MTV Movie Awards Nominations

The Twilight Saga has had a strong presence at the MTV movie awards over the last few years.  But this year changes things.  Breaking Dawn Pt 1 is only nominated in two categories: Best Kiss and Movie of the Year.  Hunger Games, Deathly Hallows,  and Bridesmaids made out with the most noms.  In fact, Bridesmaids is almost nominated in every category, an issue that used to be related to The Twilight Saga films.  Voting will begin tomorrow and the awards will be given out on June 3.

So let’s hear it, folks.  Do you think this is deserving and spot on, or do you feel, as we’re starting to hear on twitter, that it was done because people are tired of The Twilight Saga sweeping the MTV awards?  And which of the categories do you think Breaking Dawn Part 1 should have been nominated in:  Best Female Performance, Best Male Performance,  Best Cast, Best on Screen Transformation, Best Fight, Best Gut-Wrenching Performance, or Best Music?


  1. I really think BD 1 should be nominated in Best Fight and Best Music. Hell, the fight was really tense and the songs are just perfect!

  2. MysticsOcean says

    This is a major Twilight diss. Twilight had two more years left. THG comes up, and all the sudden Twilight is shoved aside?

  3. Best Male Performance
    Should have Rob!

    Best Female Performance
    Should have Kristen!

    Best Cast
    Should have the Twilight cast!

    Best On-Screen Transformation
    Should have Kristen!

    Best Fight
    Should have the Cullens versus the pack

    Best Gut-Wrenching Performance
    Should have Rob for the birth scene and changing Bella

    Best Music
    Should have the BD Soundtrack!

    What I am saying is that this is a slap in the face and MTV has a lot of explaining to do!

    • i totally agree – Isn’t the whole voting process about to see.. all these great movies going head to head??

      I would Love to see HP, HG, and TTS all battle it out against each other. This (the MTV Movie Awards) is about BIG fan base movies. Twilight won those last years awards fair and square. No offence too the ppl that liked bridesmaids but I really did find it the greatest movie out there. There where alot other movies I can think of that should have shots in there before bridesmaids (just cuz there was alot of toilet humor in the movie doesn’t make it that amazing and the next great movie

    • I TA with you this is one time that MTV has lost their minds…THG may be the new saga out there now but there is none of the excitement that the Twilight Saga has given us a human falls in love with a vampire and werewolf now that was creative…I think its a shame that the top drawers to the award show has been shoved in a corner…It’s a joke. I agree with each and every award you chose for The Twillight Saga to win…unreal that the idiots in charge are pulling this garbage when if hadn’t been for the Twilight Saga they might now of had the support and viewers they did.

  4. They just get tired of Twilight winning all the time so they have shoved it aside. Too bad as I feel BD1 was the best so far!

  5. ferretvamp14 says

    It definitely should have been nominated in more categories especially best music and best gut-wrenching performance. Come on, Bella’s death scene alone should take gut-wrenching. It is the freaking definition of the word.

    • Completely agree!!!! This was a major slap in the face MTV!!! I am totally pissed.

      • Totally agree. they want to put hunger gameson the spot but thats really not fear. BD1 was the best movie in the series and the actors’ performance was so improved.

  6. So pissed off about this right now. They should have gotten best music, BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE FOR KRISTEN’S AMAZING BIRTH SCENE, and BEST GUT WRENCHING PERFORMANCE!!(Kris & Rob fighting over Bella’s one sided decision to keep the baby & Edward thinking Bella was dead)

  7. I agree with MTV. Out if the four movies this one disappointment me. I am a huge fan and went to the midnight showing but I thought it was missing a lot. I didn’t like the way the wolves were portrayed. The only part I found truly amazing was the pregnancy.

  8. It must at least had been nominated for BEST MUSIC, loved the score and soundtrack!!!

  9. Mtv screwed the twilight fans this year. They know that were going to be pissed off. I guess they want their ratings to go down. Well I don’t care I will vote for breaking dawn part 1 being best movie of the year and best kiss is for Rob and kristen.

