Which Twillight Scenes Would You Reshoot

Kara Warner from MTV put out a request on Twitter yesterday asking “If you could have any scene in any of the previous films re-shot, which one would you revamp?” There’s a really great write up on MTV with the results. Two of the items that the Lexicon tweeted were also covered by others: The Meadow Scene in Twilight and Bella and Edward’s reunion in New Moon.


In light of the news that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are headed back to the “Breaking Dawn — Part 2” set for a few re-shoots, this week’s Twilight Tuesday posed the question: If you could have any scene in any of the previous films re-shot, which one would you revamp? (Pun intended!)

As always, the members of the knowledgeable and passionate “Twilight” fan community responded to the query with gusto. Some folks want to see extended versions of their favorite scenes, some are still displeased with the book-to-film adaptation in certain areas and some requested they re-shoot entire films altogether. But there are two scenes that a majority of fans agreed could use a makeover: the meadow scene in “Twilight” and Edward and Bella’s reunion in “New Moon.”

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  1. The Meadow Scene, where they discuss Edward being a vampire. It’s pretty much the most important part of the book… it’s the scene that created the story for crying out loud and I feel like they butchered it in the movie.

    • Totally agree with you. I cringe whenever I see the Meadow scene in Twilight.

      • I conpletely agree, i would ha e loved actually seeing that scene really play out…oh well..next lifetime i guess haha or a time travel.

    • I want them to re-shoot the honeymoon scene and when bella falls down instead of her throwing up blood

    • I totally agree with you. I can’t believe the beautiful meadow that SM described in the book look as horrible as they shot it. It’s like s cemetery not a meadow. and I love the reunion of Edward and Bella in New Moon book but in the movie is too short>

    • Agreed. Maybe use the meadow from the previous movies instead of the one in Twilight.

    • Thank You!!! I hate that scene start to finish!!!! I hate that it makes seeing him in the sunlight like a punishment instead of a privilege and something special that he wanted to share with her. The “Hang on Spider Monkey”, the awkward positioning while lying in the meadow, I could go on and on!

  2. Meadow for sure,
    The scene where Alice comes to Charlie’s house and sees Bella in New Moon. That scene, the acting was absolutely horrific and the timing was choppy.

    The scene where Edward and Bella join back together in Italy. I thought that shot in Italy was horrible, you couldn’t hear Edward and it was to different from the book..

  3. Faye massenroe says:

    I would reshoot honeymoon and show the conversation that Edward and Bella have about her remaining human. I want to see more couple time with those two.

    • velvet409 says:

      They did actually film that conversation but the scene ended up getting cut. I’m hoping we’ll get to see that (and a few other scenes) on a DVD at some point.

  4. The dreadfully sappy pre-wedding scene in Bella’s bedroom…remove the too-loud music and reword the dialogue so it’s not so sickeningly scripted.

    I am right there with you, JES, about the Alice scene in New Moon where she reunites with Bella.

    And I’m still not liking the bloody wedding scene in Breaking Dawn I–I don’t understand why it was put in there. Since they didn’t bring up the immortal children issue, it seemed extraneous. It was one way of bringing in Bella’s concern about her possible thirst after becoming a vampire, but I was disturbed that it was implied Edward would also participate….it just didn’t gel with me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the movies and it’s impossible to please everyone.

    • Faye massenroe says:


      For the most part I really liked Breaking Dawn Part 1, but the bloody wedding scene just pissed me off. My boyfriend watched the movie with me, yes kicking and screaming, and for the most part it was his favorite of the franchise, “except for the ridiculous bloody wedding scene.” Which he uses as his litmus of all things which he doesn’t like about the movies, which is regrettably long. *sigh*
      For the most part I fully embrace the fact that the movies were made for fans of the books and I certainly appreciate the notion.

    • The pre-wedding bedroom scene — I had heard that Bill Condon said that was more for Rob. He said that he and Rob discussed early on and Rob had complained that in Eclipse you saw Jasper’s story and Rosalie’s story but not his — and he’s the main guy. The pre-wedding scene was actually a conversation he had with Bella in the initial Twilight book wasn’t it? I don’t remember where I’d read the quote from Condon — maybe in one of the magazines or in an interview somewhere…

    • I agreed with you 100%. I hated the pre-wedding scene. I hated the whole Edward “backstory”. That whole scene was stupid and went no where dramatically. It seem really awkward. They should have shot it the way it was in the book or instead of Edward telling Bella about the time he was sucking the blood out of all the “psychos”, he and Bella should have been discussing all the things they discussed in the book. I dont know what Bill Condon was thinking when he shot that scene and allowed it to stay in the movie. It is just awful!

  5. LadyLovesLeo says:

    The whole original Twilight film should be reshot. Hello, anyone remember the blood typing scene in the book? Evidently, no one involved in the movie did. And I agree the meadow scene in the movie was completely ridiculous. It is the pivotal and crucial part of the entire book series on which the relationship of Bella and Edward is realized and explained. Without it, why should anyone care if they get together or not? There is no context or understanding of their feelings for each other at all in the movie.

    I also think the final meadow scene in Eclipse should be reshot to take out the ludicrous dialog about how Bella’s decision has nothing to do with Edward but rather is all about her and her fitting into a world where she feels strong and passionate. In Rob and Kristen’s audio commentary, she spoke my thoughts exactly when she said that Bella would never have said those things and that Bella’s decision really was all about being with Edward. I have never respected Kristen more.

    • I agree with you…that meadow scene at the end of Eclipse ruined the movie for me….the book devoted about 3 pages on why Bella wanted to become a vampire and it was all about Edward, nothing about fitting into the vampire world. Also, the crazy motorcycle scene which was totally ridiculous. Anyone who had ever read the books (screenwriter) would know that Bella would never have jumped on that motorcycle and left Edward standing there. Also, the scene where Edward confronts Jacob about kissing Bella as an angry Edward. That was totally false as Edward was not angry because he was so happy that Bella finally was angry with Jacob; however, he did calmly make it clear to Jacob not to do it again. These complete rewritting of scenes ruined Eclipse for me, especially since the director and screenwriter were saying how true to the books Eclipse was. Yes, not everything can be included in a movie, but don’t totally rewrite the story, for crying out loud!!!

      • Edward was angry, but it was a cold, restrained anger, not the almost violent rage depicted in front of the Swan house.

        • Exactly. Them showing Edward losing it, and almost getting into a fist fight with Jacob,was way off the mark.
          I understand that they can’t put EVERYTHING from the book into the movie, do to time restraints, and pacing, but why rewrite the characters and scenes, to depict completly different motives, emotions, etc?

