Meet the Real Cullens

Amanda Bell, the Twilight Examiner, brought this to our attention.  A couple was married on Feb. 5 in a wedding that recreated Bella and Edward’s wedding.  She was the first bride to wear the same gown Bella wore and the couple even changed their last name to Cullen!  Read the whole story at the Examiner’s site.  And let us know in the comments what you think of the way this couple has chosen to show their devotion to The Twilight Saga.


  1. I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. Changing your last name to the name of fictional characters from a book/movie series? Seriously? Copying a FICTIONAL wedding?? I love Twilight, but this is just too far. This is the kind of stuff that makes people look at me like I have three heads when I say I’m a Twilight fan. Ugh!

  2. Ok, the wedding&the dress…AWESOME! The name change?? FAIL. Sorry but that’s a little much, I’m a HUGE FAN of twilight but not to that extent.

  3. Sorry,I don’t mean to be a downer but that was just wierd! I get it I guess…but really…no original ideas. Even taking the last name. Weird!
    And I said it before if you are not Kristen Stewarts size that dress will not work!

    • Here, Here! Nice idea. I get it they’re fans but this is a little strange. Love the dress in general but it just doesn’t look the same or as stunning as on Kristin Stewart. This Bride should have gotten a dress that flattered her more. She could have still used the hairpiece/veil as a tribute. Good Luck to the happy couple regardless

    • Re-creating the wedding? That’s fine. But changing your last name to Cullen because of the books? That’s a little too far. Wow, that husband must be really great to do that…

    • I agree…The dress does not look great on her as it did on Kristen. Abridal dress has to fit who u are to make the dress work and in this case honey it didnt. I love the Bella and Edward wedding and wouldnt mind having some of it but i would rather have my own ideas.

  4. Before I read the article and saw the pictures, I thought “how weird”, and that it was taking Twilight a bit too far, in my opinion. Then I realized, who am I to talk? I have a Twilight tattoo! LOL

    It bothered me that they changed their last name, because, as the article stated, the bride didn’t like her husband’s surname. As for incorporating themes from the BD wedding into their’s, I really don’t see anything wrong with it. The bride wore a different gown for the ceremony, then changed into “Bella’s” dress for the reception. If that was her “dream” wedding, as it appears to be, then I think it’s great she had the wedding of her dreams as “she” wanted.

    The dress looked very pretty on her. Sure, it didn’t look like it did on Kristen Stewart, but then again, I don’t know any piece of clothing that looks “identical” on two different people.

    Good luck to the happy couple – kudos to the groom for going along with it! I don’t know many men (except for maybe my husband) who would agree to it.

    • i’m glad you wrote something positive. truthfully, this makes me feel a little queasy too–for a few reasons (one coming from the assumption that she/they might have difficulty with real life if there is this level of fantasy going on). BUT, the thing that hurts me the worst is seeing others judged for their personalities, quirks or choices. there are so many crazy people out there who are really just good people letting go a little (or a lot) and enjoying themselves. if it doesn’t hurt others, then i don’t see why they need to be ridiculed for it. i wish the world were a little nicer. so, yeah, i guess i join you in saying good luck to them and congrats. 🙂

  5. I think if I did my wedding to do over again I would add some of the elements of the Belle and Edward’s wedding. So, I have no problem with that BUT the fact that they changed their last name is just plain ODD. I mean what husband agrees to that??? Red. Flag.

  6. Really?! I’m a huge twilight fan but this is totally overboard. I agree with Hilda & Karen, that dress looked stunning on Kristen Stewart because it was made for her and the story. To be that dress is epic for the twilight series. It should be left alone. and why would you change your last name? like seriously it’s a bit much.

  7. I like the idea of copying Edward and Bella’s wedding, but changing their name to Cullen seems a bit too much.

  8. Seriously? I guess life would be easier with a name like Cullen. Really, who would have to spell it- anymore? But that’s all i have for positive comments 🙂

  9. That is the stupidest thing ever. I love the story too. But that is outer limits!

  10. why in the hell would you change your last name to Cullen? I can understand why they would want to replicate Bella and Edward’s wedding because, let’s face it, it was pretty amazing…but changing your last name to match?? That’s just ridiculous!

  11. Having an identical dream wedding ..acceptable. The wedding in the movie was a fairyland. Wearing the same dress as Bella…a little to far even for being a twilight fan but still if she loved the dress okay. But changing their last name to Cullen??? Absolutely crazy. This is why people think twilight fans should be put in straight jackets. There’s devotion and then there’s obsession. Big leap between the two.

  12. Seems odd to me, but I’m not surprised by it really. I have seen pics of Star Wars/Star Trek/ LOTR/ rennaisance fair/gothic/ and many other themed weddings from as far back as the 60’s. There have always been oddballs out there, it’s just more high profile nowadays.

  13. In truth, I don’t see anything really wrong with it. There are numerous actors and actresses that have adopted names of fictional characters, Nicholas Cage, comes to mind. There was a Star Wars couple that named their son Anakin to show their devotion to the series that brought them together, so I don’t see anything really wrong with what they did.

    Would I do it? No… Do I recommend it… no… but the reality is, Twilight might have played a huge role in bringing the two together, and to be honest, Cullen isn’t a bad last name… at least it is normal… unlike Micheal Jackson’s son, of whom is doomed to be Blanket the rest of his life…or the actress that named her daughter… Apple…

  14. I’m definitely not judging this couple. If it made them happy, more power to them. I wish them a 100 lifetimes of happiness.

    As for what the dress looked like on the bridge, again, no judging from me. Besides, who the heck would look as good as Kristen Stewart in that dress? It was MADE for her! Plus, she had top-notch stylists working on her so of course she looked perfect.

    All in all, to each his own, I say. Oh, and congratulations to the Cullens!

  15. I am a Twihard and I think it is cool that they added some of BD themes to the wedding like the music, but changing their last names to Cullen….really? I guess whatever makes them happy, but this certainly adds to the negativity surrounding Twilight fans. Hope they had a great wedding day tho. Wonder what the groom really thought when she proposed the ideas though lol.

  16. I can see two restraining orders being processed very soon.

  17. Go hard or go home type of people

  18. I’m sorry, this may be rude, but that dress looks so much better on Bella. She could have found something more flattering. Sad that they have to copy some one else’s (even if they are fictional) wedding and they couldn’t come up with their own.

  19. Whatever if you like the books, but that is sure to piss off people like myself who actually ARE Cullens. As in it’s the name of your birth certificate. It’s aggravating for my entire family and this ticks me off.

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