  10. How the heck did Rob not get nominated for Best Gut-Wrenching Performance? He was truely amazing in the scene when Edward thought Bella was dead. I understand them not wanting Twilight to take over like it has done every year, but that scene was Rob’s best performance in all of the Twilight films to date.

    • Completely agree! Every time I watch that scene it’s just captivating. His desperation feels so real! Excellent acting job and should be recognized and rewarded!

  11. I am posting this here because for some ‘strange’ reason I could not post it on MTV comments LOL….

    MTV YOU SUCK!!!! Yes, I said it. You have seriously f***ed up! Breaking Dawn pt 1 was one of the TOP films of 2011, and the last three films of the franchise, have carried your awards show, and you give it TWO nods?? What genius made up your nominations list?? FIRE THEM! You didn’t even have the courtesy to give a nom to Kristin Stewart to her BEST twilight performance yet! Have you people even watched the film? Best gut-wrenching performance: HELLO, THE BIRTH SCENE?? What a farce!!!

    • I will vote for BD pt1. But, I’m not going to watch the show this year. No reason to. MTV will not get my viewership this year. Anything worth seeing I can see later on the websites.

    • Mtv!!!! you made the biggest mistake this year twilight fans was the reason you became so popular now you just shoved it aside!!!!! . bd has the best soundtrack & the best performance by kristen and rob and all the cast . I M PISSED OFF!!!!!!

  12. thephantomcat says

    Do the fans or MTV decide the nominees?

  13. smitten_by_twilight says

    Thephantomcat – this year MTV went to a panel to select nominees, but fans will still vote on winners. I do feel they did this to avoid the More Twilight Victories phenom, but they did the film an injustice, it has evoked some of the best performances yet. Kris and Rob should definitely be nommed, as should the cast. I’ve read BD about 12 times and Rob’s performance at Bella’s death had me wondering if she was going to make it. Never forget those piano hands fluttering helplessly over her as he left.

    • Lynne Stringer says

      You’re absolutely right, SBT. I was worrying about her, too. I had to keep reminding myself that I knew what happened!

    • It’s an absolute shame this was overlooked. THG and HP had some great heart-wrenching scenes…but to not even give BD the chance to compete? That’s unreasonably harsh. One wonders why?

  14. Lynne Stringer says

    This is definitely a slap in the face to Twilight fans. Twilight’s not going to be around for much longer. Why shove it to the side, especially since its fandom is such a force to be reckoned with?

  15. MTv should change its nominations petition here:

  16. It’s absurd that BD1 is nominated in just 2 categories! it’s always been nominated in much categories!! I don’t understand sincerly! ……maybe it’s because is the last year of Harry Potter and they want they win more..maybe…(sorry for my no perfect english but I’m Italian :P)

  17. yes

    Am glad MTV are back to their scenes, they are now finally awarding great films.

    Breaking dawn part 1 was awful and completely terrible. it is a 25% rotten on rotten tomatoes and a 4.7/10 on IMDB

    MTV were called out for rigging the awards for the past 3 years and in a last ditch effort to save their credibility they had to change their awards show

    Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be awful and will get nothing because it will be up against the dark knight rises and the avengers at next year awards

    And to all you idiotic twilight fans that are saying twilight won the awards for the past 3 years that is a big lie


    MTV gave them the awards on purpose because they needed the twilight publicity and the teen girls demographic for ratings.

    I mean common?

    Twilight over the dark knight?

    New moon over half blood prince?

    Eclipse over Inception?

    Nope…. no real movie fans will vote the awful and the critical failure that is the twilight films as best movie over all this Oscar nominated films.




    • Twilight_News says

      Umm, are you seriously arguing that the MTV Movie Awards are anything other than pop culture fluff? There are awards for best kiss and fight fight. I’m pretty sure they lost the high ground for serious award consideration right there. Seriously, we all know these are fun fluff awards for the fans just like The People’s Choice Awards are. Please MTV has “rigged” the show for years it’s all about what’s popular now and what has big fanbases to get them views. Someone needs to reevaluate their definition of delusional. And while you are at it take a tranquiler before you blow a gasket. You’re working yourself up into an indignant froth that’s really not worth your time, and frankly isn’t accomplishing anything.