      • Fiona Cullen says:

        LadyLovesLeo and Nancy I agree with you whole heartedly! The films that have been the truest to the books are New Moon and Breaking Dawn. There are SO many scenes that they all but ruined in Twilight and Eclipse. Ugh, that scene in Eclipse in the school parking lot where Bella just left with Jacob on his motorcycle!!! She absolutely would never have done that. If I recall correctly Stephenie, herself, said she wasn’t entirely happy with that happening. David Slade changed Eclipse so much because he was obsessed with widening the audience and making it a darker film, and in the process he lost he complete essence of the book. πŸ™

      • Omg. Completely agree with the motorcycle scene.

    • Here here!

    • EXACTLY!!!!

      The entire movie of Twilight just annoyed me! They really needed to stick closer to the book on that one! Why would that have been so hard?
      The speech in Eclipse? Pissed me off so bad I refuse to watch the ending after I saw it the first time! Bella didn’t want forever without Edward! That was the whole freakin’ point!!!

      • I completely agree with you guys. Eclipse is my least favorite of the series. I was so disappointed with it. Especially with Bella’s speech about why she wanted to become a vampire. Ridiculous!!!

  6. I think we’re all agreement on the meadow scene. It just seemed so random that they walked into the forest from school and he follows her and the vampire conversation was awkward and the loves confession weird…definitely could use a makeover. Hey, how about following the book a little closer? Its only THE most important scene in the whole series that Stephenie had the dream and everything else followed… it’s only the scene that made me fall in love with Twilight because it was so sweet and intimate without being pornographic…

    And the reunion definitely could have been more fleshed out. And more of the sexy scenes in Eclipse. They didn’t have to keep all of them, but to put the leg hitch and proposal in the same scene and that was it? When the book came out, we fans were so excited by the more sexy (though still tasteful) scenes. Leg hitch, proposal, a bunch of different making out scenes, what about Edward calling Bella sexy in the riding jacket? They didn’t have to keep those exact circumstances, but I for one would have thought it would be cute if he called her sexy just to cheer her up or something.

  7. Faye massenroe says:

    I changed my mind. While the whole series is from Bella’s point of view, I think it would be nice to see more of Edwards view, especially when Bella gets pregnant! They are a newly married couple and decisions about pregnancy(expected or not) should be made together. Stephenie Meyer, please complete Midnight Sun!

  8. “Spider Monkey” – I cringe every time.

  9. Most of New Moon should be re-shot…The make-up and costumes were horrible. Edward (Rob) in a tweed jacket, baggy pants and pasty make-up was ridiculous! He looked so hot in Twilight and then to see him in NM was a big let down. Eclipse wasn’t much better, either. At least in BD the make-up improved, but Rob never looked at good as in Twilight.

    • JustMe44 says:

      I completely agree about your Twilight movie statements. Edward was amazing looking in Twilight, minus the horrid makeup job, but at least he looked manly and strong. In New Moon he just looked like a junky. He improved a little in Eclipse and then in BD1 but still not as good as he looked in Twilight. I felt the makeup in BD1 was better, but too much. I don’t understand how when I watch other vampire movies the makeup looks fine, but in a multi-million dollar franchise it is embarrassing. Also I felt in Twilight that the atmosphere of the movie was great, and the score really fit the movie. But I was disappointed about the meadow scene and the blood typing scene πŸ™

    • What’s up with the wigs? The only one that pulled it off was Alice.

      The hair & makeup in New Moon was terrible!!! I thought everyone looked much better more “natural” in Twilight. Eclipse was ok – except for Bryce as Victoria…she looked like she was wearing a lego helmet. It never moved!!! It’s like it’s glued to her head!

      Then Breaking Dawn – really with the wigs again? The makeup was ok I guess – but looking at beautiful Carlisle, Rosalie, Jasper & Emmett with their hair & makeup was distracting…& I can’t stand Bella’s wig either.

      Sorry if this calls your attention to something you didn’t already notice, but the wigs (& sometimes makeup) caused me so much distraction throughout the different movies.

  10. Blame the screen writer for messing everything up Melissa .. She is so arogant .. Rosenberg !!! The Jacob fan !!!

    • Oh, I hear, my friend. For me, the whole saga deserved a reboot! I hated the way they twisted everything just to make Jacob look good and Edward turn into some stupid, weak character. Melissa has butchered B&E moments in all the movies. Eclipse movie was a freaking nightmare.

      • I have to agree.

        Eclipse was all about the changes, and choices, that Bella makes – namely, whether to live a basically human/mortal life with Jacob, or to pursue immortality (and all its attendant risks) by choosing Edward. So with that choice, Bella faces three questions:

        1. Does she believe in herself enough to make this choice?
        2. The path to greatness (i.e., helping others) is by becoming wise and responsible; thereby, helping herself. So, is choosing Edward or Jacob the best choice for everyone (and herself)?
        3. By making this choice (Edward), and accepting the responsibilities, will she overcome the challenges of immortality, e.g., Werewolves, Victoria, Volturi? And thus become *worthy* of immortality? Or will she fail, and die as a lowly mortal should?

        Bonus: it’s a marriage choice, so it’s a BFD, and *everything* depends on it.

        So those choices are the same types of choices all heroes make, “Heroics 101.” People suspect that “life sucks and then you die;” heroes prove to us otherwise. That’s why we like stories about heroes.

        And over and over, Melissa has undermines Bella’s chance at becoming a hero, and thus undermines the dramatic point of the entire film…

        And worse, she does that by exhalting Jessica, the school’s bitchy contrast to Bella. In the movie, Bella isn’t the hero; Jessica is. And she becomes a hero by heading opposite what Bella is struggling with, and violating Heroics 101 over and over.

        1. At lunch: Jessica agrees with Mike while preparing her valedictorian (?!?!?!) speech, claiming that believing in yourself is irrelevant to how things go in life.

        2. Her speech: The only way to figure out what you want is to live irresponsibly, make lots of wrong choices, especially in terms of love/sex, since the consequences are irrelevant.

        3. At the party: Jessica announces that she is the moral leader of the high school and is destined to greatness.

        Bonus: Bella agrees(!), apparently deciding that if her decision to marry Edward is wrong, it won’t really matter.

        This is all so morally wrong, I just can’t believe they left it in the script. All three points — and the bonus of who you choose to marry — are so obviously untrue, they’re absurd, but it throws the whole movie off the tracks by upending the themes, violating the rules of Heroics 101, and making Bella’s “marriage choice” irrelevant and unimportant.

        And then, in the final meadow scene, Bella announces that her real breakthrough in the film is that she’s learned to be selfish. While Edward grins.

