Vote for One Less Nemesis

We don’t often do things like this but we have a very personal connection to this one.  Our very hard working PR manager, Shelley Harper aka SomethingBlue, is co-owner of a t-shirt company called One Less Nemesis. You may have seen them at a Twilight Convention or even on a Twilight cast member, like Tinsel Korey! The company’s shirts are all about taking out whoever your rival might be!  If you are a vamp fan, then your nemesis is the werewolf.  If you are in the wolf pack, then you take out the vamps.

 If competition is the spice of life, we’re the hot sauce. Our t-shirt designs are completely original and printed on the softest cotton tees we can find. We’re based in Seattle, but our artists are from all over.

OLN is currently in a competition called Tee Madness 2012.  You can vote once per round, and round one ends March 21 at 8 pm EST.  OLN is up against Perfect Chaos Clothing.  If you want to vote for OLN, you can find their box on the right hand side, five boxes down.  Look for OLN and PCC and vote for OLN!

Thank you for everything that you’ve done for us, Shelley!

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