the course, one of the P.A.s starts taping various notes to unsuspecting people’s backs…

Not to be outdone by ANYONE, Charlie Bewley had some prints made of a photo of himself looking particularly snooty as ‘Demetri. On the photo, he wrote ‘Team Demetri’ and stuck it on Nikki Reed’s back. She had no idea for hours, so definitely he scored a win with that one. Plus, it started the ‘Team’ epitaphs (‘Team Cullen’, ‘Team Wolves’, ‘Team Edward’, ‘Team Bella’, ‘Team GFYS’) that became ALL the rage. Coincidently, if you have never seen a huge, burly, macho grip or electrician with ‘Team Edward’ taped to their back, I’m just not sure you’ve lived…

So, I’m back over in Stephenie’s video village, thinking that would be a safe haven. As I’m chatting it up with her about CRITICAL issues facing the world today (like my deep love for Food TV), I am oblivious to the fact that a P.A. is attaching a hook to my coat – the other end of the hook is attached to a sand bag. As Stephenie is chatting with me, she gives NO indication of what is taking place behind me. All is fine until I stand up and prepare to walk away…only to be jerked back to my chair in a motion that has only been captured before in The Three Stooges films. I’m embarrassed, OBVIOUSLY, and Stephenie is looking at me like the cat that ate the canary. OH! The shame…

Trust us, there are at least four more stories on Guri’s site that you want to check out!


  1. oh my gracious . . . too funny! 🙂

  2. I love hearing about the pranks and hilarity that take place during filming. Can’t be serious 100% of the time. Thanks for sharing.

  3. red the whole thing and loved it!Guri rocks! but,1 question…what the heck was Lily Collins doing on a set of BD?I kno she used to date Taylor(rumors),but….

  4. This guy is too funny! I really love to read anything written by him. Glad to know they were having fun on set too because we know the weather wasn’t always pleasant and the continued paps and fans made life sometimes difficult for them to go out of their hotels. I’m looking forward to seeing the “dance scene” performed by the vamps and am wondering if Rob, Kristen or any of the wolves got involved with that. Hopefully Bill will put that on the extra DVD with part 2 along with some bloopers. Please, please, please!

  5. LadyLovesLeo says

    No excuses this time! There has been and will be plenty of time to put together LOTS of EXTRAS on the BD2 dvd next year. Come on, Bill. Don’t let us down!

  6. Soooo funny! Thank you for sharing!