        Yes, taking care of yourself is important — which is why we teach it to toddlers. Society asks for more from our heroes. And newsflash: Jessica is not the hero of Eclipse.

  11. Oh mercy, its in New Moon, I mean, you absolutely don’t even care if Edward comes back, they made it
    where…who cares, and it wasn’t like that at all, I pined for him to come back, and the reunite was horrific,
    it was nothing like the book, nothing. That was the most awkward bedroom reunite ever. again, nothing like the book. They could redo the almost the whole thing… there were some good moments, but the bad stuff far out
    weighed the good. But if I could only pick one scene, definately the reunite…

    • Melissa has been a Jacob fan from the beginning .. He would not have so much screen time if not for her!!!! The whole movie is suppose to be Bella and Edward … I’m sure she messed up bd2 also .. When Stephan heard Bella got on a motorcycle she jumped on a plane to go to filming site … They had to add lines to soften it .. Melissa is such a women’s lib activist .. She makes me sick .. This is a love story about Bella and Edward .. Keep it that way !!!

      • Christina says:

        I agree totally!

      • Christina says:

        As for BD2, we’ve already seen Edward ask Bella if she wants him to run her a bath. WTF?!?!??!??!?!??!??!??!?!??!??!?!??!!?! That I can recall this question is NEVER asked and the subject of bathing at all by vampires is never mentioned in the entire SERIES. That was probably just what SHE thought would be “hot”. What a dumbass. (Though if we get to see them in the bathtub together naked, I take it all back.)

      • I agree wholeheartedly with that, I also croaked when I saw that motorcycle scene…Melissa butchered the script, and I am not a fan at all…. just love we could see our characters come to life…grateful for that..but someday maybe someone will do it right…we can hope…

  12. I would reshoot all of the Bryce Dallas Howard’s scenes in Eclipse with Rachel Leferve as Victoria.

    • I think you win the thread.

      That change was really… weird. And soooo unnecessary.

    • YES! Absolutely! I cringe when I see Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. Rahcel Laferve was a perfect Victoria. Eclipse just wasn’t as appealing without her. My favorite scene in New Moon is when the wolves are chasing her in the woods – right before the cliff diving scene – and she just looks so bad-A. Love her.

    • This, I fear, will be very unpopular but I thought Bryce Dallas Howard to be a better Victoria. The childlike voice, the facial expressions were just what I saw when reading the book.

      Yes, for the sake of continuity it was a shame that Rachelle was dropped but I do wonder if people would have been more accepting of BDH had she been cast for Twilight?

      • I agree with you. I think Bryce did a phenomenal job…. EXACTLY how I pictured her…. I think the hair was perfect, everything was perfect…. however for some reason, the hair doesn’t seem to suit her for some reason, I can’t place it…. but I like Rachelle…. but I loved Bryce a thousand times better πŸ˜€

  13. I agree completely. The meadow scene was a disaster! So awesome in the book and in the movie was strange and awkward. The best part of new moon is when Bella believes she is dreaming and Edward has to “convince” her. The quote about the night sky and Bella being his meteor was my favorite in the whole series and it was just left out of the movie! Instead he just says he loves her and she believes him! That would never have happened!

  14. Rosalie’s story in Eclipse. This was important and they downplayed it too much. Also Rosalies and Bella’s relationship in Breaking Dawn was too downplayed.

    • they always downplay Rosalie except in Twilight. I feel bad for Nikki Reed, because she’s such a great character.

  15. I would like to have seen Bella in tears when Edward left her in the woods during New Moon. I nearly cried at that point in the book, but the movie had no effect on me. It was okay, but wast mostly lots of deep breaths and odd camera angles. I would also liked to see just about every single mumbling scene re-shot during Twilight and Eclipse. It was very hard to hear them (Edward and Bella) at many points.

    • Totally agree about Bella not crying in NM. C’mon!! When my favorite guy broke up with me, I cried so hard I was choking! You know, the gulping, crying, sometimes silent screaming- where was that? Bella mumbling around the woods didn’t do it for me!

    • Gosh i cannot make my own comment because i keep responding to other peoples comments. Hahaha. You guys are so dead on about every single thing. How about every single mumbling scene in every single movie. It has been hard to hear them in every movie.

  16. Jennifer says:

    I just wish that they had shown Alice meeting Jasper. I was so so so disappointed when it was not in the film.

  17. I would have liked to see a few things different, not that I’ve thought about it much πŸ˜‰
    1. The background stories of the Cullens told more accurately especially Edward’s confession in Twilight, not BD
    2. The scene in the meadow at the end of Eclipse, Bella said that Edward was only the secondary reason she wanted to be immortal, which is a blatant contradiction to the cannon story
    3. I would have liked to see them telling Charlie about the engagement,
    4. The fact that Edward and Bella reconciled before meeting the Volutri in Italy degraded the sacrifice she made for him
    5. Alice’s vision of Bella as an immortal in NM could have been much better done, by just showing the descriptions in the book – Bella and Alice side by side happily as immortals, and glimpses of Bella’s marriage to Edward
    6. I would have liked to see more of the reconciliation between Bella and Edward at the end of NM, maybe on the plane ride home, or the run to the Cullen house because that’s what solidified their union irrevocably.

  18. All of Twilight needs to be re-done. I haven’t watched it seen it came out on DVD, I cringe every time. We missed so much about Bella and the Cullen’s. They should have followed the book (Hello, Lord of the Rings it the right way to transfer novel to films!) more than they did. Bella and Edward should be more playful with each other and not so….blah. I would have liked to have seen more of the Cullen’s like combine Midnight Sun with Twilight. I think it would have made the movie a hell of a lot better.

    Edward looked really good in Twilight and ever since then he’s looked…..weird. They should have kept him in the same attire. In New Moon, he should have wore a modern suit with his dress shirt un-tucked, a tie hanging loosely around his neck, a black dress jacket and slacks. That would have made him look younger and, quite frankly, it looks hot on a guy. After he left Bella, he should have been in lose fit jeans with a black long sleeve shirt. In Eclipse, he should have looked like a high school student: dark wash jeans, t-shirts….Oh, lookie here the Twilight look!

    Get rid of the blue film! EWWWWW!

    Chapter 5: Blood Type should have been in the film, we learn about Bella’s evasion to blood, which, by the way, has never been mentioned in the series. The Cullen’s backgrounds needed to be more fleshed out. We didn’t even learn about Jasper’s ability until New Moon in a quick mention and even then some people missed it. The Denali Clan should have been mention before hand instead of all of sudden there they are!