      This probably hasn’t occurred to you because you seem to view things in a cubbyhole fashion, but Twilight fans are also Hunger Games, Bridesmaids, Harry Potter and other fans. We don’t just like Twilight. So hop a flight to Vegas, grab a butterbeer, change planes in Seattle and pray the world doesn’t end in a battle creating a post-apocalyptic universe before the plane lands. Cause it’s all in good fun, and you seem to have lost you sense of proportion and fun.

    • A-hole. Leave this twilight site for twilight fans. Get a life A-hole.

  18. they deserve a great finale on the awards,

    we as fans owe them that after 5 great and fantastic years.

    gr wendy

  19. I’m sorry but this PISSES ME OFF ! Won’t be watching that bullcrap and we better win best kiss and movie because it’s stupid they want to get all academy like WHATEVER YOUR MTV !

  20. edwardsmylion says

    It makes me mad that MTV just jumps ship for the next flavor of the year. Breaking Dawn was a great movie and definitely deserved more nominations. Rob & Kristen did a great job with the birth scene. I am going to miss the fun I have had being a part of the Twilight fandom when the saga ends but I will always love it. The story was/is the greatest even though I think the movie makers didn’t do it justice early on. Long live Edward and Bella and I hope to see Robert and Kristen in the films for many yearsto come! At least we have 1 more Breaking Dawn pt. 2 to look forward to – can’t wait!!!

  21. maureen Brennan says

    I havn’t seen THG yet so i don’t honestly know if it deserves more noms than BD1 but Bella’s decline and transformation scenes alone must surely deserve credit. These things happen tho, I’m sure there were many disappointed HP fans who felt Twilight got all the wins unfairly. Just vote for BD where possible. I’m sure Rob and Kris would rather know their fans are watching and loving their films than be worrying about the petty politics of these awards.

  22. This is 100% BS! This was Rob and Kristen’s finest performances to date in the series and they get screwed over for this !?! I suppose MTV bowed under the pressure of the fanboys whining,who were sick and tired of seeing Twilight win the major categories year after year. Eclipse winning the best fight category over Inception really made alot of Twi-haters angry and I guess this is their revenge for that win. I’ll still vote for BD part 1 to win best movie,but otherwise it’s not even worth watching the show now.

  23. Lynne Stringer says

    Do you think RP and KS will go if they are only nominated for two awards? Will they be obliged to because of MTV’s support?

  24. I get that they want to avoid the Twilight Saga Sweep this year, cuz let’s face it, It would’ve swept the board again this year no matter how the film turned out.
    HOWEVER… MTV have done the cast, crew, director and the fans a HUGE disservice. BD1 is deserving of awards in many categories.

    Particularly, I think – Kristen-Best Female for her faithful portrayal of Bella throughout the movie. Love her or hate her, she nails it! Also Rob – Most Gutwrenching Performance for the birth scene.

    Not to discredit the other movies nominated, but I probably won’t watch this year.
    Bad move MTV.

  25. rhiannon says

    why does this suprise anyone?? it’s another slap in the face to the fans who have made hollywood billions of dollars off these movies. when has twilight every gotten the respect it deserves??. but i bet dollars to donuts they still throw in a teaser for BD pt.2 to boost ratings. not gonna happen. i will catch it online later. but i will not be watching the awards this yr.

  26. Everyone should just calm down. You know Twilight has one more year. And another thing, now you know how other fans of other movies feel when they got dissed because of Twilight. I am big fan of Twilight, THG, and Harry Potter, but I rooting for Bridesmaids.

  27. Jennifer says

    This makes me mad that Breaking Dawn Part 1 was nominated for only 2 catagories. I love The Twilight Saga. They should have kept nominated Breaking Dawn Part 1 for the rest of the catagories. The Twilight Saga is almost over so why not just keep going with nominating it in all the catagories they have been receiving over the years until the end of the saga which is Breaking Dawn Part 2. I hope The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 will win both catagories and that the next movie Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be nominated for all the catagories.

