Happy Birthday To Us! Six Years And Counting!

Every March we at the Lexicon celebrate another year being on line.  We opened the Lexicon in 2006, so this makes it year number SIX for us!  Over the next month we will be giving away Twilight related prizes and talking about what it’s been like living through this entire experience.

I’m working on a fandom flashback about the history of the Lexicon – something more detailed than what is currently posted on our “about us” page.  I’d like to know if you have any questions about the site that you’d like to have answered in the fandom flashback.  Just leave us a comment with your question and we will try to answer all of them that we can.

And if you’ve been with us from the beginning – or very near the beginning – we’d like to know what your favorite memories are pertaining to our website.  Was there a story that you first heard here?  Did we de-bunk something that stands out to you?  Did you meet your best friend through our forums?

And finally, is there a topic or a poll that you feel hasn’t been addressed yet that you’d like us to look at this month?  We’re open for suggestions!  Even if it’s more editorial than what we normally post, we’d like to hear from you!

Thanks for six great years!  Here’s to 2012, Comic Con, Breaking Dawn Part 2, Host Casting News, and so much more!


  1. thephantomcat says:

    Congrats, Lexicon. Keep going strong.

  2. Happy Birthday Dear Lexicon!
    W-O-W already 6 years!
    Can’t wait for another many wonderful years with you all 🙂

  3. What are you going to do when this is all over? After the credits roll on the last installment, only the most die-hard are going to continue to follow Twilight news.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath for SM to write anything additional related to Twilight. She has other interests and other stories to write. What does that mean for the Lexicon and similar sites?

    • Christina says:

      GREAT question. Conceivably, they only have till 2013–or possibly 2014 **IF** SM ever publishes Midnight Sun–till MOST people stop following as closely as do now…

    • Twilight_News says:

      Well we certainly can’t answer for any site other than our own, but we will cover Stephenie Meyer’s future projects: The Host, Austenland and whatever the future brings. At our core, when we started, we were the fans of an author who at the time we started had written one book. So we intend to stay as a site that continues to cover that author whatever she does.

  4. Somethingblue says:

    Happy Birthday Lexicon!!! If there is one website that could completely change someone’s life, this is it. Probably 50% of my Facebook friends originated from relationships built here. ALL of the work I do relates back to my experiences and people I’ve met through it. Oh, and I’ve groped a few celebrities along the way. I have worked with you and grown because of it. My favorite Lexicon memory would have to be how we planned the trip to Forks in 2008 and all met there. I remember calling different places in Forks for a meeting place for the Girl’s Night and there was literally NOWHERE in the city limits that could house 65 women at one time, except the Elks Lodge that was going to charge us $300. My first memory of the Lex is finding the original forum thread “Adult Fan Roll Call” and watching the book discussion going on there. I jumped in a month later and was so excited for the first response I received, which was either from Ouisa or SSVD. Life changing moments…

  5. Happy birthday! I’ve loved this site for a long time. My favorite things at first were all the facts that quenched my unending curiosity–things about the characters and books, things from stephenie, and then about the movies and actors. I’ve loved having this reference over the last 4 years. Now my favorite thing is catching up with the friends I’ve made in the forums. Such a fun place. You’ve done an amazing job with the site, keeping it fun, clean, and professional. A big thank you!!

  6. likeasunburn says:

    As one of the few members of the red leaves sect, congrats on the anniversary, ladies! That first april fools day was beyond epic. “Been there. Done that. Got the 18 year old daughter to prove it.”

  7. THANK YOU for doing what you do. This website was a refreshing find in the incredible world of Twilight. It’s on my daily list of sites to check out while on my lunch break! I value the information you provide and you do it all with class and style. Keep up the fantastic work!

  8. Well definitely I think meeting Stephenie Meyer (and her reaction to me telling her how Pel had tried to organise diet Dr. Pepper as a welcome gift for her) was a huge moment and wouldn’t have happened without the Lex.

    Not to mention the fact that when I read Twilight back in 2007, it was unheard of in my country, so it was so wonderful to have a place to talk to fellow fans and through this site I’ve made some amazing friends 🙂

    So Thank you Pel & Alphie for such a wonderful site, and here’s to many more years xxx

  9. Melanie says:

    Happy Birthday Twilight Lexicon…you are the only place to get anything twilight related…the best place to come on April 1 (can’t believe people take it seriously)…and the best place to host a party (loved when you came to Utah and I got to win something (I never win anything)….thanks for being the best!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday! Discovered Twilight Jan 10 and your site soon after. I really like the clean professional look of the site and the news that is presented. I visit the forum infrequently as they become a black hole of time when I do visit. Thanks for all your work in keeping us informed.

    My questions deal with a subject I figure is maybe a little sensitive: what exactly were the controversies when Breaking Dawn first came out? How did you – both individually and as a site – weather those? Did Stephenie ever address those issues?

