Michael Welch Reflects on Life After the Twilight Saga

Breaking dawn Part 1 marked the last Twilight film for Michael Welch, who by-the-way coined the term Twi-Hard back in spring 2008. Here is what he had to say to

You’ve finished shooting Twilight. What are you going to miss most about filming the saga?

I really enjoyed playing Mike Newton. It was a fun, uncomplicated role that I connected with pretty easily. I’ll miss Mike, but mostly, I’ll miss hanging out and working with the people who I made good friendships with over the years. Making these movies kind of felt like summer camp. We would all get together once a year, far away from home, usually for about two weeks in my case, and create something together. We worked hard, but mostly, we just had a lot of fun.

Twilight has been a part of your life for many years now. What was the last day on set like for you?

I just tried to just take everything in with gratitude and joy. Experiences like that don’t come around very often, so I really wanted to enjoy the moment, share it with my friends, be proud of what we had all accomplished, and be happy to have been a part of something so incredible.

What’s the funniest fan experience you’ve ever had?

The first time a girl cried when she met me was the funniest experience to me. I certainly wasn’t laughing at her vulnerability, just at the situation. I almost felt like a con man, like I had somehow tricked this poor girl into thinking I was a really important member of society, that my very presence should cause her to shake and bring tears to her eyes. The first few months of the Twilight experience were really wild. It was 0-100 overnight. One minute I was just some dude, the next, crowds of people were screaming at me and some girls were suddenly crying at my feet. It’s hard to describe what that’s like.

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  1. Love him. Too bad he won’t be in part 2. I’ve always thought it would have been funny if Bella ran into Mike after she was changed.

    • I’ve often wondered that too. Although I think out of all of Bella’s “human” friends,Angela would be the least freaked out by Bella’s transformation. I think she suspected there was something different about the Cullens,but couldn’t really place what it was. Mike would be shocked to say the least that Bella’s now a hot vampire. LOL! I think he’d be too shocked to speak,so she wouldn’t have to worry about him telling anyone.

  2. Michael seems like a really good guy. But it’s so depressing to read interviews with the actors reminiscing about how it’s “all over”. What are we supposed to DO without the movies to look forward to every year???!!!

  3. I totally agree! WAY TOO LONG, NO ACTION! It felt as toguhh she had the outline of the story but had to add a lot of fillers to make the book as long as the previous ones. I definitely agree that I too should’ve been one of the ones to stop reading after Twilight, cause that book was perfect & the others have been such let downs. Definitely no longer a comparison with Harry Potter, in my oppinion.

  4. You are the first person who areges with me – Jacob and Bella are much better together. Everyone I know that reads this series falls so hard for Edward but they can’t see how mean he is to her. They tell me that Jacob is immature, but they are teenagers! I agree with you on this book all the way! I will only read the 4th book because I want Jacob to come back. I am still holding out hope.

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