Bombay Bicycle Club Says Being on a Twilight Soundtrack Isn’t What They Thought

The Washington Post has an article on the London-based band The Bombay Bicycle Club. Apparently the band is not entirely happy.

“We ended up just swallowing all of the doubts that we had because we realized that it was going to be fun,” he said.

However, on closer inspection the assignment wasn’t the high-profile leg-up they were hoping for. Their track didn’t accompany Bella and Edward walking down the aisle or feature in the long-awaited sex scenes — in fact it was barely noticeable.

“Apparently it is just in the background of one scene in the film very quietly,” guitarist Ed Nash told The Associated Press in a recent interview. “I haven’t seen the film but our drummer went to see it with his whole family and I think they were bitterly disappointed.”

See more on the Washington Post.

Now what is a little odd in all of this is that the band isn’t on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack as this article suggests, rather it is a bonus track from the Eclipse soundtrack along with a Cee Lo and Fanfarlo song. It seems a little odd to be talking about disappointment 18 months after that movie released.


  1. and to also be talking about the wrong

  2. “We ended up just swallowing all of the doubts that we had because we realized that it was going to be fun….”
    translated means…”We ended up just swallowing all of the doubts that we had because we realized that we were going to make a lot of money”

    Bad luck guys.

  3. I’m really disappointed. After hearing the single on the Eclipse soundtrack, I actually bought their whole album and it’s really good. Oh well, sometimes the less you know about a performer or band the better I guess.

  4. The song sucks. So I can’t say I sympathize.

  5. I cannot even take the article seriously. Supposedly the band is complaining about not being noticeable on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack….even though the song was on the Eclipse soundtrack. I actually like the song and if they are actually moaning and groaning about not being heard that much, then that makes them look lame. I just wonder if the reporter got the whole thing wrong since the latest film is BD Part 1, not Eclipse, and the timing for this article is so random.

  6. You know, people are always so ungrateful. I had never even heard of them before this and now I know a bunch of their stuff. More than half the stuff on the soundtracks plays during the credits or just a small instrumental part in the background. Do you hear all the other bands complaining… other than Muse?

  7. I think it’s sad they feel this way. I’d never heard of them before I bought the Eclipse soundtrack and now I love them. Thankfully I was able to take advantage of the 24 hour free preview and listened to the soundtrack through a few times before I bought it. I love every song on the Eclipse soundtrack…it’s my favorite of all the Twilight soundtracks…but “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” is one of my absolute fave songs. At least they garnered new fans from being on the soundtrack at all…

  8. This is the second time I hear something like that (again from another group in Eclipse Soundtrack -can’t recall the name now)….This not only sad, but also outrageous!! How can be someone so ungrateful?!!? Because -and only BECAUSE- of Eclipse Soundtrack they had the super extra LUCK to get recognized by so many people, that otherwise wouldn’t. As some people commented, they bought their album just because they heard them on the Eclipse OST and liked them! I bought also many albums from artists I found from the Twilight OSTs. I mean…this is really really sad and their song was one of my favorite… 🙁

  9. I actually enjoyed How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep. I guess the problem the band has is where the song is placed in the film version of Eclipse. You only here a little bit of it,when Bella and Edward are sitting down with their friends at lunch. Perhaps they thought the song would have been used in a more dramatic scene. However all the dramatic songs like Sia’s My Love and The Black Key’s Chop and Change,were thought to be the stronger tracks. Therefore the empahsis on hearing those songs took precedence over the lesser known tracks.

  10. All he is basically saying is that they were disappointed that their song wasn’t as prominent in the film as they thought/hoped it would be and I think that is a fair comment to make…its not like he is saying it wasn’t worth it or he wished they hadn’t bothered… I have heard the band in many interviews before and they seem like really lovely lads and they music is beautiful so don’t let this put you off peeps!!

  11. Okay, I’m a huuuge BBC fan, and was excited that they were on the soundtrack. I was dissapointed with their 2 seconds in the movie as well.

    I don’t know what to say if people are smart enough to figure out that this article is taken out of context. They were asking the band members about being on the soundtrack. They never specified which soundtrack. Also, these guys are not big on interviews. If you ever watch them in a interview they’re very shy and awkward. Call them the Kristen Stewart of bands, if you will.

    Also, one of my biggest problems with the third movie is, unlike the first movies, most of the music is not featured enough. The first two were sooo soundtrack heavy, but in the third and fourth movies you don’t get a
    whole lot of that. It really looses that cool indie movie vibe that Twilight had from the beginning.

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