  28. I think we should show MTV what we think of them and not watch. I’ll still vote for the two categories they were nominated in,but why bother watching the whole show for it? Besides the clips will be availiable online shortly after the show,so I’ll just catch them then.

    • seriosly i m not watching mtv!!!!!!! twilight was the only reason i started watching it

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  29. BrittStewartfan says

    Ok, gut wrenching- K drinks blood
    on screen transformation- she almost dies and looks completly awful
    best female performance- hello, did they see Kristen in this one?

    Overall, I’m just upset over it all!

  30. irrevocablysue says

    I agree w/Joan. I will vote for Breaking Dawn in the categories that they were included in. But, I will not watch the program. The way MTV went about changing up this process was a complete slap in the face to The Twilight Saga and the Twilight fans. It could have been done, dare I say… a manner more gentle than the way they went about it. Time will tell, but I predict a complete ratings bomb for this awards show. Why Kristen Stewart was excluded from Best Actress I will never know. Again….slap in the face. I do hope, however, that if our duo wins for Best Kiss, they show up and show everyone how it’s really done!

  31. Whoa…what gives MTV?

    Well here is what this die hard Twilight fan is going to do. I have created an MTV account and voted for 2 categories – and only 1 movie!

    Now before anyone gets mad about this – I loved the Hunger Games. But I have always felt that the best way to show your love for something is with your voice and your feet. I gave them my opinions and then used my feet to walk away.

    The only movies I have seen among the nominations are Breaking Dawn Part 1, Hunger Games and The Help. I haven’t seen any of the others so I will not vote for them.

    If enough of us do this same thing MTV will learn very quickly that they can’t snub the Twilight Saga without ramifications.

  32. Fellow Twilight fans, you are really being absurd. Ever since Twilight trumped The Dark Knight as best movie of the year (almost a joke in itself), MTV has almost exclusively catored to Twilight fans. For the next three years, they were loyal to Twilight fans. Because Twilight was a huge cash cow for them, they gave anything Twilight related special attention, over almost any other movie.

    For three years fans of HP, Avatar, and everything else, watched Twilight walk away with every single award, even if Twi’s competition were better movies all the way around. For three years Twilight ruled, while everybody else was shoved to the side lines.

    Due to ratings, complaints, and other factors, MTV has simply stopped giving Twilight special treatment.

    I’m a Twilight fan, and I love me some Twilight, but I got sick and tired of seeing Twilight win every single award on the MTV movie awards. I stopped watching after New Moon beat out Avatar and Kristen Stewart (of whom many fans royally griped about in regards to her New Moon performance) beat out Sandra Bullock’s oscar winning performance in the Blind Side. The MTV movie awards were no longer fun for me. I knew from this day going forward that anytime Twilight was nominated in something, it was going to win, even if fans had huge complaints about it.

    I didn’t even bother to watch the MTV Movie Awards last year, and several of my friends stopped watching it as well.

    MTV did what they did, to make things fair for everybody else.

    In short, Twilighters brought this all on themselves. What I’m saying is… Twilight fans weren’t being fair.

    How so you say?

    Let’s be quite frank, when we are together we freely talk about our complaints in regards to the movie’s direction, whether it was the laughable dialogue, the butchered meadow scene…SPIDER MONKEY! of the first movie, or the incredibly slow moving heartless pace of New Moon, or the incoherent mess that was Eclipse (BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD!!! UGH!)… We readily find faults in these films, and while we still love them, we admit that they should have been a lot better.

    Breaking Dawn was a lot better, and it garnered more praise than any other Twilight film…HOWEVER, because a large assortment of fans, no matter how bad they realized the past Twilight movies were, voted for them, not because they even LOVED them, but simply because they wanted a Twilight related film to win. That is unfair.

    See folks, I’ve been saying this for years. You shouldn’t vote for Twilight just because it is Twilight. You should vote for Twilight in catagories that it deserved to win. I always voted honestly, and I always voted for Twilight (best kiss, best essemble cast…ect…ect) when the shoe fit, but I also voted for other movies that certainly out paced it.

    Unfortunately, the ONLY way MTV could make it fair for everybody else, was to grossly limit what catagories Twilight was nominated in.