    Having all the books already published when I first read them, I don’t understand some of the controversies that I’ve heard happened. With the foreshadowing of events, I don’t get the problem. I don’t read other vampire, horror, thriller, supernatural, romance either so no preconceived notions of what / how things are ‘suppose’ to go. Perhaps my mystery and science fiction / fantasy reading left me more open to the events.

  11. Happy Birthday Lexicon! I stumbled onto this website back in 07′ right after eclipse was released, and I’ve been coming to this website for all the news since then. This is my number one stop for anything twilight related.

  12. Spinhermie says:

    Happy birthday to the site that brightens my day every day 🙂

  13. Christine says:

    Happy Birthday, Lexicon!
    Thank you for creating this amazing site and for all the hard work!

  14. Spinner says:

    Happy birthday to the site who brightens my day a little bit every day….

  15. Lynne Stringer says:

    I have enjoyed coming here, especially visiting your forum and making some great new friends!

  16. Rachelle says:

    Happy birthday Lexicon. I cannot believe it has been 6 years! You are a huge part of this fandom and much appreciated.

  17. charlotte says:

    Happy Birthday and congratulations on your wonderful site. I love your approach to reporting twilight related news and also your style of reporting. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.x

  18. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    Happy 6th B’DAY!!!!!!!! 😀

  19. Happy Birthday! I’m pretty new to all of this. I caught the original Twilight on FX the weekend before Halloween last year, and I fell head over heels for the books and the movies. I found you guys soon after on Stephanie’s website, and I have to check on you everyday – at least once. I’m so glad I found you all and my love of Twilight while all the fun and excitement are still going!

    My question about what’s next for the Lex after BD2, was asked above. So, I’m curious about the beginning – how did you guys get Stephanie, the studio, and other sources to take you seriously – where they would give you info on current news and events?

    You are the best source for all things Twilight! Keep up the good work!

  20. Happy B-day Twi Lexi… we love you. Thanks for all you do.

    My favorite moments are probably before the months before Twilight came out on screen. The excitement, the pictures, the trailers. So many memories. I remember that I used to check every day to see if there was anything new. And if there was a new scene or trailer, I would be sitting in front of the screen squealing my head off. 😀

  22. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    Many Happy Returns of the Month! 🙂 After I’d (heard of them for the first time and) read the books in April ’09, I googled websites about Twilight. Yours was the first one that popped up, and I’ve been grateful ever since. I couldn’t believe the treasure trove of Extras, Tidbits, and Q&A with Stephenie herself. I’ve reread all you have here multiple times. We fans have truly benefited from your friendship with her, and I for one am extremely grateful for the many extra hours of fun you’ve given us by sharing all of that. You’re the first (and only) site I check every morning and six times more throughout the day. I greatly appreciate all your time, energy, and hard work in making and maintaining a spoiler free, professional, and serious site that listens to us little people. You’ve made enjoying the Twilight Universe a truly wonderful experience. Thank you!

    I have a couple of random questions:

    1) You once did a post about your little shop front on Café Press; and though I found it by doing a search on their site, I was wondering if you could link to it on your homepage? 🙂

    2) I was also curious about your thoughts on Twilight related books. For example, have you read things like SPOTLIGHT by John Granger, or TWILIGHT AND HISTORY by Nancy Reagin, or TWILIGHT PHENOMENON by Kurt Bruner? I’ve only read pieces of them myself, but I know some people who’ve read them completely. But, it made me wonder if you two have read and particularly liked (or hated) some of the books that discuss Twilight. Would you have a Twilight related reading list that you would recommend?

    Thanks again for all you do.

  23. Happy Birthday to the Lexicon, the first thing I check when I get home from work every day! (Seriously, I haven’t even taken off my shoes yet!) Thanks for all of the hard work that you put into this – I appreciate every moment of it!

  24. Gigi Cullen says:

    Happy Birthday Lexicon! Now we have two things in common, our love for Twilight and we were both birthday in the wonderful month of March ( my birthday is tomorrow). Have a great day and weekend. And since you’ve been in my life, its been so much better. Heehee

  25. CatWhit says:

    Firstly, congratulations.

    I think it would be great to see a story on how the web site connected with Stephanie Meyer and the progress of your relationship with her. I would find it fascinating.

  26. Twilight Lexicon is definitely one of the best fan sites on the internet. Congratulations!

  27. Happy sixth birthday, Twilight Lexicon! I got so depressed reading that last line– the last movie is here. Anyway, I’m hoping to turn to the Lexicon for news and information on promotional events and our cast/crew. Thank you SO MUCH for putting all this effort into your website– honestly, it’s the best twilight fansite out there.

  28. radiowidow says:

    Happy Birthday! What fun – it’s your birthday, yet we get the gift of your site every day. Thank you for all you do.