    Irina’s relationship with Laurent should have been mentioned in Eclipse. The dream scene in NM when Edward returns should have been in the film. Alice and Bella’s relationship was nonexistent in the films and Rosalie’s attitude with Bella should not have been downplayed. Emmett’s personality should have been more pro-dominant along with Jacob and Rose’s arguments in BD. We could have used some laughs in this series.

    This should have been a great series and ease to transfer to film, but instead they took to many liberties. It might have been a good TV series. In the book, we laughed, cried, and enjoyed the ride however the movies made us cringe after the high wore off of first watching them. It should be like the book when we return to read them all the time. I would not be surprised if the entire series is re-made in the next ten years and if so they had better make it the right way.

    Twilight was the absolute worst and Breaking Dawn, even though it has some issues, was the best.

    1. Breaking Dawn Part 1 (I’m hoping part two will be awesome)
    2. Eclipse
    3. New Moon (technically, this should be with Twilight)
    4. Twilight

    • I completely agree with everything you said. Seriously, it was supposed to be light. And they pushed way too much back thinking they didn’t need it, but that just made the other directors have to pick up the slack when they needed it, and it looked sloppy. Haven’t the directors ever heard of foreshadowing? Hello! HP is so great and respected because it had amazing foreshadowing. Twilight had some, too, but not in the movies. Ugh.

      And the fact that they don’t have Bella’s thoughts in the movies is a real problem. That’s how the readers really knew and respected her. We knew she’d never choose anyone other than Edward, but the movie audience doesn’t see that so clearly. Actually, they don’t get the mates thing at all. It kills me that they never explain that in the films. Vampire mates are the equivalent of wolves’ imprinting and vice versa.

      Ugh. I really hope the movies are remade, honestly. Hopefully they’ll be more accurate then. I do like these ones, despite my issues with them, but they just messed too much up. And it’s unfair when people say bad things about Twilight just because the films aren’t done right.

      I hate how TVD gets so much praise when the books were sort of awful, and the show just rips off of Twilight. Of course, a lot of TVD fans usually haven’t read either book series, and just hate Twilight because of the movies and stupid animosity between fandoms. Grr! Honestly, fans of TVD TV show would probably like the Twilight books. As much as I hate to say this, the way they write Stefan and Elena is what Edward and Bella should have been…

      Anyway, I also agree with your list of fav Twi movies. However, I prefer New Moon over Eclipse. Just because that one was more accurate in my opinion. I still cringe when Bella gets on that motorcycle with Jake. Why didn’t anyone listen to Stephenie? That would have solved everything. And I hate how the movies make certain characters (Bella) people they weren’t. And not in a good way.

      Shutting up now.


      • I agree with you except I like the Vampire Diaries. I wasn’t a fan of the book series, but the show is better than the books. I think Bella and Edward should have been more like Elana and Stefan in some respects. At least they laugh and smile. The changes in the series from the book have made it better and more enticing.

        I totally agree with you in your second note!


  19. I wouldn’t change a thing about Twilight, even “butt-crack Santa”, “spider monkey”, the cheesy meadow visual and sound effects. The movie has a shoestring indie film, fever dream charm of its own and is still my favorite of the series.

    Eclipse: Even though Bryce Howard did a very good job, I still miss Rachelle Lefevre in the role.

    Breaking Dawn 2: Add blood coming out of Bella’s mouth during birth scene. But I can see why it was taken out.

    A word on Melissa Rosenberg: Fans of Percy Jackson, Jumper, Eragon, Cirque du Freak, and Blood & Chocolate might tell Twilight fans just how good they have it in terms of films being faithful to source novels. Hardwicke and Rosenberg deserve a lot of credit for being true to the books as opposed to the Underworld/Buffy-imitating mess of an earlier plan for the Twilight adaptation. And I happen to like a lot of the changes. The newborn army emerging from the water, the bloody wedding cake, “Face Punch” …

  20. I’m going to have to go with the meadow and the return scene from Italy. I won’t go into why, because everyone here’s already done such a terrific job with those two.

    If I had to choose another one, though, it’d be Edward and Bella’s first conversation in the cafeteria. We only got, what? Three lines in that scene? (Though they did do a good job with the superhero talk.) Come on! Where were things like, “I’m going to let the chips fall where they may”? Also, I really missed the bloodtyping scene the most. But since they didn’t even shoot that…

    Actually, I miss all the scenes where they got to know each other. People that haven’t read the books think they fall in love too fast, but that really wasn’t the case. I feel like in the movies, Jacob and Bella have this beautiful relationship where they know each other perfectly, but Edward and Bella don’t know each other at all. Edward’s flashback in BD did NOT help that, but I am glad they finally got his backstory in the movie series. Edward and Bella just seem too physical in the movies. I know a lot of fans of just the movies think that’s what their relationship’s about. And it’s like, “No. There was a lot more, too. Edward actually always pushed her away when things heated up too much for his control.”

    Oh! And the Mind Over Matter part of the movie. And their first date. It’s a crime that movie fans know nothing of dazzling (or why the movies are called what they are). I also wanted to see the scene when Edward gave in to Bella at the end of Eclipse…. There are a lot of scenes that I thought could have been better, honestly.

    I don’t mean this in a cruel way, but I feel like the movies really neglected showing all the good qualities of Edward (which made the hate for him even worse than it would have been if they’d written him right), and just why Bella and him fell in love. There are too many serious moments between them, and not enough light ones. I also think they made all of the movies much too serious. I enjoyed the Twilight Saga because of Stephenie’s humor. If only the movies were more accurate like HP and THGs’.

    I also feel like the characters have completely different personalites from movie to movie. Probably because of the different directors, and having to add things in the character that were neglected before. Anyway…

    • Faye massenroe says:

      Didn’t stephenie sign off on the meadow scene? Since it’s what she used to base the book on?

  21. I am happy about the casting, of course. But I feel like Rob and Kris have interpreted them to almost never smile. Bella is insecure, of course, but she is at least more heartwarming and doesn’t seem so completely gone away and unrealistic in the books. So I’d love to have seen Bella smile and seem more like – at least – how I interpreted her from the books. Also, Edward too, I guess – I’d want him to pant less in Twilight. However weird that seems..

