Win Gold Passes to the Official Twilight Convention in Chicago

Creation Entertainment is giving us the change for one person to win two gold passes to the Official Twilight Convention in Chicago March 24 and 25.  Gill Birmingham, Booboo Stewart, Bronson Pellitier,  Mia Miestro, Christian Camargo, and Casey LaBow will all be in attendance.  This prize includes admission to the event along with autographs from the celebrities.  It does not include any transportation or hotel accomodations.  You must be able to get to Chicago on your own.

We’re making this give away part of our birthday celebration!  Lori will be in Chicago for the convention and will give the winner of this prize a copy of the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie Companion OR The Official Guide to the Twilight Saga.  Just leave us a comment about which actor you are excited to see and we will pick one winner at random Thursday.  The winner will be contacted by e-mail.

Visit Creation’s site for more information about the Chicago convention.


  1. Melinda Rodriguez says:

    I am excited to meet Christian Camargo cuz he seems so down to earth. 🙂

  2. Khara Cook says:

    I would love to meet any of the twilight stars. Really have no preferrence. Please pick me!!!

  3. Excited to see booboo 🙂

  4. patty wittkop says:

    I would love to meet Gil Bermingham he is awsome.

  5. I’m excited to See Christian Camargo. Hes down to earth , relate able and would be great to meet.

  6. I am looking forward to seeing GIL BIRMINGHAM!! He was always the wise one; when the series began I knew there was much more to him and Jacob then it came out into the open. He is so wise; loved when he told the stories and I am sure he is also exciting and intriguing in real life; I am so excited the convention has finally arrived!

  7. Pick me…. I can not wait….

  8. Pick me…. I can not wait…. Love twilight

  9. Would love to see Gill! He’s a funny guy! Lol

  10. I would love to meet all of them. They are all exceptional actors.

  11. BooBoo is SOOO CUTE!! SUPER looking forward to meeting him!!! Gil, too!

  12. I would love to meet any of teh actors. I have been to Cinci and met Booboo there he is the sweetest guy.He will go far :)I also met the Lexicon staff there and would love to see you guys again. thank you Kandie

  13. I would love to meet Gil he seems like a great guy to meet I have seen him in other movie’s and thought he was great people just don’t realize how Important Surrporting actors are. anyway hope i win

  14. I am most excited to see Casey LaBow!! Got to see her at the Premiere and would be amazing to see her and see Christian Carmarago!

  15. I would love to meet any of the stars, but if I have to pick, it would be Gil. Definately, Gil !!!!!

  16. micarich says:

    I’m really, really excited to see Booboo Stewart because I love how he acts as Seth. Also I’m looking forward to see Mia Miestro she really surpirsed me in Breaking dawn part 1 and I can’t wait to see her in Breaking Dawn Part 2

  17. Given the choices….Gil!!!

  18. Melissa Twilightlover says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing BooBoo! Just because I love that name 😉

  19. I would be most excited to see Boo boo. He’s always full of energy and love. And I loved him in Breaking Dawn Pt.1!

  20. I would love to meet Gil. He is such a vital character.

  21. Amy Rigby says:

    Would love to see Gil &Booboo. They’re so humble &talented. I have never had the chance to hear Gil sing. I heard he’s quite lovely. I want the oppotunity to take my sister in law who had a baby 2 months ago and could really use a tiny break. She’s never got to go to any twilight event before. Cross my fingers:)

  22. Meeting any of them would be a treat, but I think Gil is pretty amazing. I’d LOVE to meet him!

  23. I would soooo much like to see Gil! 🙂
    He’s soo sweet.

  24. I’m excited to meet Mia Maestro. Her music was a beautiful addition to Breaking Dawn part 1. She has such an instrumental role in part 2 as the first one to believe Reneesme’s story, it would be great to ask her about that.

  25. I have been lucky enough to meet quite a few of the cast members because I’ve worked as a volunteer for 3 of the Twilight Conventions in the past. I haven’t met any of the Denali Clan yet and would love to meet them. Like many others, I would love to meet Rob, Kristen and Taylor, but don’t think I’ll ever be able to go to the conventions in LA so I wouldn’t see them anyway. I would LOVE to win these passes since I haven’t been able to afford tickets to go for the past few years (and that’s why I volunteered, and while it is a lot of fun to volunteer it is also a lot of hard work).