  29. wow! 6 years? I can’t believe it’s been that long. I can’t remember when exactly I started following the Lexicon, but it had to have been fairly close to the start . . . which makes me feel old . . . LOL
    Happy Birthday and keep up the GREAT work! 🙂

  30. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH I COULD GIVE YOU MANY PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  31. Diana Rothe says:

    Happy birthday, Twilight Lexicon!! Thanks for everything you do!!

  32. I don’t comment often, but happy sixth birthday, Twilight Lexicon! This is my favorite site for any and all Twilight-related news and I really appreciate all of the hard work that everyone contributes to make the Lex so great. Here’s to another six years (and hopefully many more…) 🙂

  33. Happy Birthday, amazing Twilight Lexicon! Thanks for being the best ever – at everything you do! Dearest friends and fondest memories are mine because of you. Keep up the good work and know I love you to pieces!

  34. Happy 6th Birthday, Twilight Lexicon!!!! Keep up the good work! You’re amazing and all your news & articles are “like a drug to us”! 😀

  35. Hi. I have not made any new friends, but you changed my daughter’s life for the better when we won the tickets to the Baltimore convention. Boo Boo Stewart and the rest of the Twilight stars that were there were wonderful to my daughter. Sevveral of them hugged her and at the ball two of the stars hung out with her for most of the night. Thank you very much and happy birthday.

  36. Happy Birthday,Twilight Lexicon! I’ve been a huge fan of your website,since I started reading the books in ’08. You guys have always kept the fans updated with the latest news about SM and any other related news about her other projects. Keep up the good work and continue to keep this awesome site going.

  37. Taniatwilight says:

    You are the first website related to twilight I discovered back in 2008 and it’s my favorite website that I check daily. You guys doing a wonderful job!

  38. Happy Birthday Lexicon! While I’ve known about the site and have “popped” in from time to time, I’ve never posted here before but must say that the way the site is set-up and run………there are alot of other sites that could take lessons from you all! Congrats on 6 years of going strong and hopefully even after the last credits run on the Twilight series this fall…….. that the site will continue to go strong for another 6+ years with everything else that Stephanie has writtien and hopefully will write in the future!

    Good luck and best wishes for alot more happy times!

  39. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Many more to come, congrats to you all, I don’t know where I would get my fix but for you!

  40. Happy Birthday to my favorite Twilight site! I’ve been on here since very near the beginning, and it’s been awesome knowing throughout all these years that I could trust everything that is posted on this site. I always love the April Fool’s jokes, the prizes, and the “parties” on the forums. I had the pleasure of meeting you guys at a Host signing and at a New Moon movie showing, and I’ve never met such nice people.You guys are amazing! Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll follow you well after the last Breaking Dawn movie. 🙂

  41. Dianne S says:

    Happy Birthday, Lexicon! I finally discovered Twilight in the fall of 2010, when a woman I know kept telling me how good the books were. I devoured all 4 in a few weeks, borrowed the DVDs from the library (then of course ran out and bought them), and was on hand for the DVD release of Eclipse. I discovered the Lexicon through Stephenie’s website and now I check you out first thing each morning. I love how you post news about everybody related to the series, not just the movies. Here’s to many more years on the web!


    Thanks for the great years of terrific Twilight coverage!!

    Best wishes,
    Charli xoxo

  43. I just want to say Happy Birthday and Im so excited to see Lexicon on the panel list for the upcoming Chicago Convention. 🙂

  44. I’ve been here since 2008, so not since the beginning but for the majority of your years online. I would just like to thank you girls for always having the best Twilight news site there is and always being here. It’s nice to have an friendly news source for all the best Twilight tid-bits out there. Happy Birthday!

  45. Happy belated birthday Twilight Lexicon!!! <3
    I love everything you guys post and thanks for all the effort you put in them!
    I had my Twilight anniversary on March 2nd!

  46. Kind of Twilighted out with lack of new info on next movie. And all the sites posting same stuff

  47. I love the Lexicon..congrats and Happy Birthday! I always count on your site to give me the most breaking “true” news and not to give in to tabloid type stuff. I appreciate all the sacrifices you have made.

  48. Happy Birthday Lexicon! I love this site, only have been coming to it for 2 or 3 years, so I’m kind of bummed that I missed alot of the news and excitement when Twilight first came out and the beginnings of your site. I check every day for all the news. Keep up the great work and here’s to many more years!!

  49. Dee Atkinson says:

    Happy Birthday! I visit you everyday & love your site. I thank you for all your hard work in keeping us informed.

  50. Wow congrats, everyone! Six years is amazing! I’ve only been following for the last 2 years, but you guys are amazing. Whenever I have a question on something twilight related and I either don’t have the books nearby (shame on me!) or know it’s more in-depth than the book, I come here and I find it fast. I absolutely love what you guys do and I know I’ve sent quite a few people over here looking for things! Keep up the amazing work!

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