Kristen Stewart Needs Your Vote in MTV Bikini Scene Faceoff

Vote here so Kristen Stewart can make it into the finals.


  1. Trust me Kristen Stewart does not need your vote. And MTV your really stretching this and when Kristen is alone with her friends, she most likely disses you MTV for putting her in this type of competition. She is most likely reaching to be an actress along the likes of Reese Rutherspoon

  2. Really Kristen Stewart over Brooklyn Decker??? I don’t really know why Kristen is winning, Brooklyn has a way better body that Kristen. Some Twihards just don’t know how to be impartial.

  3. Hey Good Lookin says:

    I think Kristen looks great. That’s what real women look like!

  4. BlahBleeYa says:

    Ummm…Who looks better in their bikini?
    Well K’s fits better than B’s so ill say K, B’s looks a litter weird on her, i guess cause its string.
    but this is a bad matchup

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