    And I’d love to see more scenes when they dicuss music and literature, really. And I feel as if they made Edward too tense than he really was in Eclipse, the movie. But still, I think the movies are quite good – yet, something very different from the books πŸ™‚

    • Christina says:

      Exactly!! Haters always say “well why would a 100 year old vampire fall in love with an 18 year old high school girl?” because they haven’t read the books, but Bella says herself that they talk for HOURS AND HOURS and then for DAYS about music, books, their likes and dislikes, etc. etc. etc. and from there the relationship really begins to blossom. All of that is completely gone from the movies–there was a brief sort of montage in Twilight that’s supposed to show the progression of their relationship–you know that one where they just play really loud music and you see them talking?–but I think most people/haters probably missed it.


    if i had to pick one scene it would be the meadow scene of confronting Edward being a vampire and then laying there… horrid

  23. I do enjoy the movies. I think they did the best job they could and I agree with all the comments on what should be rewritten. I’m looking forward to the day when each book can be done in an A&E Pride and Prejudice style: 5 hrs. a piece, with the screenwriter sticking to the books as they were written.

    • Wonderful idea!!! A mini-series! I don’t want it in series format. That would just drag out non-existent storylines, but a mini-series, where we can watch the building romance! YES! Great idea.

    • Moonbeam says:

      Oh Marie you are SO RIGHT. Someday, they should do Twilight as a mini-series, just like the BBC/A&E Pride & Prejudice series. And if they can find another Colin Firth to play Edward, all the better.

  24. Well, I’d love to see Eclipse reshot by a new director. The series is supposed to be a love story about a girl and a vampire, not a story about vampires with a couple scenes thrown in about a love story.

    I know the budget was low for Twilight, but they could’ve spent a little more on make up. In the biology scene, Edward’s face is white and his neck is red. And, in some of the scenes, his face is smooth, where in others he has stubble. Not cool when your hair isn’t supposed to grow.

    I am happy with Bill Condon’s work on Breaking Dawn. I felt like he captured the mood of the series the best. Although, I did cringe a bit watching the wolves’ voiceover. I know that Bill Condon was limited to what he could do in that scene, but I felt like I was watching a Power Rangers episode.

  25. JustMe44 says:

    I want to see Bella fainting when Edward kisses her for the first time and then Edward telling her, “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” The meadow scene was just blah. Way too heavy, not enough dialogue, too much anger. It was embarrassing to see Edward running around yelling like that, losing his mind. I know it was an intense situation but when I read it Edward seemed a little more composed.

  26. Christina says:

    I would reshoot the scene in Breaking Dawn where she turns into a vampire. I still REALLY don’t get the incredibly poorly done CGI vein scenes. The entire scene would have been more effective had Kristin been simply reading from that part of the book, or having some sort of internal dialogue about not screaming, or overhearing all the dialogue around her with a clock ticking in the background…the way they chose to do it, with the “venom” moving through the “veins” was so poorly done I lol’ed.

  27. Twilibrarian says:

    Who knew? When Twilight was first filmed, did you think it would be the juggernaut it became? I sure didn’t. Now, here is how you refilm it: make it “Midnight Sun.” Tell the story from Edward’s perspective. Tell it to Renesmee. Sort of a bedtime story, how I met your mother.

    I agree, the backstories could have been much stronger, but directors and screenwriters twist things we love about the books to try to make the story flow on screen. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I missed “blood typing” (“You can smell the blood?”) and hated the field trip. (“You can Google it.”) I missed the paralyzing desperation Bella feels when Edward leaves, but I also missed the devastion he feels when leaving her TO PROTECT HER, not abandon her. Jacob needed to fight harder, like he does in the books.

    I missed Alice’s & Bella’s relationship. I would have loved to see “the sex talk” between the boys: compassionate Carlisle, emotion-controlling Jasper, Emmett being himself. BD1 needed some humor. Charlie’s reaction to the engagement was a huge hole. While the wedding was all I’d hoped for, I would have played up the naivete of Bella’s human friends. Nobody notices the eyes, the buff wolf-pack or the cold skin?? Jessica’s pregnancy comment was priceless.

    The critics have ripped all the previous films for whatever reason they can think of. Let’s hope and pray that with some critical reshoots Condon succeeds.

    Oh, and while we’re on the topic of movies…..a little film series called “Harry Potter” gave us Rob Pattinson. (Thank you, HP!) C’mon, admit it. You read and watched all the HP books/movies; you wouldn’t be a TwiHard if you didn’t. It goes without saying, we TwiHards have gotten on the Hunger Games bandwagon, too. So, wouldn’t it be spectacular if the Twilight Saga gave XAVIER SAMUEL (Riley Beers in Eclipse) the “Rob Pattinson treatment,” and helped cast him as Finnick O’Dair in “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay?”

    That’s the opinion of this 61 year old magical, hungry high school “twilibrarian!!”

    • JustMe44 says:

      I have to say I agree with everything you said except the thing about Xavia Samuel. I thought his acting was horrible in Eclipse. I cringe everytime I watch it. And to cast him as Finnick O’Dair… oh me, oh my.. just no. I could not handle that.

      • Twilibrarian says:

        I’ll agree to disagree. I liked Xavier Samuel in Eclipse. But again, Riley is a much stronger character in the books (thanks Stephenie) than in the movie (boo Melissa.) If you aren’t given the right words to say, and the right scene in which to act, you cannot blame the actor. The screenwriter & director share some of this blame.

        • Christina says:

          Riley was HOT. He should totally play Finnick–though I always pictured him with blonde hair? I can’t remember if it says what hair color he has in the books or not, that’s just how I personally pictured him. Dye Xavier’s hair and let’s go! Lol!

        • JustMe44 says:

          Okay, I can agree with you about the screenwriting and directing. And I’ve also not ever seen Xavier Samuel in anything else to base his acting off of. I think my expectations were kind of high for his part b/c I didn’t get to see the movie until a couple weeks after it had been out, by which time I had already heard all this great stuff about how good his part was played. I just couldn’t really agree with that. I wouldn’t mind to see him in other parts in other movies. My concern is mainly due to the fact that I want Finnick’s part to be played by an actor that has impressed me in something else. But more than likely I will not even know the actor they cast as Finnick and just hope for the best. If Xavier can pull it off, then I’m all for it. I just wouldn’t want to choose him based on his acting in Eclipse.

  28. A few more things that have come to mind after reading all these great comments: The thing that bothered me the most about Eclipse is the FAKE SNOW. Poor Bella was shivering like mad in the tent, and then, the next day, they are hanging out in the snow waiting for Victoria to show and she doesn’t even shiver, even though she’s not even wearing a heavy jacket.

    In Breaking Dawn, I am still mourning the loss of the “Fido” dog bowl scene, and the whole dynamic between Rosalie and Jacob. It was so beautifully done in the book and I laugh out loud every time I read it.

    The one thing I think of when the first movie comes to mind is “purple”. It’s so PURPLE.

  29. Twilight – The scene where Bella slips on the ice. You can see Kristen’s knee pads under her jeans and it kills me. I also hate when Edward is talking with Bella in the hallway at school and he mutters something about the fluorescent lights and LITERALLY runs away.

