Which Twillight Scenes Would You Reshoot

Kara Warner from MTV put out a request on Twitter yesterday asking “If you could have any scene in any of the previous films re-shot, which one would you revamp?” There’s a really great write up on MTV with the results. Two of the items that the Lexicon tweeted were also covered by others: The Meadow Scene in Twilight and Bella and Edward’s reunion in New Moon.


In light of the news that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are headed back to the “Breaking Dawn — Part 2” set for a few re-shoots, this week’s Twilight Tuesday posed the question: If you could have any scene in any of the previous films re-shot, which one would you revamp? (Pun intended!)

As always, the members of the knowledgeable and passionate “Twilight” fan community responded to the query with gusto. Some folks want to see extended versions of their favorite scenes, some are still displeased with the book-to-film adaptation in certain areas and some requested they re-shoot entire films altogether. But there are two scenes that a majority of fans agreed could use a makeover: the meadow scene in “Twilight” and Edward and Bella’s reunion in “New Moon.”

Check out the details on MTV.


  1. Hands down all I want is more Cullens!

  2. Firstly, I would hire a new screen writer!! MR is awful!! Also, get rid of Cathrine Harwick….that women drives me bonkers…in every interview I have ever seen. And I really don’t get the whole Bella is a vegatarian stuff in Twilight. As for re-shoots. Twilight…Definately the meadow scene, the tree jumping scene. Oh, and the restraunt scene where Edward reveals he can read minds..”money, sex, sex, money…cat” UGH! New Moon….the breakup scene wasn’t nearly emotional enough, and the scene in Volterra, when Bella meets the Volturi. They made her very assertive/aggresive..and in the books she was truly terrified!! Eclipse…I am not sure where to begin (new director, maybe) More Edward and Bella couple time, more ‘conflict” with-in Bella, I would add the Alice kidnaps Bella part, and FCS…that meadow scene at the end..ugh, it’s awful!!! BD1…I miss the relationship with Edward and Seth. I felt it was pivitol in the wolves protect the Cullens part. More of Leah, Jacob and Seth as actual wolves patrolling the Cullen land, and More of the calamity in the house (Rosalie/Jake…Alice’s headache and relying on Jake to cancel it out…Esme’s whole part (she was the only one to actually carry a child). I expected more of all that since they split it into 2 movies. BD2 has me a little worried, but I was very impressed with the job Bill Condon did…so there is hope.

    All that said…I still watch them over and over :O)

  3. in the first movie, i’m fully willing to blame the crap-tastic-ness on Catherine hardwicke. a lot of the key stuff (i.e.: bloody typing) is in the bio class, but she believed that any given location should only be shown twice – huge mistake. also, she should’ve included the bit in carlisle’s home office – his back story, and the volturi’s intro – much better use of time than the ‘spider-monkey’/tree-jumping nonsense. the makeup sucked in that one too – bright white faces, with obviously pink/otherwise non-matching skin tone on necks and ears. they should’ve also thrown in alice’s back story – james leads them to it in the end, but the movie skips it.

    in other movies – i missed the ‘telling charlie’ scene, and the showing of renee and esme getting along in the planning stages of the wedding. i also missed rosalie’s apology for the mixup that led to ITALY in the end of new moon. there’s more, but i can’t quite think of what at the moment.

  4. tockica says:

    Eclipse – when Bella has the talk with Jacob at his home, after the big battle and their kiss and she tells him she chose Edward. In the book after the talk she breaks down completely. I missed that so much in Eclipse. It went from her breaking Jacob’s heart to her and Edward in the meadow all lovey dovey. In the book I suffered with her and I loved that Edward was there for her during the whole night..

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