MTV Movie Awards Nominations

The Twilight Saga has had a strong presence at the MTV movie awards over the last few years.  But this year changes things.  Breaking Dawn Pt 1 is only nominated in two categories: Best Kiss and Movie of the Year.  Hunger Games, Deathly Hallows,  and Bridesmaids made out with the most noms.  In fact, Bridesmaids is almost nominated in every category, an issue that used to be related to The Twilight Saga films.  Voting will begin tomorrow and the awards will be given out on June 3.

So let’s hear it, folks.  Do you think this is deserving and spot on, or do you feel, as we’re starting to hear on twitter, that it was done because people are tired of The Twilight Saga sweeping the MTV awards?  And which of the categories do you think Breaking Dawn Part 1 should have been nominated in:  Best Female Performance, Best Male Performance,  Best Cast, Best on Screen Transformation, Best Fight, Best Gut-Wrenching Performance, or Best Music?


  1. Jazz Girl says:

    It might be a sad fact about me, the amount of time I spent dwelling on this last night. But, the more I thought about this, the whole issue just kept coming back around to 2013. If MTV kept their rules and processes in place, THG isn’t eligible until next year, 2013 ,and would be competing directly with BD2. They know without a shadow of a doubt that The Saga would have run away with this year’s nominations, likely overshadowing the finale of HP and would again carry the night. And now, MTV’s conflicts multiply because, in addition to having to deal with snippy fans who want to complain about The Twilight Awards Version 4.0, they also have to start preparing for the showdown that will be 2013 and their two prize fandoms going head to head. The overarching question becomes how do they suitably say goodbye to The Twilight Saga, the franchise they’ve touted and supported and banked on for (at that point) 5 years AND crown it’s heir apparant at the same time? How can they satisfy both fandoms and both franchises at once? The bottom line is, in that venue, they can’t.

    In essence then, they’ve killed two birds with one stone with the unfortunate side effect of chaffing the Twilight fandom a litte (but they know we’ll undoubtedly be back because of the exact kind of loyalty we demonstrate in stealing the show year after year. In letting THG take over for a year and have it’s moment in the sun, they give the larger complaining masses a mini-break from The Saga (because we know the fans will still show for Rob&Kris and likely Best Movie AND that it’s pretty bloody likely they’ll go the route of premiering a new trailer or scene to bring the Twi fandom to the show), pucker up to Lionsgate/Summitt/THG for a year, with the understanding that it allows them to send The Saga off with proper fanfare next year. I can honestly even see them reinstating the fan nomination process next year, ‘owing to the 2012 outrage over how the process was changed and how deeply they regret taking nominations out of fans hands’, or some such excuse. Then, once they’ve properly sent off The Saga, in marches the remainder of THG (although I still have no idea how they are going to make the remaining two films) to slide into the mantle of The Franchise of the Moment.

    In the end, I still abhor the politics behind it and I couldn’t care less whether “the masses” are tired of Twilight yet or not. But, it makes sense. And, honestly, if it’s done with a slightly higher purpose than just, “we’re freaking sick of this being the Twilight Awards and we’re bowing to pressure to change it up”, then, as much as I still hate it with a fiery passion, I can at least se a small amount of logic to it.

    • I am not necessarily saying that people aren’t being objective, it’s obvious people really take this seriously. I do agree that MTV had to have been feeling some sort of pressure to not make it a Twilight show every year. And sadly, I would guess the Brad Pitt and George Clooney’s of the industry would not hold this franchise in the same esteem as they would other films.
      I do have an issue with posters saying that the fans should have been able to vote for who would be nominated. If they kept it like that who’s to say that THG film wouldn’t get the votes? Or people voting primarily to keep BD off the ballot?
      AS far as THG goes, I think the studios aren’t rushing to cash in like Summit did in making the series. Which could work in their favor or could blow up in their face by spacing them too far apart.
      I haven’t watche the MTV awards in years and I won’t this year. Will just check the winners as usual.

      • Jazz Girl says:

        KK~ Well, I’m really doubting that the George’s and Brad’s are part of this “panel of experts” to which they are referring. Part of the issue for fans is that we don’t know who they are. The reason why people are saying that fans should be able to vote for nominess is because that’s the rubrick of the show, that’s how it was set up 20 years ago when the show was created with the express purpose of letting fans control what movies were celebrated. That’s how it has been for 20 years; fans nominate and then fans choose from the top 5 nominees. Every year without fail. Changes made to support improved technology, but always the fans were responsible for the nominations AND for voting for the award recipients. Every year, that is, until this year.

        And, if MTV stuck to their rules, THG would not have gotten votes because it was not released in the previous calendar year, which has been the only real requirement for each of the previous 20 years. That’s a part of the outcry. THG should not be eligible for the 2012 Awards because the 2012 Awards celebrate films release in 2011 and THG was released in 2012 and should then be eligible for the 2013 Awards. That was kind of the point of my post. Would it have been nominated next year? Without a doubt. I don’t question that for a minute. The point is that it should not have been eligible to receive votes this year.

        As for rushing studios, well, no, I don’t think Lionsgate is looking to put quite the rush on their series. But, they also don’t have to. While their series takes place over a relatively short span of time, their characters are human and do normal human things like aging. Summitt was a bit behind the 8-ball from the get go in that, not only were they facing what amounts to a 2-year timespan for the entirety of The Saga, but, more importantly, the majority of their cast, including their lead actor isn’t supposed to look a day older from start to finish. Rob stopped passing for 17 about 3 minutes in to New Moon shooting. By the end of BD shooting… oh he looks every ounce of his almost 26 years.

