Breaking Dawn Teaser Poster

Collider is running a series of images taken at a CinemaCon of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser one sheets.  We contacted Summit and these images are not being released online, so this is the best we can do right now.    It’s the same image that is featured on the iTunes website as well.  What do you think?


  1. Well, the coloring should have more of a fire burn to it. As a teaser, not bad.

  2. i think i like it. :bd

  3. victoria willis says:

    I think the bottom should have dark silhouttes of edward,bella carrying renesme at the forefront and then everyone else(cullens,wofpack and many vamp colonies) behind them as they stand faced and ready for the battle.

  4. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Well, it certainly continues the theme.

  5. Does anyone else see a face in the clouds? the dark spots are someone’s eyes and i can make out a nose? or am i just cloud spotting??

    • I thought the same thing! But I can’t really make anything out. We are probably just cloud spotting, as you say. 🙂

      • I can’t decide if it’s Renesmee or Bella, but definitely female–the more I look at it, I don’t think it’s unintentional….

      • There’s definitely a face in the clouds – I think it’s Bella. Funny, I didn’t see it until I read the comments. Then I went back and saw the picture and it jumped out at me. I don’t think the face was unintentional either.

  6. Lauren H says:

    Bill Condon said that the BD2 poster would look nothing like the previous films’. Yet…this still doesn’t impress me. It looks an aweful lot like BD1.

    • well this is just a teaser, its not the official poster so we just have to be patient and see what they put out 🙂

  7. Lorrainebow says:

    I really like the colors. It reminds me of the way Bella describes the way things look the first night she’s a vampire. Like how things look the same, just different colors.

  8. I think both BD 1 and 2 should of had Edward and Bella on them

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