    Don’t blame MTV…It ain’t there fault.

    • Jazz Girl says

      Joshua~ All valid points. But they all also boil down to opinions. You are neglecting one nugget of truth in your break down. The reality is that MTV set up these awards to be, essentially, the antithesis of the big awards show. They are set up to recognize FAN favorites, plain and simple. I won’t sit here and argue that there are not problems with the films. Personally, I’d like to take my size 10 heels to Melissa Rosenberg were I ever to come face to face with her and that’s just a start. However, MTV set the bar 20 years ago when they started these awards that control lie completely with the fans and that, for better or worse, the fans got to say who was nominated and who won, period. In twenty years, other than adjusting the processes to keep up with technology, the rules have remained basically the same. Nominations and winners are based upon FAN choice. Taking it out of the hands of fans and relying on some mysterious panel, completely disregarding the quality of certain scenes and performances for the sake of limiting nominations, is a complete slap in the face to the fanbase and the actors that they’ve hung their hats and pursestrings on for the last three plus years.

      If it looks AT ALL like they at least TRIED to be fairminded in it, I MIGHT be able to reconcile it, to make myself okay with it. But, if you want to truly see the level of disdain that they approached their nomination process with, look no further than the complete backhand that is the category of Best Gut Wrenching Performance. Even the most vocal vitriolic and heinous hater-critic at least accepted that Rob& Kristen were at their utter best during the birth scene. Kris’ moments are literally painful and heart-wrenching to witness. And Rob keening over her, begging, pleading… it haunts… literally. His voice in those moments… I can hear it in my head to this day and it makes me want to break down and weep. For Mission Impossible or BRIDESMAID or 21 Jump Street to be nominated in that category and NOT Breaking Dawn….. That is so absolutely assinine it isn’t even fathomable.

      So, yes, we Twilight fans made our bed in finding the ONE place that it seemed we could excercise our love for The Saga and for the actors and films, celebrating what we could where we could because we continue to get hate flung at us from all sides. Personally, I didn’t vote for Twilight because it is Twilight. I did vote for other performances or scenes when I felt it was warranted. But, the reality is that we Twilight fans have seen what the critics and other fandoms have dug their heels in and refused to see. We’ve seen brilliance where others don’t because we bothered to understand what the performances were and where they were coming from and what was behind them rather than just openly mock because we couldn’t be bothered to look. And now, it seems that even that ONE place has been taken away from us for the exact same reason that all the others were. And yes, we’re pissed, royally pissed, venom-spitting pissed, frenziedly pissed. Can you honestly say we don’t have a right to be?

  33. Jazz Girl says

    There is really only one fact that needs to be understood to see this for what it is. This is the first year in TWENTY that MTV has not allowed fans to vote for the nominations, that they have really changed the process they created at all. It’s been tweaked over the years, adjusted as technology has evolved. But, it has ALWAYS been fan-driven. That it is only this year that they completely abandoned that process is a slap directly in the face to Twilight fans, The Saga and the actors on whom they’ve hung their hats AND THEIR PURSESTRINGS for the last three plus years. Plain and simple.

    Believe me, I get the business behind it. Twilight is fading and MTV needs to move on to The Next Big Thing. Doesn’t make it hurt any less and it doesn’t make MTV any less hypocritical for doing it. They KNEW that the fans are still as passionate as ever and that, if left in our hands, this would be The Twilight Awards, take 4. So what?

  34. Here’s what I think Breaking Dawn P1 should have been nominated for that it wasn’t:

    Best Male Performance – Rob

    Best Female Performance – Kristen

    Best On-Screen Transformation – Kristen

    Best Gut-Wrenching Performance – Rob for birth scene/changing Bella

    Best Cast & Best Music

    We got ripped off by MTV!!!!!