    New Moon – Didn’t love Bella crying in the woods. The rest of the movie, I love.
    Eclipse – Obviously anything with Kristen’s wig. It is particularly bad in the scene with her mom when Renee is giving her the quilt. I also like BDH, but not as Victoria. I absolutely hate the part where Victoria dies and her face breaks like a porcelain doll and then Edward pulls out a lighter and there is a huge fiery explosion? Are vamps flammable or something?

    BD – I really loved BD. I didn’t like the scene at the beginning with Edward and Bella talking about cold feet and Edward remember his days at the theater.

  30. I want the part in New Moon where Edward gave ths speech, “Before you Bella, my life was like a moonless night…” you know readers what I mean. It’s just the speech was so beautiful I was sad when they didn’t show that on the movie.

  31. I also miss the Charlie – Alice friendship. πŸ™‚

    • Yes!!!! I loved those moments. Alice and Emmett were my favorite characters and I feel like the makers of the film only wanted to focus on the love triangle than to let us in on the Cullen family more…. Hopefully they are going to make it better in BD2…. πŸ˜€

  32. radiowidow says:

    Ok, I know this is a minor thing compared to the other things discussed here, but I cringed looking at what they did to the character Carlisle’s hair in Breaking Dawn.

  33. I must admit for me it was the wolf pack scene in BD 1 when Jacob says ‘I- will-not-fight. I am the Grandson of Ephraim Black…’ CRINGE!!!! apart from that i loved BD (incidently I regularly think of how I would reshoot that and im not sure i have come up with a better alternative (yet) but that sequence makes me cringe.

    Also i love Chris Weitz but the costumes in New Moon were awful (yes Alice the world best dressed vampire looked terrible) and I also would reshoot when alice comes to bella’s house after bella cliff dives, i would have loved to have seen Bella cry and better interaction between jacob and alice.

  34. Lynne Stringer says:

    Motorcycle scene. Enough said.

  35. For starters, and this would be behind the scenes, fire Melissa Rosenberg and either hire someone that can remain neutral or is Edward biased since MR, SM and Summit seem to be Team Jacob. And fire the charming marketer/suits that decided to really push the “love” triangle”/teams.

    Any vampire scene post Twilight except the scene with Laurent in NM to get consistent hair and makeup as each film seems to progressively get worse for the Cullen’s, especially the wigs for Nikki, Peter, Jackson and Ashley. I would also insist that either Rachelle Lefevre returns as Victoria or someone that looks like her instead of Bryce Dallas Howard as I think she was only hired because of her name to play Victoria in EC. (Personally, I don’t care if she was the original choice for the character, she turned down the role of Victoria. If Summit really wanted her in the movies once she voiced interest, she should’ve been cast as like Tanya or one of the BD vamps.)

    The meadow scene in the first one as that was my absolute favourite part of the book and what inspired the entire series; I think what we saw is one of the biggest reasons the general public mocks the series. I would also drop the sound when Edward sparkles in the first one, and tone down the sparking a bit.

    Add in the Alice/James subplot to the first one, even if it was just in passing by James to give another reason as to why he wants Bella dead and doesn’t like the Cullen’s.

    Add more scenes in the first one that follow canon as to how Edward and Bella came to be. And really, if Bella is going to have a Mac, find another plausible reason as to why she’s going with the girls for dress shopping rather than for a book to look up a single word before going back to Google and searching that word. Add more of the reunion and following scenes from NM in.

    Make Bella’s wardrobe slightly more feminine by having Bell wear a proper dress shoe to prom instead of the sneaker she wore even if it were a ballet flat, and wear more girly tops. Absolutely no plaid whatsoever.

    Drop the motorbike scene from EC unless a slightly more canonical one is used instead of making Bella look like a two-timer by getting angry with Edward before jumping on the back of Jacob’s bike.

    Don’t have Bella telling Edward to shut up at the vote scene in NM. Additionally, make Bella’s speech in EC follow what was present in the book more rather than making it seem like the only reason she wants Edward to change her is because of wanting to be a vampire.

    Make references to the book titles like they did in the books for EC and TW in the movies.

    Either find Rob a razor for the first and third movies or insist that he keep similar facial hair throughout the series.

    Make more of Jacob’s book personality shine through rather than whitewashing,IMO. Especially in BD. I felt that part of his anger at not being the one Bella chose wasn’t present. Much like I would have more of Edward’s book personality present since he’s seen as an angry, overbearing jerk where as Jacob is presented as the sweet underdog that Bella should’ve chosen.

    An actress playing Bella that doesn’t constantly have a sour look on her face since the only time that Kristen seemed to fit Bella, IMO, was in NM. In BD when Bella and Edward were going on their honeymoon,Bella shouldn’t’ve looked so upset in the car.

    A reason for the voice over like in NM where we see Bella writing emails to Alice.

    Bella’s Lullaby. Aside from expecting something epic, it should’ve been something that each different score composer used to tie all the scores together much like they could with Hedwig’s Theme for HP. I was kinda disappointed with the EC score since it was Howard Shore (who did the wonderful scores to Peter Jackson’s LOTR), and NM score by Alexandre Desplat (who later went on to do the final two HP movies). Additionally, I loved the indie band feeling that was present in TW and felt that the last three soundtracks have been too commercialized. These might not be cause for reshoots, but they still bother me to no end.

    Find a way to make the mountain kiss between Bella and Jacob less cringe worthy in EC, even if what we got was the reshoot (that SM reportedly wanted because the first one wasn’t steamy enough for her liking).

    There’s probably more, but I honestly cannot think of them right now.

  36. Gay Bunnell says:

    For sure the Meadow scene. Twilight in general needs to have a remake. I love Catherine and I’ve even met her, but they missed on Twilight. Also, I never understood why they didn’t use more from the books and just increase the time on the movie length. Gosh Hunger Games is 2 hrs & 22 minutes long and those books aren’t nearly as long as the Twilight books!!!

  37. You all are wrong lol. The part in New Moon where they randomly brought up Jasper’s ability. ( didn’t read all the comments so I don’t know if anyone mentioned this scene) Here’s a list though.

