Forks Looking to Make Twilight Museum

According to the Forks Forum. There is a committee looking to put together a collection to make a Twilight Museum in Forks.

A first step in gathering a collection for the museum is underway. Colandrea said an unnamed donor has supplied the funds to bring an arch used as a main prop in the filming of “Twilight,” the first film in Summit Entertainment’s five-film Twilight Saga series. The arch is being brought from Oregon and will be placed in storage for now.

Plans for the three-day 2012 Stephenie Meyer Day event are already scheduled she said, and will include a Twilight-themed film festival this year. Its main event will be a nighttime reenactment of the wedding of Twilight lead characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, featuring costumed characters.

The extensive collection of Twilight film props owned by collector John Henson will also be on display, she said. Henson plans to sell the prop collection following the release in November of the final scheduled Twilight film, Breaking Dawn Part 2, she said. Colandrea said her committee has first dibs on buying the collection, which she said could be a key part of a Twilight museum.

She said the target audience for attracting Twilight visitors to the West End is women 30-plus years of age. This demographic has expendable income and will spend more on gifts, accommodation and dining than teenage fans, Colandrea said. However, “they expect more of an experience” than teenagers. That’s where opening a Twilight museum would give them a reason to spend more time in Forks. “They need a reason to come to Forks.” The key to continuing to draw the Twilight visitors is publicity and social networking, she said.

See more on the Forks Forum.

The group is also hopeful that pending legislation would provide greater tax incentives for movie makers to film in Washington State. Currently it is far more economical for movies and TV shows to film in Canada and Oregon than Washington State.


  1. that would be amazing!

  2. I would find that very interesting. Having info on the making of the films with the special effects and all could be part of the ‘displays’.

  3. Lynne deveney says

    That would be fantastic 🙂 would love to go x

  4. YESSS, that would be awesome! 🙂 <3

  5. I totally agree with this it would be great to have! I have been to Forks twice now the last time was for the SMD 2011 I wasn’t impressed at all by lack of things to do. Also things were changed at the last minute like the Quileute legends and fire on first beach. No one told people were the location was changed to. So a group of us that showed up just made our own fire and talked to some locals! Overall it was a good trip…………Just wasn’t to happy about the event planning of SMD I hope this year things will be better! 🙂

  6. Joshua L. Roberts says

    That is pretty cool, but in truth, I don’t know if a museum like this will have legs, especially 3 to 5 years after the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2. It would be cool as a temp musuem and then go on a road tour, if possible. Similar things have been done for Chronicles of Narnia, where movie props and such went on road tours. Harry Potter did something like this too… So as a temp musuem, I think it’ll do for now.

  7. I’m not quite in my 30’s yet…but I’ll gladly go and drop some cash for dining out, accommodations, and gifts (for myself!) if they open a Twilight museum!

  8. I would LOVE the museum… and I am really looking forward to SMD this year!!

  9. That would be cool! I hope to make it to Forks someday.

  10. I don’t need a museum to visit Forks, but I’ll GLADLY visit it when I finally get a chance to visit the town and surrounding landscapes. The biggest attraction I want to see is the Pacific Ocean at First Beach and walk through the green forests outside of Forks.

  11. Dawnika Stephenson says

    That would be awesome! Although I don’t know If I’d ever be able to make It there. I also have other places I would want to go to travel (not-Twilight related), and I only have so much time or money. But if I could I would like going to Forks,whether they had a museum or not! But that would definitely make It more Interesting,with more to do,considering some of the locations there, like the Cullen house,doesn’t actually look that much like the ones from the movie. I agree with the other fan that said that It would be even better if they made a Twilight travel museum that goes to different museums around the world.. That way more people could see It,even If they never make It to Forks. I love museums anyway and have taken advantage of such traveling museums from some of my other interests, such as Titanic.( For the real story and the movies!) It would be awesome for Twilight to do that!

  12. I’ll be there!

  13. WOW we really need a Twilight museum!!!


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