  35. yes
    Am glad MTV are back to their scenes, they are now finally awarding great films.
    Breaking dawn part 1 was awful and completely terrible. it is a 25% rotten on rotten tomatoes and a 4.7/10 on IMDB
    MTV were called out for rigging the awards for the past 3 years and in a last ditch effort to save their credibility they had to change their awards show

    Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be awful and will get nothing because it will be up against the dark knight rises and the avengers at next year awards
    And to all you idiotic twilight fans that are saying twilight won the awards for the past 3 years that is a big lie
    MTV gave them the awards on purpose because they needed the twilight publicity and the teen girls demographic for ratings.

    I mean common?
    Twilight over the dark knight?
    New moon over half blood prince?
    Eclipse over Inception?
    Nope…. no real movie fans will vote the awful and the critical failure that is the twilight films as best movie over all this Oscar nominated films.


    • If Twilight is so awful, why do you keep coming here? Its apparent you’re not a fan. Only some lonely person with no life & time on their hands would hang out on another fandom. Anyway…
      The MTV Movie Awards NEVER had sense to begin with!! It -was- a Fan-Driven awards show until this year when they went to a panel. If you want to see great films awarded, then watch The Oscars honey. Which even THEY don’t get it right. Another thing, Twilight FANS don’t give a rats arse about Rotten Tomatoes or the IMBD rating. Only those that diss it care. Twilight fans voted and voted to say a big EFF-U to all the haters, it was the only place the saga could get recognized. Of all the movies, I think Breaking Dawn is the best of the saga and not to get nominated in some of the categories is truly a slap in the face to the fans that brought MTV out of its doldrums.


  36. Well I hope the winners this year feel special…There technically getting second place because twilight got dissed! I’m in shock! If anything i can not believe they didn’t at least get best cast! Or even best music…this was the best soundtrack by far and i think bill condon has done the best music placement in the series! This is just disappointing and weird.

  37. I think MTV did this on purpose,because they knew that despite the new flavor of the minute,HG,BD part 1 would have swept the awards. They thought by shutting us out from voting for BD in several categories,it wouldn’t turn into another “Twilight Awards”,as it’s looked in the past to other haters. So what? I thought it was about honoring what the fans loved,as long as there was opportunity to vote for their favorite film. I think they need to get ready to see a huge dip in their viewership this year,because alot of us won’t tune in.

  38. Im bawling my eyes out at the moment.. What you’st to be my Favourite award show has quickly become my least Favourite.. Just because we are the most dedicated fans dosnt meen we can’t be represented at this award show!!!! We deserve the nominations in each catagorie… Just putting it out there that when other movies win what’s rightfully the twilight casts awards they’ll have only won because we wernt nominated … I don’t even know of I’ll so much as watch the show this year now :/

  39. Breaking Dawn should be nominated for every single category. Bella’s transformation was amazing, the birth was gut wrenching….everything was better than all the movies. We seriously got screwed. I think Mtv needs to put them in the categories or they are going to face some angry twihards.

  40. Christina says

    Best Gut Wrenching Performance and absolutely Best Music. The montage that shows Bella’s deterioration set to that one song was amazing to watch…and I also loved watching Bella coming to accept and love Nessie in the beginning of the movie set to that one song…LOL…don’t want to look up the song names…you know which ones I mean. 🙂

  41. Brittany says

    I have a HORRIBLE feeling that Harry Potter will once again be swept under the rug like every year. First Twilight, and now Hunger Games.

    Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Twilight, Hunger Games, and Harry Potter.

    But us Potterheads just can’t catch a break. 🙁

    P.S. Twilight has swept the MTV awards show for the last three years. I find the lack of nominations refreshing. Now I’m actually looking forward to the show because I don’t know who is going to win in any of the categories. It’s going to be tough. I’ve voted for Twilight in the past, but this year I’m voting for Harry Potter all the way! Why? Two reasons: This is the LAST Harry Potter movie to ever be nominated, and rabid Peeta/Katniss fans are going to blow up the website voting non-stop for Hunger Games.

    Again, don’t get me wrong – I LOVE all three franchises! BD4, HP8, and HG1 were all EPIC MOVIES!!!! I just think that Harry Potter deserves to win this year.