    Re-vamped (not in any special order or anything, just as I think of them):
    1) Meadow scene (Twilight)
    2) Hospital scene after fight with James (T)
    3) Intro to Edward and Bella meeting in class (T)
    4) Scratch from 1-3… Why don’t they just re-do the first forty five minutes of Twilight. All the acting in those forty odd minutes sucked major you know whats. After Bella finds out about Edward being a vamp, things get better. However, they should re-do the intro to the family scene with the awkward cooking.
    5) I for the most part think that New Moon is the best movie they made so far. HOWEVER, the scene where Eddie gets his ass kicked at the end…. Bella describes him in the book as pretty much indestructible…. he’s her protector, if he gets beat up all the time, it makes him look bad.
    6) The awkward fight (?) can I even call it a fight? In Eclipse where Jacob gets punched and Jacob and Edward do this awkward hug type thing, where they claw at eachother’s shoulders…. That seems like bad acting to me. Kristen was halfheartedly like, (barely touches Eddie’s shoulder) “Edward, no….. don’t harm Jacob….. please. Don’t….” lol not really quoted but I don’t know. In the book, she mentioned that she kinda would like them to get into a fight cuz Jake would deserve it…. so maybe that’s what KStew was trying to depict.
    7) In Breaking Dawn they need to re-do how Renesmee looks because I thought she was supposed to have longer curly hair. I like Mackenzie a lot but I think she’s too old to play Renesmee.
    8) CHANGE THE WHOLE part with Jake leaving the pack in BD. It made me laugh the first time I saw it….
    9) Look on Bella’s face when she breaks her spine from Renesmee had me almost rolling laughing. They need to have KStew re-do that scene. lol Her belly just kinda pops up and her spine goes in an awkward place….. cracked me up. Don’t know why, just bad acting I suppose.

    Stuff they needed to add!!!!
    1) In Twilight they left out the whole James and Alice bit.
    2) Bio/ Blood typing scene
    3) They left out major convos with Eddie and Bella…. they had loud music instead of letting us in on what they were talking about. I’m really sad that they left out the convos that had when he was driving her to school.
    4) Jasper’s ability shoulda been in Twilight but they threw it in New Moon for some stupid reason.
    5) Alice getting to be the maid of honor in Eclipse. This part made me smile, was the end of Eclipse where Bella tells Alice that she can be the maid of honor and such.
    6) I can’t remember, but I do believe they left out Emmett’s story from the movies.
    7) The before car in BD.
    8) Bella telling Charlie and Renee about the proposal. Greatest part in the book!!!! lol
    9) The psycho kids who wanted pics of her car.
    10) The Rosalie and Jacob parts in BD…. “FIDO!” lmfao, my favorite parts in BD centered around it.
    11) Bella’s dreams about the kid in BD were missing.
    12) As happy as I am with Melissa for leaving this part out, I remember in the book that Eddie wanted Jake to offer pups to Bella lol as long as Bells aborts Renesmee. I’m glad she left it out…. but it was in the book nonetheless.
    I may have missed a LOT but I couldn’t think straight. These are just my opinions so hopefully I haven’t offended anyone. Have a good day EVERYONE!

  38. I agree with most of the above comments, but what got me was how depressing New Moon seemed. Yes they were going through tough times in the books, and it was necessary, BUT there were way more happy, loving, and joking times. Edward looked like he had diarrhea in most of New Moon, it was like he wasn’t capable of being happy, or they showed only most of the depressing scenes. I was always team Edward in the books-no question about it, but as far as the movies he just seemed (most of the time) depressed.

    AND the kissing scene in New Moon after her birthday party was awful, and it sounded awful.

  39. Does anyone every question why Edward was made to look like such a weak fighter? In the boots, he was protracted as being a mind reader that could anticipate a person move and react so quickly, he couldn’t be caught or fought.

  40. Vampire-girl says:

    The Meadow scene in Twilight looked like a field, not enough flowers. Eclipse was lovely meadow.
    New Moon better reunion.
    Eclipse – Bella would not have left Edward standing there.
    Breaking Dawn – Edward’s back story was misplaced. I loved how in the wedding everything disppeared when they kissed like Bella says it’s just Edward and herself in a bubble.
    What did they do with the sparkles in BD just before they jumped off the cliff into the waterfall, I really hope they don’t use that for BD2 as the sparkles were better in NM and Eclipse.

    I don’t agree with they should fill the entire series because then different actors would be used and people would be bashing them before it started.

  41. Melissa Rosenberg butchered these movies. They had all of the ingredients for a well done, if not juvenile, series, and boy did her presence destroy it. I’m sorry, but the dialogue in the films is beyond bad. It’s embarassing! Eclipse… dear goodness. That was just painful to watch. BD1 was better, but the sappy bedroom scene just sucked the life out of the characters. And that is what we loved about them. Their humanity. Instead, we got poorly written, one dimensional mush factories. Stephanie should have paid her way out of that contract.

    • I agreed. I have always always said that Melissa Rosenberg should have been fired after the first movie. People who have watch the movies only think they are bad because of the source material. It is not true. The books are so beautiful and unforgettable. Edward is one of the greatest characters to come along in the last 20 years and we who have read the books will never forget him. What Melissa has done to him should be a crime.

  42. Don’t know where to begin. Everyone above, have done a perfect summary of the problems with the meadow, blood typing, reunion scenes, fights that never happened, etc., so I won’t repeat those. Instead, I tell you all of the above mentioned problem come down to two things; Writer and Director.

    Catherine and Melissa, hated Bella. They have said before, that they thought she was whimpy; That Bella was not an independent feminist, because she took care of her dad (cooking, cleaning), was too clutzy, quiet, and let people walk all over her. She was not a good rolemodel.

    The Bella from the book, was kind, thoughtful, very intelligent, independent, morally strong, loyal, brave, and humble. Sounds like a fantastic rolemodel to me. Yet, Catherine and Melissa decided those traits were whimpy, and not those of a modern woman.

    THAT was where all the problems started. They did not understand the character. They didn’t like her, and decided to rewrite Bella into their own ideal teen protagonist. She doesn’t cook for her dad, she talks back to Edward, blood doesn’t make her woozy, and she doesn’t have 2 left feet.

    As a result, movie Bella lost her relatability. She looked like a pathetic, flustered, little girl pining over an angry guy who dumped her. Very opposite of the book character.

    Book Bella was mature for her age, because she grew up with a flaky, irresponsible mother, who couldn’t cook, forgot to wash clothes, and was nothing but a big kid herself. Bella HAD to grow up fast – she learned to cook, clean, make adult decisions, like paying bills, and take care of herself and her mother. How is that not independent?!

    You know what else, she didn’t do any of those things grudgingly! Where some would whine that they had a tough life, she did it out of love and concern for her mother. THEN, Bella chose to move across country, to an unfamiliar place (it had been years since she’d been there, because she hated the rain), so that her mother could be with her new husband.