  2. Chernaudi says:

    I basically see this as nothing to loose sleep over, but as a Twilight fan (both films and novels), and as a Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson fan, this may or many not be a major snub, and I believe there are a few factors at work here.

    Summit (TS) and Lionsgate (THG) are basically the same company now, so some politics there may’ve played into this, especially as considering that THG has largely underperformed at the box office (especially internationally) given it’s hype. Also, THG, for whatever reason to me personally, is a critics darling. Personally, I’m not big on THG–the story just isn’t my thing, and I haven’t seen the movie. That doesn’t mean that it’s bad, but it’s just something that I wouldn’t watch by myself if I had to spend money on it. The story just doesn’t sit well with me, and I’m a guy, but I’m not big on senseless action films, not that THG is that, but I’m not insanely overwon by post-World War III/end of the world as we know it stories. I’d rather watch Mad Max than THG, and I don’t watch it that often, mostly because there’s been so many of those types of films since then. Overall, THG isn’t my type of film or novel, but that’s just my opinion.

    I also think that most films in H’wood today are awful, and that’s my opinion. Mostly the same stories being repeated, mostly senseless violence and sex, so for me for the Twi films to be popular while being a good romance story was refreshing compared to the crap that H’wood likes to hash out.

    But the big things that has me a bit irked is first of all the voter stuffing accusations. Yes, I’m certain that Twi fans have done it, but so have HP fans and so will THG fans. They’re all equally as guilty, and this is from someone who doesn’t vote for these things. In NASCAR years ago, Bill Elliot and Dale Earnhardt fans accused each other of vote stuffing for the NASCAR Winston Cup (as it was known at the time–this does date me though I’m only 25) Most Popular Driver Award. But most of the time Bill won over Dale until Dale died. What does that say?

    I think it goes back to a comment that Kristen Stewart made herself last year at the MTVMA’s, saying that Twilight has the best fans. She probably meant it to be a bit sarcastic, as some have speculated that aside from the fan appreciation stuff, the awards are sort of meaningless–they don’t guarantee critical acclaim, they’re not a major H’wood film award, or anything like that. It’s fan appreciation, and Kristen and Rob know that, and even though it’s a bit insane, they understand how fervent the fans can be.

    But even if the comment was slightly tinged with sarcasm, in literal terms, Kristen is also right. She and Rob know the fandom and how it works, for better or worse. The fact that fans are so dedicated to their individual franchises shows how much they care about the movies, the novels, and the cast members who brought those characters to life. I have little doubt that Kristen and Rob know several fans (at least) on a first name basis by now. And one way that I think that Twilight has built up such a following is that Kristen and Rob especially, but the rest of the cast take time out for their fans, even a diva like Ashley Greene–she may be a diva, as she has herself admitted, but she knows how to treat her fans, because in H’wood with the fans, what goes around comes around eventually.

    Kristen and Rob and the rest of the cast are so well liked by the fans for no small part because of how they treat the fans, no matter how insane it seems, with respect and will go above and beyond to please them at events and such. Granted, this has spoiled some of the fans and has given them a sense of entitlement, but that’s another story. For some of the THG cast, it’s been the opposite and they’ve shyed away from some fans. That’s not good PR, no matter how justified it may be. Kristen and Rob have become masters of PR and how to work the fans–with them, not against them. And even Summit, who we all, me included, have crapped on and called to task when they screw up, have done very well over all with accommodating the fans.

    The other beef many have, of course, is the concept of “majority rules”. The MTVMA’s were a fully democratic process, not a rule by committee deal like this year as far as the nominations go. That made the MTVMA’s unique. Yeah, it was a glorified popularity contest, but guess what, as much as I tend to dislike such deals, that’s the name of the game. It helped give something to the films that didn’t receive critical recognition, but were loved by their fans.

    I have to agree with what Kristen Stewart said last year, that Twilight, simply put, has the best fans–they seem to be the most fervent of any franchise fans, and there may be more of them. But sometimes, political considerations have to be considered. Lionsgate won’t have the next THG film ready in time to be on next year’s ballot, the novelty of the first film will likely have worn off by then, and Summit and Lionsgate will have both BD1&2 out by the ’13 MTVMAs. I don’t like the aspect that MTV bent some of their own rules and made up new ones, but that’s life–sports sanctioning bodies do it, our government does it, so why can’t a private company do it to spice things up, even if it means catering to some butt-hurt critics who didn’t get their way when their darling film didn’t perform to the tune of their hype at the box office and left fans with mixed reviews?

    Who knows, considering that when the Twi cast on one there since ’09, the show’s ratings have gone up a bit each year. Maybe this plan will backfire and they’ll revert back to the old ways in ’13. It could happen. All I’m saying is that yeah, this is frustrating for us Twi fans, but it’s nothing worth losing sleep over. I’m as ticked as anyone else is over this, but we do have to sometimes take a step back and understand why things are sometimes done, as stupid and as biased and as politically motivated as they may be.

  3. Can’t we do a write in entry when we vote? If that’s possible everyone start voting for twilight. It might work. Probably not, but at least we tried. 🙂

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