  42. AliceKikiCullen says

    To be honest, that’s fine. I want Harry Potter to win. Last movie, last time, only fair. But Twilight should win best kiss 😀

    • Jazz Girl says

      You do realize that “fair” took cheating to accomplish, right? How could you feel good about a win knowing that, if MTV hadn’t completely rigged the nomination process, Breaking Dawn would have taken the night?

      • Brittany says

        Maybe if you could only cast one vote per category, then it would be fair. The reason why Twilight wins is because people are clicking “VOTE” as many times as their finger can click. I don’t think MTV’s voting system is very accurate.

        At least the TCA only allow 1 vote per day.

        • Jazz Girl says

          Brittany~ Do you honestly think that Twilight fans are the only ones doing that, though? Absolutely not. Everyone who votes submits multiple votes, and if they say they don’t, they are either lying or they don’t know any better. It’s no different that AI, The Voice, DwtS and every other competition TV show. And, MTV has taken steps to account for multiple votes, doing things like setting the system to only accept so many votes per IP Address or per day. But anyone who’s been online for more than a day knows there’s ways around those systems. As long as everyone is allowed to vote as often as they want, then it comes right back to where it should be; to the passion and conviction of the fans.

  43. Funny how the only way they could get rid of Robert and Kristen winning is not nominating them

  44. I say they should at least have gotten nominated for Best On-Screen Transformation. I mean Bella’s pregnancy and vampire transformation, HELLO!!!! Other than that I’d say Best Female Performance (Kristen was totally AMAZING! <3 ), Best Male Performance (specifically Taylor), Best Cast (because they just keep getting better and better), Best Fight, and Best Music (both the score and the soundtrack were EXCELLENT!)

  45. Can’t say I’m surprised. I was just thinking to myself the other day that with THG out, Twilight is going to be left out in the cold. Let’s face it, that kiss in THG was laughably awful. But it was nominated and (as much as I dislike it) it will probably win.

    Oh, to those of you who keep saying Rob should have been nominated for best gut-wrenching performance: MTV apparently defines “gut-wrenching” as “cringe worthy,” which explains why most of the nominees in that category are just plain disgusting scenes. I agree that RP was incredible in his performance when he thought she was dead. But unfortunately, that doesn’t fit in with their off definition of the term “gut-wrenching”.

  46. Secondbite says

    People, relax. When Twilight came, it pushed aside everything else, and we have had a good couple of years! It’s time for other movies to get noticed too, and Hunger Games deserves that as much as Twilight did…

    The Hunger Games fans are laughing in our faces right now, because it’s not going to be the Twi-awards this year, and I think it is pretty fair when people act like this… It’s not like Twilight is going to die just because it doesn’t get a chance to win every category.

    And really guys, wouldn’t you vote for the movie no matter how much it would have sucked anyways? It is the books that we love, and no matter how it would have gotten interpreted to the big screen, we would have watched and rooted for it.

    I’m not saying this to stir anything up, but I just want you to realize that even though we all love Twilight, other people have the right to love other movies as well, and the Hunger Games deserves some attention as well.

    As for the many nominees for Bridesmaides, I do not get.. It was an OK movie, it made me laugh, but I don’t think that they deserve a “best performance” or “movie of the year” award..

  47. LadyLovesLeo says

    I guess the content of BD1 moved beyond the maturity level that MTV expected its viewers to be able to handle. I loved THG, so bravo to them on that front. But I don’t think anyone can honestly say that Bridesmaids was their favorite movie of the past year. Maybe I’ve just moved on past the maturity level of an MTV viewer . . .

  48. Really???? Can anybody look at something objectively for just one minute….I loved the books but can say honestly the movies are just so-so. Do you really think that BD was better acted than THG and Deathly Hallows? Really? If so, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’m selling….

    • Jazz Girl says

      You’re being pretty sweeping by saying everyone who has issue isn’t being objective. My objections isn’t over the lack of nominations for BD, per say. Whose performance was better is a subjective question and can only be answered with an opinion. Personally, I believe Rob far outshined say Josh Hutcherson in THG, but I would more than likely have nominated his performance in Water for Elephants overall because I felt that movie was amazing. That’s the point. MTV took that option away from us in changing their rules. They cheated and their cheating primarily effects Breaking Dawn.