Full Hi Def Version of the Breaking Dawn Teaser

Here it is!


  1. perfect!

  2. AMAZING! Vampire Bella is the best!

  3. Can’t wait wow

  4. I love it. Counting down the days.

  5. Olympic Coven says:

    This is going to be wonderful. November hurry up and get here.

  6. Why Bella and Edward do not sparkle?

    • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

      They’re inside. I think Bella is looking at her hand just after she “woke up” from her vampire transformation.

  7. Dianne S says:

    Perfect teaser. I can’t wait for a full trailer….then November!

  8. omg counting the days until nov 16th, cant wait to see Bella as a vampire but so sad to see the series end. Please Stephenie finish Midnight sun

  9. Tracey Bailey says:

    I can not wait for Breaking Dawn Part II and I also can wait until Kristen and Ron get married in real life, I have all the movies so far and I love the Sound track from Breaking Dawn Part I , I loved the song that Rob sang in the move before I knew that he sang it. Lets hear a whole C D of robs music I know that it will be just as good.

  10. Loved it but I wanted more as usual lol

  11. Snehal Sahay says:

    Oh My God !!!

    i totally loved it. luvd how all 3 of them looked.
    cant wait 2 see more n cant wait for the release of movie.
    i m hooked :)))))

  12. bcmonster says:

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! That is all just EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!.

  13. Hmm, Bella’s ring is on her right hand. I wear my wedding ring on my left.

    • that’s her engagement ring. But still, I know what ya mean, mine are on my left hand too!

    • In BD1 she wore her wedding band on her left and engagement on the right. I guess her engagement ring is so large, she can’t wear it on the same finger as her wedding band.

  14. Love, love, love. Drooling for the movie. The end shot is awesome, and almost like a horror movie. Not such a big fan of Taylor’s looks, and he actually looks really good in this clip 🙂 Older, like he would have in the books….

  15. Yoko Stevenson says:

    Oh my gosh, this looks amazing in high def! Now, that’s a teaser trailer.

  16. yeah she wears her engagement ring on her right hand because of the style it pushes her wedding ring back and doesn’t fit too well. It makes sense, it’s just nice to see that she wears them in my opinion.

  17. I can’t wait!!

  18. could they make Taylor’s shirt any tighter? lol, I don’t remember ever seeing his nipples thru his clothing in any of the other films!

    other than that, I loved it. no full on views of vampire bella, which is exactly what I don’t want to see until the movie is out.

  19. wow! wonderfull…..can’t wait…..

  20. Its to short! I love it but its to short to be a teaser!

  21. in the book, Jacob was a like a hobo ,in the movie he dress up better than Edward, well the director is gay , its so obvious. Condon make no secret that he love the 1st Twilght, thats why he boought back carter burwell. wish that bring back paramore in the soundtrack.

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