    If you’re going to have a problem with someone, let it be Rene, NOT Bella. Rene was the crappy mom, but compassionate Bella, doesn’t look at it that way. And, she doesn’t even stop to complain or think about it, when those duties move with her to Fork’s. Charlie proved he couldn’t cook, and so, to prevent starvation, she took over the job. Oh, and what’s wrong with a kid doing chores? When did that become whimpy?

    The Twilight movie lacked the bonding moments,which Melissa and Catherine didn’t think were important; blood typing, discussions at the lab table, talks in the car and in the restaurant, talks in the cafeteria (Edward Cullen is looking at you!), hiking to the meadow (their outfits matched and they didn’t plan it!), back in his room (“I don’t sleep, but if I did I’d dream about you” – tell me your heart didn’t skip a beat when you read that line!). These, and others, were the moments where Bella and Edward were falling in love, and we missed all that. Instead, we get a few choppy scenes of them chatting, and then we jump to the “Meadow” where he gets mad at her, and we are expected to believe that they’ve fallen in love.

    Know why those were left out? Catherine said, that no one wants to see people sitting around talking. Yea, those type of scenes in movies never work out, and end up as failures. Hmmm… The Breakfast Club, The Notebook, 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink – should I go on? I can name much more serious fare; 12 Angry Men and A River Runs Through It. All movies where people spent large amounts of time, sitting/standing around and just talking. But, apparently, no one likes to go to those type of movies, so Catherine and Melissa knew those scenes had to be scaled down or left out, to keep the momentum of the movie going. Sigh.

    Ok, I didn’t hate the movies. I was disappointed in Twilight, but I’ve watched the movies get better and better. The problem is, the writer hasn’t changed. Melissa, is a woman who preferred Jacob over Edward, can’t relate to either Edward or Bella, and as a result, can’t do a decent adaptation of what the characters are truly all about.

    What do I want redone? The entire first movie would be a good start, without the handcam, blue tint, and music video style quick editing. Also, a screenplay which shows the characters from the book, as we love them; Quiet, smart, but pretty Bella Swan, never really fit in living in Phoenix, but a move to Forks, WA, causes her to meet Edward – a shy, intelligent, and extremly handsome young man, whose looks and mannerisms seem from another time- perhaps even otherworldly. After he saves her life, they slowly fall in love, but can their love overcome Edwards huge secret- that he’s a vampire. That’s the basis of the movie. That’s what I want to see, but this was missing from the movie.

    Instead, we got a poor summary, of their version of the book.

    I don’t get it. Why can’t people just follow the book? Is that so hard to ask?

  43. It’s odd, Twilight seems to be the movie least liked by fans, and yet for all it’s major flaws (meadow scene is a given, as is the lack of blood typing) isn’t this the movie we’ve hyperventiliated over the most? I know it’s the one movie in the franchise that could legally claim squatting rights inside my DVD player, that’s for sure.

    I think CH really nailed the atmosphere, and a chemistry between Rob and Kristen was extremely evident. It kept that movie in the machine for a long time. None of the other movies have really done that for me.Though I would add that I loved the wedding prep in Alice’s room and the ceremony itself was beautiful. Kristen in particular was amazing.

    I would change the New Moon reunite – there was a magic missing from that moment when she sees him with the white shirt at his feet. Despite admitting that she may have been able to make a life without Edward, that was the moment when you knew she needed him.

  44. – Twilight: The ‘I know your a vampire meadow scene’
    – New Moon: The Bella/Alice reunion scene for reasons mentioned by numerous others.
    – New Moon: Edward getting his ass kicked in Voltera (he is a mind reader for crying out loud that was pathetic)
    – Eclipse: The completely butchered scene of Edward confronting Jacob after she broke her hand on his face for kissing her.
    – Eclipse: Again Edward getting his ass kicked by Victoria and Riley. The book version was action-packed enough, the chance was completely unnecessary.
    – Eclipse: The weird noise and look when the newborns were killed, it looks more like ice thought that looked horrible.
    Breaking Dawn: I HATE the Edward flashback with a passion, it feels forced, awkward, unnecessary and about 4 movies to late.
    Breaking Dawn: I really miss them telling Charlie their getting married.
    Breaking Dawn: The incorrect nightmare; why not follow the book?
    Breaking Dawn: The extra 2 wolves (Colin & Brady?) introduction should have been mentioned.
    Breaking Dawn: All the Cullens getting their asses kicked by the wolves was a bit over the top. The knowledge of fighting styles goes both way’s and the Cullens should have been able to adjust to even the odds.
    The fight should have been hard but not like this.

    While I liked the idea of getting more fighting scenes; I was disappointed by how they did it.
    I feel like the Cullens ability’s and experience were mostly ignored which is sad.
    Especially Edwards and Alice’s fighting scenes could have been more, well more; you know?

  45. I wished we also could have seen Bella cooking for Charlie, it showed that she cared for and loved him. When my husband finally watched the movie with me, he thought she was disrespectful to her dad.

  46. Isabelle says:

    My sister said she would revamp all of twilight and the pack scenes in breaking dawn.

  47. “Hollywood” hated the books because they are pro-life, family oriented and about love. Hollywood includes Melisa Rosenberg–that is why she felt the need to change up the storyline, and also why the films got such bad reviews.

  48. I actually completely disagree about the meadow scene in Twilight. I thought Catherine Hardwick, Rob and Kristen nailed it. No, it wasn’t exactly like it was in the book, but those two had incredible chemistry, incredible tension, and the “lion fell in love with the lamb” line made my heart melt. Just like it did in the book.

    The scene that I would reshoot is in Eclipse when Edward says “Bella Cullen” or something and she goes “don’t I even get to keep my own name?” SHUT UP. Bella would NEVER say that. I was also angry that they left out the “extra” where Edward says how he understands why Bella kissed Jacob. That was totally essential. Another scene that was completely left out was the bedroom scene at the end of New Moon. VERY KEY, and not even in the movie in any way, shape, or form.

  49. I actually completely disagree about the meadow scene in Twilight. I thought Catherine Hardwick, Rob and Kristen nailed it. No, it wasn’t exactly like it was in the book, but those two had incredible chemistry, incredible tension, and the “lion fell in love with the lamb” line made my heart melt. Just like it did in the book.
    The scene that I would reshoot is in Eclipse when Edward says “Bella Cullen” or something and she goes “don’t I even get to keep my own name?” SHUT UP. Bella would NEVER say that. I was also angry that they left out the “extra” where Edward says how he understands why Bella kissed Jacob. That was totally essential. Another scene that they completely screwed up was bedroom scene at the end of New Moon. VERY KEY, and lasted like 2 seconds. This would have been SLIGHTLY forgivable if they had the plane scene, but they didn’t have that either.


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