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these tickets! While I really hope I win, I wish everyone luck! 🙂

  26. I would like to see Mia Maestro because she is Latina … just like me.
    and all other cast members…

  27. I like robert pattinson (eward) theres somrthing about bad and good at the same time

  28. I would love to meet Gill! I think it would be need to meet one of the original and important people in the earlier movies/books. I also wouldn’t mind meeting any of the Denali coven people because I would be intrigued to see how they play their characters!

  29. I’m excited to see the “new” Bella (Kristen Stewart). The ending of BD Part 1 left me thirsting for MORE!! Can’t wait to see how she interacts with Edward and the rest of the Cullens as well as the Volturi and all the other cast members. It’s a whole new world!

  30. I’m excited to see Boo Boo. He’s just adorable and I like saying his name. LOL!!!

  31. I love Twilight so it won’t be fair if I pick the one I want to see. All the actor/actress I want to see. So it’s hard to pick just one. I haven’t meet anyone yet so… 🙂

  32. Tokyo Rose says:

    I’m excited to see everyone! I luv Twilight so I would just love the experience!!

  33. I am excited to see Booboo Stewart. I love how he is always so cheery in the movies.

  34. I would love to meet Christian Camargo. It would be a really great opportunity to meet some of the new cast members.

  35. I would like to meet Kristen Stewart as the vampire Bella Cullen because I wanna see how she will react to her new self and everything else that’s going to happen to her .

  36. Kristyn Patton says:

    I am most excited to see Gill Birmingham. I haven’t had the chance to meet him yet and he seems like he would be great to meet. He seems like he would be really fun to see at a Con.

  37. It would be a complete honor to meet Gil. His part is so important to the story, and you can see that in every scenes he is in he shows his Native American pride. He is so grateful for his fans and he is a humble man. These are rare traits in today’s actors and actresses.

  38. I’m most looking forward to meeting Booboo!! Even though I’m a Cullen girl all the way, I always held a special spot in my heart for Seth. I was so pleased with Booboo’s portrayal in EC and BD1; he got the humor and the naiveté just right!

  39. Tammy Votrain says:

    I want to meet all of them, especially the Denali’s, just because I haven’t met them yet. I am most excited to see the Hillywood Show again, those girls are AWESOME!!!

  40. Becky Wolf says:

    I would love to meet Mia Miestro! She is so talented and seems like she would be a lot of fun!

  41. I would like to meet Gil, he’s a great role model!!!!

  42. It would be a dream come true to be able to win these tickets. I would love to be able to meet Gill Birmingham. He seems like such a sweet , good-natured, down to earth man. I would to be able to experience this. It would truly be an adventure and an awesome experience.

  43. Would love to see any of the actors. It would be honor to meet them at any chance I get. And I really need a vacation.

  44. I would love to meet any of the Denali clan! Bring on Mia Miestro, Christian Camargo, and Casey LaBow!! 🙂 Pick me please! 🙂

  45. angel brock says:

    I would love to meet anyone and everyone from twilight. That is my dream,and so close to my birthday that would be a awesome birthday present. My birthday is march 27th. Pick me pick me;-)

  46. I would LOVE to win these tickets! I personally can’t wait to meet Gil! I have been a big fan of his career long before Twilight. But to be fair, since if I win I will be taking my 9 year old daughter, she would LOVE to see BooBoo!!

  47. Twi-fan1 says:

    Honestly I would love to meet them all but guess can;t happen just yet so my heart goes out to Boboo Stewart bc as I’ve watched him throughout the saga and saw that he’s matured alot especially in the Breaking Dawn he’s willing to fight his own brothers if it’s the right thing to do. He’s a brave guy to do what he does in real life he’d probably do the same.. Boboo seems like the kinda person that once you put your mind to something you stick it and finish and become a better person!!!! So please pick me I’d love to meet them I don’t want to be one of those fans who NEVER meets her stars pick me!!!!

  48. Amanda Heiner says:

    Booboo! He is soo cute 🙂 The 25th is my birthday!

  49. Ok, I already LIVE here in Chicago, so hopefully that wins me some points right away. I would love to meet Gil or Mia- Gil because ever since seeing these movies I’ve been obsessed with Native American culture, and Mia since she’s a fellow Paisana (lol). Pick me!!

  50. I was at the first Chicago twilight con and got to meet the lexicon staff. It would be fun to see you guys again and get to meet each of the fabulous actors that will be there. Please pick me.

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