Breaking Dawn 2 Title Treatment?

The French Twilight site, Twilight VEF France, told us about this one. They found it on ITunes (we haven’t been able to find the same link) EDITED: Sara in the comment section found the link

There is also a bluer version on that page as well. We uploaded it below.



  1. Ominous…

  2. Fiona Cullen says

    Is this confirmed to be the title treatment!?

    I love the swirling colours in the background, it is beautiful! The colour of the text is very similar to New Moon. If this really is the title treatment, this will be the last one released, ever… :'( I can’t bear for it all to end.

    • Michelle Gray says

      I really don’t believe that the Saga will end here… maybe it’s wishfull thinking, but I don’t think Stephenie Meyer would stop writing Twilight books – she loves her characters too much!! It is probably the end of Bella and Edward’s story, but there are other characters who’s stories are just waiting to be told…!

  3. I like the yellow on the clouds. If they do use this, I can’t wait to get the poster.

  4. sara cullen says
  5. Michelle Gray says

    I LOVE IT!! Especially the blue one… it reminds me of the beginning of the Twilight film, for some reason…

  6. I think it would be so cool if after the showdown with the Vulturi, the sun shines through the clouds and all the vampires sparkle.

  7. All Giddy!!! Eeeeeee!!!

    Can’t wait!!

  8. Joshua L. Roberts says

    It actually makes since… Break Dawn part 1 title color palette gave the feeling that the day was ending… as in Bella’s human life was coming to a close. The new palette gives the feeling of a sunrising, as in this is Bella’s new beginning.

  9. Have you contacted Summit/Lionsgate for confirmation?

  10. It looks really cool !! I cant wait !!!!

  11. The colours are great.

  12. It’s cooool !!


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