UK Twilight Brides Photos

The other day we told you about the E1 (UK distributor of the Twilight films) trying to set a Guinness record for the most brides assembled in one place. it was a PR stunt for the UK DVD release.

No word on whether or not they broke the record, but you can check out one photo below and a ton more over on Twilight UK.

If you want to check out their previous PR stunts including showing the movie New Moon to Wolves, Topless guys walking wolves through London, and freaky people with contact lenses. Check out this post.


  1. Wow, the UK is seriously pwning us. I mean, really? All we got was a sneak peak of BD 2. Why don’t we do stuff like that here in the US? I just went and watched the video of them showing NM to wolves and it was hilariouuussss.

  2. haha, my friend was apart of this – but I live so far away from her that our little area did their own thing, which wasnt as good, but still very fun. Twilight fancy dress and games was good enough for me personally.

  3. Serious, to much fun, I remember the wolf walkers too, that was great. I am shocked we don’t do things like that too but not complaining, we get to read about it right here on our Lexi.

  4. Here are some great pictures about twilight brides!

    Brides of ‘Twilight’


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