Breaking Dawn Part 2 Storyboard Hints

We admit that we are probably one of the last ones to find this story, but we wanted to make sure everyone sees it just in case you haven’t been checking all the other great Twilight sites over the Easter weekend.  It seems that Twilight vef France and Breaking Dawn Forever stumbled upon a few Breaking Dawn Pt 2 Easter eggs of their own while watching the DVD for Breaking Dawn Pt 1.

The Storyboard shows two key scenes from Breaking Dawn Pt 2.  First is the hunting scene where we can see Bella being distracted by the scent of a nearby human.  As Amanda Bell points out, it’s a rock climber and not a fisherman as it is in the book.  But it’s the second scene in the storyboards that is sure to have fans cheering!  One of the finniest scenes in the Twilight saga is the arm wrestling scene, and from the looks of these images it will be included in the film.

There are also a few shots of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 script where cryptic words like “back tears” and “Phil” and “his hand” can be seen in image 1 as well as “Bella hugs her” and “I love you” and “separate, massive, and Charlie” in image 2 are clear but the majority of the words are blurred.  If you manage to decipher the text, let us know!  And leave us a comment – does this make you more excited for BD2?

See all the images here.


  1. in the book it was hunters not fishermen that she was distracted by in her first hunt.

    the arm wrestling ‘finniest’?

    Thank you for posting. TL and TwlightMoms are the only two sites visit.

  2. velvet409 says:

    I don’t know that I’d call these Easter eggs, as those are supposed to be hidden objects on the DVD that you find. These images can be seen plainly (albeit very quickly) during the final section of the making-of documentary on the BD1 special features disc. It’s nice to have screenshots of them to examine more closely though. 🙂

  3. I dont understand this . But i guess its just becuase of my headache, ill check it later.

  4. I can’t wait for this movie ! Tired of articles they need to give us something real.

  5. Emily White says:

    Looks to me as if the two sides of the script shown in the pictures on the original site are the left and right side of the same page. And from what I gather this is the scene from Breaking Dawn Part 1 as Edward and Bella leave the wedding for their honeymoon.

    For example, in the first photo you see Bella’s line that ends in “you and Phil take”, then (what I assume is) Renee’s reply (which I bet says “I love you , too, Baby”) followed by some stage directions that end in “towards Edward’s Volvo” in the first line and “its trunk” on the second line.

    If you look at the second picture of the script after the first lengthy line that says “Bella hugs her tighter”, my suppositions above line up with Bella saying the “I love you… care of” lines, which would leave the next lines for Renee “I love you..” . And finally the stage directions say, “As they separate, Alice… Jasper loads a massive”, which would correlate to that scene when Jasper walks by with all their luggage and Alice tells Bella that they’re all packed and ready to go. You can also make out Charlie’s name a few more times at the bottom of that page, which also supports the scene that I mentioned since after Alice’s statement, Bella goes and says goodbye to Charlie.

  6. Thank you for the mention ! 🙂

  7. Wow! I don’t own Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 so I wouldn’t know. Thank you!!

  8. Bella caught the scent of HIKERS on her first hunt in the book. Not fisherman or hunters.
    So, in the movie, she crosses thr scent of a rock climber?


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