New Breaking Dawn 2 Stills

Summit has just released these two stills from Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Not much to go on to tell us exactly what is happening in the photos, but Bella is slightly smiling, so it must be early in the film.  Tell us what you think in the comments.



  1. Love it! Wish it was more but I’ll take what I can get! LOL

  2. Looks like it’s after she’s hunted for the first time and Jacob is testing her before she goes in to see Renesmee.

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      I agree, and good catch on the dress. I suspect they will not shred the dress, so we’ll lack both half-naked Bella and shirtless Edward. They look too tense to be relaxed, but not tense enough for the Volturi. And check out the similar backgrounds, likely near the house.

    • It cant be when Jacob is testing her because in the teaser at that point he is wearing brown must be another point in the movie

  3. This is WOW

  4. She’s wearing the blue dress, so it has to be early…BEFORE the hunt, because it’s not shredded and she’s not wearing Edward’s shirt (assuming they stick to that part of the story.)

    • Actually, isn’t that a slight tear in the neckline? It’s difficult to see, but between her hair, near the bottom on the photo, it looks like the neckline is split. I thought her dress had a circular neckline, not a split in the center.

      • I looked closely but I still don’t see a split or tear; it looks intact to me, just rounded. Perhaps sagging a bit at the neckline due to her posture.

      • The top of her dress looks to be draped. Not torn, and not due to lack of posture. I highly doubt they’ll shred the dress. They’ve missed so many small details all ready and the whole torn dress hunting scene is quite fleeting in a novel as big as Breaking Dawn is.

  5. Is it just me, or do Edward’s eyes almost look red? They have a weird tint lol. Love the pics tho, even if they are super vague….more please!! 🙂

    • I noticed they looked a bit red- burnt umber, perhaps. I didn’t think it that odd, since he bit her multiple times. I know he didn’t drink her blood, but could some that was on his teeth and mouth, been swallowed during CPR? Kind of seems plausible to me.

    • he had drinking her blod also

  6. Aw! I love them! Seems like Bella & Edward are trying to pass Jacob to go to Renesmee, but since Edward hasn’t lend his shirt to Bella (after she ruined her dress while hunting) I can only imagine what’s happening.

  7. Fiona Cullen says:

    These are beautiful!!! They couldn’t possibly be from after Bella’s first hunt, could they? She does not have a hair out of place. Edward’s contacts look different, once again, but they look quite natural like the ones in Twilight. I love these stills.

  8. -_- Does anyone else think she looks the exact same, just with contacts? lol

    • YES!!! I was really hoping that they would get a new actress for this movie… not a big fan of her 🙂

    • She is supposed to look mostly the same, just…enhanced. The main difference will be in her demeanor.

    • Thanks for saying what I’ve been thinking, Tori! Becoming a vampire is supposed to make the ordinary pretty into something incredibly beautiful and alluring. She just looks like plain old Bella with a little more makeup.

      I was hoping for something more.

      • LOL I don’t mind KStew so much…. I don’t care much for her but I don’t really love her either…. But as Bella…. I don’t care at all for her…. She blinks more than I have ever seen any human being blink and she never shows emotion…. What I don’t like about the movies: they have the characters to where the dialogue is what portrays them…. It’s almost as if Melissa just put stuff that is obvious from the books into the movie…. and they look like they were described in the book…. but think about it…. Do you honestly feel a connection to the characters in the movie like you could in the book? Whenever Rosalie is on screen, in Twilight for example when they were playing baseball and Bella calls Rosalie out and when they both stand up, Rosalie squints her eyes…. So she’s obviously mad at Bella or dislikes Bella, but it’s just from her expressions…. We need to have actors who can wow you. They’re vampires for crying out loud!!!! I hope that what I said made sense cuz it’s really hard to explain what I am saying. And honestly, do they look like vampires to you in the movie? To me, okay, Rosalie in the movie is blonde, so is Jasper, Emmett has black hair and Alice has black hair, Edward has bronze hair…. They brought that to the movie…. They brought the characters to life in the sense that they look like them and say the same things, but it’s the emotion that’s lacking I do believe…. LOL Okay, I’m done on that subject, I feel like I can’t explain what I am saying in the right way. But as far as the pics, I know she still should look like Bella but I mean, shouldn’t her skin be paler, or her hair more shiny? Her eye color is the ONLY difference I see…. IDK what I was expecting but this was definitely not it. Still love the movies though, don’t think I’m hating!!!! 😀 Love the series and have been reading it far long before the movies were made.

  9. omg

  10. Bellas hair looks different. One can tell that they styled it a lot more than they did for human Bella. Definitely not the “girl-next-door” look anymore.

  11. Sexy Dread says:

    I love it

  12. I just love seeing them together!

  13. YUMMMMY! Love, Love, Love Taylor! And Bella looks incredible. November please come soon!

  14. OoOoOoOoO…

    I’M SO GIDDY!!! **hee, hee**

    Jacob seems to be very stern in this one. Maybe waiting for Bella’s reaction?

    Bella & Edward… **sigh** Kristen is exactly what I thought of Bella after her transformation. I’m loving the new hair. And glow to her skin. I say they are looking at the forest and the animals that are in the woods before the hunt.

    • P.S. – So I have watched the trailer for yet another time. The shot of Jacob is definitely not during the scene where he and Bella had his ‘test’.

    • I tend to agree with you. Edward looks apprehensive or hesitant, not sure of how Bella will take to this new aspect of her vampire life…while Bella looks more eager to begin. I just can’t imagine it’s after the hunt, because not a hair or stitch is out of place.

  15. Rob doesn’t like to take his shirt off so I doubt they will have him lend Bella his shirt; so I do think this is when they are confronting Jacob to see Renesmee. They won’t shred her dress much either.

    • Even if they downplay the tattered dress part of the story…she would still need to look somewhat mussed up after rolling around with a mountain lion. It just doesn’t seem realistic that this is after the hunt. At least, it would be disappointing if this is what they went for. Hopefully, right before…maybe they have turned around and have glimpsed their reflections in the glass of the house…

      • In the preview, she’s hunting a deer. I doubt they’ll actually have her hunt a mountain lion in the film; she’ll probably make one kill and that will be that just to save time.

  16. I agree, a very tame version of the book. I hope the fight is a bit juicier 😉

  17. I hope the Bella & Edward one isn’t right after her first hunt, she needs to look more messy than that!

  18. No clue, when it is in the film. Don’t care for now, just tickled to see a nice, clear picture of them together. =)

  19. Oooooo…!! This is so exciting ! Cant wait to be the marathon this year again !

  20. Love it!!! Can’t wait until November!

  21. The only thing wrong about Breaking Dawn Part and hopefully not 2 is. Edward and the rest of the Cullens don’t seem to sparkle.

    • Vampire-girl says:

      Garrett I agree, Edward was sparkling a bit in the honeymoon scene just before Bella jumps on his back and then into the waterfall. I paused my DVD as I missed that in the cinema must have blinked and looks like they altered the way he sparkles and NM and Eclipse sparkles were the best when they put the dots on Rob.

      Hope they put in the scene where her little girl pouts a bit at not sparkling much

    • I saw that too. Really missed that part in Breaking Dawn. Loved the sparkles in NM and Eclipse. . I also noticed that at the start of the wedding ceremony, the sun is shinning on Bella as they start walking down the aisle. I also noticed that in Breaking Dawn book and movie, there is no meadow scene. All other books/movies had a meadow scene. Is it coming in part 2?

  22. it’s definately from when bella gets to see renesmee for the first time. The trailer sould have shown him talking to her later on in the movie like in the book. Just because that’s what the trailer shows doesnt mean thats how it goes. They mix it up to get you guessing. But this picture looks as though she is anxious to see her child, but Edward knows she’s going to see more than just her child… She just hasnt figured out the whiole picture yet… Edward does look a little uneasy.

  23. This is a cool photo. Yes, there’s the blue dress. Must be the beginning.
    I just visited Wildflower Linens near L.A. and purchased the table linens and pillows used for the reception scene of the wedding in Part 1. They did all the linens for the reception scene. Very beautiful. The store actually had a full set up of the reception tables and white hanging florals. Beautiful for sure.

  24. TwilightRocks!!!!! says:

    I don’t know that I would say she is actually smiling. I think this could also be a serious situation- maybe when they are introducing all the new vamps to Renesmee. Look at Edwards face. He is not smiling at all. He looks concerned.

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